Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson Together At Last

November 17th, 2005 // 36 Comments

Here are some pics from the Voto Latino Event held earlier this week. It took me just under three hours to type that sentence. They’re oh so close to each other, touching, laughing – about three margaritas and one baby-oil backrub away from melting my brain. I can only assume the cameraman was gay, because if I was taking these pictures all they’d show would be a bunch of blurry red flashes and my tongue licking the lens.


  1. tori

    jessica is hot. i just get rosario though. she has nice boobs, but that’s about it.

  2. tori

    edit: i DON’T get rosario.

  3. sweet_elle

    what in the world is going on here?

  4. Binky

    I agree Totally Tori…ahhhh…which one is Alba ?

  5. derekd

    Alba is so hot. But I think there is a rule somewhere that says if you are unbelievably hot your not allow that have acting skills. Maybe its God rule or something. Dawson is so-so. Heard she still lives in the projects in New York. What’s up with that?

  6. i never knew jessica alba was so hot until i read the comments in this article! thanks guys! for stating the obvious.

  7. cathy

    Jessica Alba is hot.. but that Rosario person?? !?!?!?

  8. MzAmerica

    I think both of them are hot. By the way I think it’s cool that Rosario still lives in the projects if she does. What’s wrong with that? She’s representing where she comes from and it’s afraid to let the world know.

  9. FeldBum

    if you don’t get Rosario, then go see Alexander. Actually, don’t. Just find the find the scene where she is topless online. The rest of the movie was god-awful

  10. milfFlexx

    I have two words for Rosario (first picture anyways): Arm Hair.

  11. smaddox

    it’s when you put Alba next to anybody else you really see how nice she is…

  12. Cindylover1969

    Jessica, Jessica, Jessica, Jessica, Jessica, Jessica…


    so did they get naked or what?

  14. suzy

    ^^^ lol

    Rosario is pretty! I just think she needs to fix her eyebrows.. and so what for arm hair… EVERYONE has it!!! so she didn’t wax or shave… who cares…… it’s not like she’s growing a beard on her arms.. like a monkey or whatever

  15. jevaun

    Rosario is smoking hot. I’ll fight anyone who says different. That goes double for you Jason Lewis!!! You hear me pretty boy?!?!!? I’ll tear your $h!t up!!!!!

  16. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Jessica has an *ahem* adam’s apple. Oh wait, that’s just because all the adipose tissue in her neck has dissolved from throwing up so much making her trachea poke out like a little pinecone. My bad.

  17. an44

    Rosario’s mouth is engaged in a constant struggle to swallow her own head.

  18. andrewthezeppo

    I think Rosario is hot, and after sitting through Alexander I think we’ve discovered the worlds most perfect breats…

    but I still think of Alba as that skanky bitch from that crappy Buffy rip off.

  19. drowningfool

    I wonder what they’re laughing at in that one pic…they’re probably both reminiscing about the time a drunk Collin Farrell tried to sleep with them…pulled out his member…and I think that’s when they both start laughing….just a theory

  20. procyon

    That’s tighter than a virgin on prom night.

  21. The Scarlet Bitch

    Rosario is smoking hot, especially in “everywhich way but loose”. Damn that was hot. No wonder Clint Eastwood wanted her as Clyde the love interest. P.S apparently they did get together. Alba mentioned that a chimp tongue pashed her at the mtv awards.

  22. hafaball


  23. assholic

    jessica alba looks like a pile of crap, no joke while yeah, rosario has really great pair of boobs. come to think of it, she has quite the perfect body. i’m all bout the boobs, man. not too hot bout her face though.

  24. Damnit!! Jessica will ya do a nude sex scene already……just call the movie “Alba gets naked and has sex” and it will top Titanic in the first week.

    She’s such a prude. I like’em trashier.

  25. billabong021

    Rosario Dawson has some kinda alien beak in that big picture :^


    yea but still… did they get naked or what?

  27. WTF

    Alba and Rosario are BOTH nasty bitches.
    Look at those small white STRETCH MARKS on both of their breasts in the last 2 pics.

    BARF! Not Attractive at all.
    Can you say …”Over-Rated????????

  28. FirBolgs

    The only boobs without stretch marks, my friend, are very small boobs. I contend your an adolescent. Do they have sharp knees too?

  29. xd

    Jessica Alba is the most over-rated woman… just because of the scenes in Sin City that any attractive looking girl could have made equally hot and many even so much hotter. She’s not hot at all, sure she’s not ugly but that’s all. She totally sucks. And is the most over-rated person ever. There are millions of girls outta there who are so much sexier.

  30. PostAcidYouth

    Jessica Alba is a very average looking girl without the makeup…nice eyes, that’s probably the extent of it. She looks a bit too teenage for my tastes. She cannot act for love nor money, either. I’m shocked that she gets so many roles considering her lack of talent.

  31. Kaileygrl

    Rosario Dawson is NASTY. Did you get a look at her massive arm-hair?? What a skanky ho. Also, the fact that Jason Lewis (total hottie) is dating her is almost too much to take. Jessica Alba is just ok, I see hotter girls at the mall in Miami…..

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