Jessica Alba buys clothes

June 5th, 2007 // 68 Comments

Jessica Alba went on a shopping spree in Beverly Hills last week and ended up dropping over $4,300 on clothes in a single afternoon. TMZ reports:

During her shopping extravaganza, Alba hit up trendy Harmony Lane boutique twice and charged up ten dresses and five tops in size XS. Jess also picked up some Insititute Liberal shrugs and a bunch of Vita bracelets and J.Rae necklaces. Alba was looking for outfits for her upcoming summer travel with boyfriend Cash Warren.

Ironic, since the only outfit anybody cares about her wearing is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. My penis and I had a talk about this and we’re in total agreement.

jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_01-thumb.jpg jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_02-thumb.jpg jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_03-thumb.jpg jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_04-thumb.jpg jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_05-thumb.jpg jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_06-thumb.jpg jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_07-thumb.jpg jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_08-thumb.jpg


  1. yea…shes really pretty but i dont agree with the “d sexiest woman of the year” award…i mean..shes attractive but i dont really see why shes soooo appealing ti so many

  2. lalaland

    actually it was LiLo that was considered hottest girl of the year, which makes SO much more sense…

  3. Superevil

    4300? On Clothes? In Beverly Hills? That’s like what, one shirt and a single sock.

  4. Victor the Pitiful

    That Victor guy (No.5, No.11) just passes by to describe his dirty fantasies. He needs to keep that shit to himself; it’s embarrassing he has to tell a bunch of strangers on some celebrity website.

    I’m willing to bet he gives blow jobs for spare change.

  5. copyofblueboy

    She’s pretty but she ain’t sexy. She’s also stupid and boring. Hot my ass. Actually, my ass is thirty times hotter than hers. That’s because I’m sitting on my stove while I type this.

  6. bellasera

    thank you, #4…..i agree….

    she looks like my housekeeper.

  7. JessicaAlbaSUCKS

    I’m sorry Superfish, but your jokes about Jessica Alba are pathetic. If you’re gonna post a comment like that about some chick, at least use a chick that is actually hot for that kind of jokes, and not Jessica Alba because my mom is hotter. Yeh yeh, she looked hot in Sin City and the magic of makeup artistry, stylism, special effects, airbrushing/photoshopping and digitally enhancing made her look attractive in some other movies and pictures too (no more than 3), but this chick is as hot as any ok looking random girl walking down the street is. Look at those picures you posted, for god’s sake, is there anyone out there who honestly find that even slightly hot? Fuck no. She isn’t even pretty dammit, I’m so sick of the media complimenting this average chick. She is ok, not ugly, not pretty either, her body is too skinny and flaccid and she has 0 curves, a waist as wide as her hips, a flat ass, a flat chest and cellulite, but I guess it’s ok too compared to what there’s outta there, but by no means is this chick anything special. She just happens to be the only actress in the world who plays -ONLY- whore roles and sex objects who require to look great in all her movies. I would like to see her not playing a whore, a sex object or a role that actually doesn’t require to look great… but she isn’t good looking enough to do that without people and the media stopping finding her attractive and stopping paying attention to her. Yes Jessica, Natalie Portman can get that kind of roles too, and could have an acting portfolio just like yours -of playing whores and sex objects- but she declines those roles to get more serious ones because she actually can act unlike you, and she doesn’t pretend to be an actress for showing her ass in her every movie and for playing whore roles all the time so people will pay attention to her, unlike you. Oh and not only Natalie Portman, Kiera Knightley and a million others could do exactly the same, but they refuse, they have more dignity than you Jessica Alba, so they leave all the whore roles free for you to take them! Don’t care what the media says to sell you stuff. Unless you’re blind or incredibly stupid, you can see how there isn’t a single non photoshoped shot of Jessica Alba in which she looks slightly attractive. Oh and Superfish, you must have your taste in women in your ass, because I can’t believe you dare to say a chick as pretty as Jessica Simpson looks bad when even in the worst of her shots she looks 1 million times better than this overrated moron Jessica Alba.

  8. AJ

    #35 –

    a) you never had sex with a woman, right?

    b) you’re from a small town in Alabama, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska or similar, right?

    c) you don’t get out much, do you?

    She is sooo NOT attractive.

  9. AJ

    Fuck, it’s so funny how 98% of the people complimenting her looks are other females.

  10. Joker

    I think she’s aw ight but too overated for someone who has no ass or tits

  11. Snatchit


    I’m waiting….

  12. gerard Vandenberg

    I prefer actually NO CLOTHES! You understand?

  13. hollow

    how is jessica simpson hot? she just has big boobs, which make her look totally unproportional. her face isn’t that pretty at all. she’s a little fat too.

    Jessia Alba has it all.

  14. hollow

    stop being jealous of all the attention Jessica Alba is getting people.
    She IS that hot. accept it. it’s a fact

  15. Tammy

    Does anybody really think that’s a lot for a celebrity to spend on all of that? Seems to me like she was pretty reserved for the number of items she bought….

  16. Tell me how you can’t feel sorry for this sad face?…

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