Jessica Simpson is Designing Her Wedding Dress

Despite not even setting a date yet and openly contemplating eloping, Jessica Simpson is personally designing her wedding dress. And by personally designing I mean a team of other people and her mom are doing all the work. People:

“I couldn’t do this without my mom. We have the same eye,” Jessica says. “[She’s] been my stylist since I was born.” The two approve every item in the Jessica Simpson line, down to the button. “It’s a three-step process,” Tina explains. “We see it at the beginning design stage. We’ll give our inspiration and our color palette. And then, mid-design, they bring to us what they’re working on, and then we have final approval.” When Jessica is busy with other commitments in Los Angeles, it’s Tina who jets to New York to do the dirty work. “The biggest thing … is we just don’t walk in and put Jessica’s name on something and walk away.”

PRIEST: Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded- Are those pockets with hamburgers in them?
JESSICA: Mmm.. nom.. mfff.. I’m sorry. You were talking foreevvvver. *squeezes ketchup out of bouquet*

Photos: Pacific Coast News