Jessica Simpson Wants You To Know She Still Has Giant Breasts, In Case You Forgot

Apparently Jessica Simpson takes walks around her block with her gigantor cleavage hanging out and felt the need to share that with everyone on Twitter because she understands social media and it’s dynamic capacity to connect millions of people from around the world then make them stare at tits:

Just taking a walk around the block… Street legal???

As my way of saying thanks for the bounty which she’s bestowed upon us, I took the liberty of adding pics of Jessica Simpson in a bikini on the set of The Dukes of Hazzard which Weight Watchers paid her $3 million to look like again. I figure they’ll either motivate her to achieve her goal or to immediately give up and keep shoving a camera between her breasts on Twitter so no one even notices her weight. Which works by the way because this is the skinniest woman we’ve ever seen in our lives. Right, everybody? (You agree and you agree now.)

Photos: Pacific Coast News