The Most Pregnanty Photo Of Jessica Simpson You’ll Ever See

Or a shot of her leaving another airport Chili’s. Probably shouldn’t rule that out.

Here’s an expanding Jessica Simpson at LAX over the weekend where she did a lot of pregnant-ish things like touching her belly, looking humungous and pretty much showing everyone how huge her boobs have got. (Dear paparazzo manning the escalators, you’ve done God’s work.) Now, granted, she might be milking the pregnancy rumors as an excuse to let herself go, but then again, she’s been doing that for at least three years now and even Jessica Simpson has to know babies are born after nine mon- no, wait, I just realized who I’m talking about and she probably thinks you have to find them hidden in pieces of fudge. “Nom nom nom. Am I peg’ant? Shoot! — Gimme the Rocky Road.”

Photos: Flynet

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