Jessica Simpson Thinks She Can Look Like This

When bikini photos of Jessica Alba hit the Internet Tuesday, Jessica Simpson cleared the pie off her iPad and immediately tweeted the first thought that entered her head which miraculously wasn’t “I’d eat ham ice cream.”

New goal: look like @jessicaalba after baby. Job well done lady!

Jessica Alba later responded and, to her credit, was politely gracious while not once suggesting this was even remotely possible:

-OMG! Ur so sweet! Thx hon!

Jessica’s fiance, Eric Johnson, on the other hand, was forced to have this conversation:

JESSICA: Eric, you believe I can look like Jessica Alba, right?
ERIC: You know what I believe, beautiful? That Chili’s is still open. Now who wants ribs?
JESSICA: Ooh! Ooh! ME!
ERIC: *turns around, wipes sweat off brow*

These two are gonna make it.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Splash News