Jessica Szohr Wearing Nothing But Paint

January 6th, 2011 // 63 Comments

Presumably because they can’t afford Twilight’s Ashley Greene anymore, Sobe has tapped Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr as this year’s body paint person. No offense to Jessica, but this is definitely a step down and I demand excellence in my vitamin fusion clean coal energy rain water extract juice. Or one of those crazy straws, I’m not picky.

Photos: Sobe, Splash News


  1. Righteous, dude


    • testington

      this girl sucks so much. Anybody who has even seen one episode of Gossip Girl can tell you this bitch’s lack of talent makes Taylor Momsen look like Meryl Streep.

  2. latam2012

    they should have covered thee “triangle” part of her, blocked it with her legs or something

  3. Matt

    The last one is really out of focus.

  4. Jessica Szohr Nude Body Paint Sobe
    Commented on this photo:

    weird body shape here

  5. Jessica Szohr Nude Body Paint Sobe
    Commented on this photo:

    Still not understanding the whole nipple thing. They’re like nonexistent???

    • It’s easier to understand if the headline was “…wearing nothing but paint, and photoshop”.

      Yes, they cover her in paint, but also use photoshop to erase the pasties over her nipples.

  6. Jay

    Been super busy fish, happy belated New Year

  7. how’s this a step down from ashley greene i fail to see…

  8. RoboZombie

    I think she should change her name to Ivana…Ivana Sukitov!!

  9. Sonny the Cuckoo Bird

    Pretty amateurish shots (nice hand, Mr. Professional Photo Type Guy). The fourth pic nearly makes up for it.

  10. Jessica Szohr Nude Body Paint Sobe
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like she is sucking it in in this shot.

  11. Jessica Szohr Nude Body Paint Sobe
    Commented on this photo:

    Too skinny

  12. Tony

    Jessica is way hotter than Ashley,Jess is an exotic goddess while Ashley is just plane Jane girl next door.

  13. Why does she keep covering her breasts with her arms? Isn’t that what the paint is for?

  14. Jessica Szohr Nude Body Paint Sobe
    Commented on this photo:

    Is there a reason why the only picture that shows anything interesting is the only one that’s blurry as shit?

  15. Rough of virtue

    Yeah Szohr is one of those hot chicks that happen to have dark hair. Michelle Rodriguez is an example…

  16. Why is the only interesting picture the only one that’s blurry?

    • cocoa j

      cause she’s coverin up her boobies in the other ones, duuuuh!

    • I disagree. I find them all equally uninteresting.

    • Richard McBeef

      Because you’re secretely a fat assed gay retard that actually doesn’t know what to look for on a woman.

      • Wow, it’s like you’ve known me all my life, except not really!

        Even if you were working the percentages, “fat assed gay retard” is a bit of a long shot assumption… if you could work the odds like that, I’d suggest buying a lottery ticket.

        I award you part marks for your enthusiasm, though.

  17. ann


  18. Jessica Szohr Nude Body Paint Sobe
    Commented on this photo:

    I wonder why the fire hydrant is throwing up?

  19. misterfister

    She’s as ugly as you could be without being retarded.

  20. sick

    OMG she is so fat I can’t even stand to look at her!! holy shit why don’t they pick a fatter person to do this? she is disgusting.

  21. TJL

    She looks like she is not being as open as Ashley Greene was last year

  22. DOucHe BaGELs

    What a waste of paint

  23. TJL

    I should have said she is being less adventurous than Ashley Greene but it is early to tell I cannot wait for more pics to surface!

  24. Taz

    I demand UHQ pics of this set!

  25. Hank

    Eh. She’s a skinny chick with a decent face and a light tan. There are literally thousands of girls who look better than her in NYC or LA or Miami, etc. Nothing special — except that so many American girls are frumpy fatso’s that she looks “hot” in comparison.

  26. Sobeat yourself off.

  27. After a 5 minute meeting with my penis I’ve decided that yes, I will look at these photos again in 15 minutes. After I have a drink of whatever the fuck she was holding. Frutopia?

  28. Jessica Szohr Nude Body Paint Sobe
    Commented on this photo:

    at least her boobs aren’t sagging like the other Ashley’s were

  29. Uhhh

    Jessica: So, if I get naked and drink this water people will love me as much as Blake Lively?
    Photographer: Of course they will. You’re so hot and such a good actress! Now move your arm and drink more water!!
    Photographers thoughts: I sure hope this dumb bitch doesn’t figure out I work for Superficial and that water has roofies in it!!

  30. Nice hair, Amy Winehouse.

  31. Any Guy

    that face – its…


  32. nes

    I think she looks great

  33. Jessica Szohr Nude Body Paint Sobe
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t understand… She’s freaking gorgeous!! Much better than Ashley Greene, clearly a step-UP in my opinion! I could lick those hips…

    • Me

      Agreed. While I can’t stand her at all on Gossip Girl–her voice and character are wayy annoying, she has an excellent figure. People who say she’s flat are crazy. Ashley has huge boobs cos she’s also got a big body to match. Give me a nice lean body any day!

  34. Jessica Szohr Nude Body Paint Sobe
    Commented on this photo:

    Body paint doesn’t count if you wear nipple patches…fucking amateurs.

  35. Brianna

    HAHA… I love how Blake & Leighton get Chanel and Dior ads and this tard gets SOBE water.. lol.. must be fun to be the most hated person on Gossip Girl!!

  36. Jessica Szohr Nude Body Paint Sobe
    Commented on this photo:

    What’s with that mutant ear on picture #5 of 8???

  37. Tifa

    Anyone is hotter than Ashley Greene in my book. Her face is so… pointy. You can fucking cut diamonds on her bony little sharp nose.

  38. Jessica Szohr Nude Body Paint Sobe
    Commented on this photo:

    She was really hot in Piranha, but they made her look award here. Another hot chick from Gossip Girl. They all are except Momsen. No wonder she tries so hard.

  39. Jessica Szohr Nude Body Paint Sobe
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s so nude that she’s not even wearing an ass!

  40. Ty

    I think she’s beautiful, but the girl can’t act to save her life.

  41. Passing As White

    She has Negro blood in her veins.

    • Maximilian

      oh behave american slavemaster..shes hot,let’s just leave it at that..

      • Jeremy

        Damn Maxamillian. Dumb much? Read his name he’s black. And Negro is a word most blacks commonly reffer to one another. And yes, unfortunately this bitch is black. Cant you see the wide nose, and her nappy curls when her hair is not straight? By the way her eyes are green the only thing white you can inherit from a Romanian gypsy! They are not as white as you might think either!

  42. SO WRONG


  43. Paloma

    She’s hot & anyone w

  44. Jessica Szohr Nude Body Paint Sobe
    Commented on this photo:

    How come every girls feels the need to be naked? I like naked but damned! Don’t girls feel they can do anything but be ho’s.

  45. Jessica Szohr Nude Body Paint Sobe
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice paint job.
    May I finish by painting her face Peter North style?

  46. Jessica Szohr Nude Body Paint Sobe
    Commented on this photo:

    Is the paint edible?

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