BREAKING: Jessica Simpson Still Has Really Big Breasts

I don’t want to exaggerate, but the Ed Sheeran banged Taylor Swift’s famous friends post was more depressing than a bag full of dead puppies that a bunch of orphans with cancer were supposed to get for Christmas. So to take things in the completely opposite direction, good news, everybody! Jessica Simpson still has super huge boobs that she wants you to look at. We’re all gonna make it.

So here she is for some thing or whatever:

In good company 😜 @jessicasimpsonstyle

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And here they are somewhere else:

Life is a precious gift. (Until the next post when some rich asshole does something stupid while you eat a microwave lunch from Target at your desk and wonder when your health insurance plan will legally be allowed to stab you in the spleen just for kicks. #MAGA) Cherish it.

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