Jessica Simpson Isn’t Even Hiding It (UPDATE: And Now We Know Why)

Here’s Jessica Simpson in New York this morning – still wearing the same top and pants from the weekend (Net worth: $1 billion) – where she’s entirely given up trying to hide her stomach that experts now say is six months pregnant. Of course, she’s probably only three-to-four, but this wouldn’t be a Jessica Simpson post if we didn’t highlight the fact she’s way bigger than she’s supposed to be. It’s important to have consistency.

In the meantime, she started tweeting photos of herself peeing now, so it’s actually quite beautiful of Jessica Simpson to include us in the pregnancy process, and I’m not just saying that to coax breastfeeding photos out of her. How dare you.. suggest I’d be sucker for such a beautiful and intimate moment between mother and child? (Use a high resolution camera.)

UPDATE: So Tony Romo’s wife is pregnant. Really explains everything, doesn’t it?

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News