Jessica Alba buys clothes

June 5th, 2007 // 68 Comments

Jessica Alba went on a shopping spree in Beverly Hills last week and ended up dropping over $4,300 on clothes in a single afternoon. TMZ reports:

During her shopping extravaganza, Alba hit up trendy Harmony Lane boutique twice and charged up ten dresses and five tops in size XS. Jess also picked up some Insititute Liberal shrugs and a bunch of Vita bracelets and J.Rae necklaces. Alba was looking for outfits for her upcoming summer travel with boyfriend Cash Warren.

Ironic, since the only outfit anybody cares about her wearing is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. My penis and I had a talk about this and we’re in total agreement.

jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_01-thumb.jpg jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_02-thumb.jpg jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_03-thumb.jpg jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_04-thumb.jpg jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_05-thumb.jpg jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_06-thumb.jpg jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_07-thumb.jpg jessica_alba_mtv_movie_awards_08-thumb.jpg


  1. omgFRIST


  2. mike

    fuh – fuh – fuh – FINE!!!!

    (Thought I was gonna say first, didn’t ya? )

  3. Wanky


  4. captain obvious

    Hope she bought some clothes that look better than that red balloon she’s wearing. What the hell is w/ hollywood fashion anyways?! A contest to see who can look goofier? Oh, and Jessica Alba is an over rated, snotty, average looking spanish looking chic imo.

  5. Victor

    Oh my gosh, I would let her gizz on my face, give me a golden shower, whatever she wanted, or I wanted. Then I would lick, lick, and lick some more, and by lick I mean every square inch of her body. I would probably gizz before I got to any of this, but the thought is great.

  6. PostModernX


  7. PostModernX

    Why is this news? I buy clothes too. Can I get a parade?

  8. havoc

    I swear to God…I would drink her bath water…..


  9. CHA

    if this lame post was attached to some hot pics of her in a bikini or towel or something, that’d be cool. but noooo…she’s wearing an ugly red dress.

  10. BarbadoSlim

    What a waste of money, really, all she needs are tube tops and some shorts.

  11. Victor

    #8, I would not only drink her bath water, but her douche water also.

  12. Name (required):

    She has difficulty finding clothes that fit (over the stick protruding out of her ass).

  13. #11 – I’m pretty sure the douche is off the market … except in Scottsdale, AZ and the NYC Metro Area.

  14. Jimbo

    Who gives a shit. What the fuck do we care how much cloths she buys or where or even what size. How you tell us if she wipes from back to front. That would be important information if you were going down on her

  15. Jimbo

    @11 You are one sick boy victor

  16. wedgeone

    “Insititute Liberal shrugs” – sounds like a political action group. WTF is a shrug in clothing land?

  17. jcastanza

    I just want to know who the lady in the banner at the top of the site is.

  18. Wanky

    douche water has many vital vitamins and ive heard!

  19. captain obvious

    wedgeone: a shrug in ladies clothing land is a little, short, sweater type thing that is open in the front and women wear a tight fitting tank or teeshirt underneath.

  20. captain obvious

    …or the shrug can also be worn over a dress, etc…

  21. bamboozled

    Whut iz so great about dis girl? she is thin as a motherfukkin rail. She don’t do nothin for my big black dik. I need me some curves. And whut da fuck she runnin round like koolaid man fo in dat mess? Shit son. She ain’t dat special.

  22. PatheticVictor

    15 – “sick” is overrated for Victor. He’s just pathetically desperate – probably never had sex with a female human. Either that or he has no penis so he can only drink douche water to cum.

  23. Donkey

    Picture 07, she appears to be airing it out.

    BTW, I just don’t get it. I don’t see why she is considered the hottest woman of the year. In my opinion she’s barely even attractive.

  24. I agree with DONKEY!
    She is not attractive at all! I don’t know what people see in her…

  25. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    Appropriate that her boyfriend’s name is Cash. Zing!

    That reminds me, I’ve dropped about $4,300 on Cheez Whiz cracker Paks this year to date.

  26. madaboutzoe

    #7, exacly!

  27. I’d eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from.

  28. Bippity Bop

    She WAS hot, but now anymore. Girl’s looking pretty haggard. And she’s adopted some crazy flinty eyed look in her pics. Alba should be sent to Albania just like Jasmine Trias is working it in the Philippines.

  29. noway

    not really that hot. waaayy too skinny, and what’s with the dead eye?

  30. bluecanary

    TEN dresses and five tops and only spent $4300? Must not have been THAT trendy of a store.

    Are you sure she wasn’t at H&M?

  31. Ah shut up, she´s really pretty and has managed to look great in every single pic… except that weird fantastic 4 poster, she looks better brunnette as she is and not with fake blonde hair.

  32. princess toadstool

    Size XS? What a fatty. But seriously, she is pretty hot. If I had her money I’d drop $5000 a day on clothing too.

  33. Chauncey Gardner

    What a vapid, spoiled little cuntster.

    I would love to see this unimpressive bitch get abducted by a bunch of dirt-poor and preferably inbred, psychotic, and grabby Appalachian hillbillies who force her to live in their world. She’d fucking cry 24 hours a day until her eventual suicide, and that would be sweet.

  34. zippysweetcheeks

    Jessica Biel is way hotter

  35. The Superfish guy is on coke

    If you can’t see how hot this woman is your either

    a) A heterosexual woman or

    b) A homosexual man

    Any more questions?

  36. lambman

    $4,300 for a shoping spree? I didn’t know she was poor.

    This girl has 3 moods: boring, whiney and bitchy. Unfortunately boring is the one that generally wins out.

  37. lambman


  38. CC

    I’m so surprised! She found clothes that weren’t from the children’s department! Given her recently waiflike frame and all…

  39. DahliaRose

    She is the best looking woman that I have seen on this site in months.

    It is nice to know that she shops in Beverly Hills, and helps support the poor designers. If it were not for stars like her buying their clothes, where would the ugly, fat women from the Middle East know where to shop.

  40. jessica albore


    forgot to mention heterosexual guys who have ATTRACTIVE girlfriends.

    But I guess you wouldn’t know about that, huh?

  41. Choocher

    Oye Chica, joo about as Mexican as a diet Slice at Taco Bell. Cono meng!

  42. ok, Victor and that doucheH2o
    crap won’t get outta my head.
    thankz a fuckin lot…sick….

    shez diffinately hott…
    don’t like that drezz…
    and what R those 2 bonez
    sticking outta her neck?

  43. Green Monster

    I’d squirt one in her eye.

  44. Shelby

    She used to be gorgeous, but she’s just a little boring and blah now. More of the same..

  45. Pretty girl. I hate the balloon dress she’s wearing though.

  46. frenchie

    YAWN… all these celebs are getting monotonous to read about. I’m waiting for the backlash.

  47. she is definitely poor – i’d have spent that money on one single dress… and who buys only one thing?
    remember: beeing famous means NOT having money. she needs a rich husband :-)

  48. meee

    1) her dress is fucking ridiculous. what’s with the pointy hems near the sides of her knees?

    2) she has straight eyebrows. like 87% of dudes. what the fuck.

  49. casualmode

    I thought she hated the photogs! I you are following a “cause” you should follow it though and not pose for them, be it for publicity or not.

  50. She’s the invisible woman, so she should wear invisible clothes.

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