Jessica Simpson Flashes Her High Beams and More Link-Beef

Ed Sheeran got punked by Saoirse Ronan and now he might go into the restaurant business.

Celebitchy is fed up with Brad Pitt bullshit and they’re calling it how it is.

Antartica is leaking from the inside out, but Frozen 2 might be out next year

I almost did a Kardashian piece today, but this Rob/Blac Chyna story actually made me dumber.

Melissa Etheridge got smoked by morons who listen to clickbait.

Ryan Gosling and Justin Theroux had lunch together and I’m sure it was delicious.

Anywidgets… What do you think about those Jessica Simpson high beams hangin’ up there, Mikey? You know that other guy used to play the sportsball…

mike pence2

*As my heavily repressed and socially out of touch children say: “This is ignited, family. Remain awake.”