Jessica Chastain: Your New ‘True Detective’ Lady?

May 21st, 2014 // 13 Comments
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According to Nerdist, Jessica Chastain has been offered the lead role in season two of True Detective, but has yet to accept, so just assume she’s making sure her character says awesome shit like, “A man’s game costs a man’s price,” and/or makes bitching beer can figures:

Recent rumors have stated series creator Nic Pizzolatto was seeking a female-driven cast for Season 2 of the hit HBO series, and now today, Nerdist has learned exclusively one of the names that may be on the bill in 2015: Jessica Chastain.
According to sources, the Zero Dark Thirty actress has been offered a leading role in the second season but has yet to accept. As for official confirmation, we reached out to representatives for Chastain, who have declined to comment at this time.

I’m entirely on board with this because if True Detective does one thing exactly right, it’s casting. Not to mention Jessica Chastain is a supernaturally hot redhead with incredible breasts, and everyone knows those are the greatest gift God ever gave the world. The greatest gift. *side-eyes Jesus*

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  1. Jesus ain’t got shit on hot redheads with great breasts.

  2. JC

    If this happens, I hope she does a super-busted accent like Woody did in the first season. For some reason, that would be hot to me.

  3. Jessica Chastain Cannes Foxcatcher Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks particularly unattractive here (just kidding, my penis just exploded).

  4. Update via Huffpo:
    “According to her reps, the actress won’t be starring in the series. HBO has also denied the news of the casting offer. “

  5. Robb7

    So the big studios hire crap actors and throw millions at them — and put all the effort into production values, like 3-D ending up with shit. Yet cable networks are kicking ass with great shows and putting their muscle behind good actors and solid scripts. This is good!

  6. Hmmmm

    I hate to get all weird and shit, but Fish, you’re shortchanging Jessica Chastain by just mentioning how hot she is. Duh, she’s gorgeous, but she’s also an outstanding actress. A frickin’ Julliard school graduate, no less.

    OK. Let’s all go back to drooling over barely-literate bimbos.

  7. Like a hot, more importantly legal Bella Thorne.

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