1. Elmeng

    She is hot!

  2. Seductor

    Find out how you can have her or somebody else like her. has an e-book where you can learn how to seduce married women. Isn’t Jessica Simpson married?

  3. Brian

    Amazing legs!!!

  4. scat mayer

    She has man legs and is thick though the waist.

  5. Aas Dasd


  6. MJ

    MATRONLY! She is getting more square by the day. She shows the leg & wears super high heels to distract from the…squareness.

  7. Stevo

    Horrible man face, stumpy legs and fat, yeah real hot, barf.

  8. Samantha

    Amazing what a good man can do for a woman..He loves her and she knows it…I love it! CONFIDENCE.

  9. Smellers

    THick ass bxtch. I’d pound that beef stump tho

  10. Smellers

    You know your thick when Snooki looks thinner than you

  11. Ouch

    She might be attractive but her clothes do absolutely nothing to flatter her figure. And she needs to cut her hair – she looks like a pin head with those long locks!

  12. Karen1229

    Its great that she’s confident. She is getting a bit “chunky” by Hollywood’s standards. The future husband should know that this weight gain could be a sign of what’s to come. She’s obviously getting really “comfortable in her own skin.” But those extensions are the worst! And the Jessica Simpson shoe line looks like a bunch of hooker shoes. No class to them, at all.

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