Jessica Biel is Banging Gerard Butler

While Justin Timberlake is knee deep in Mila’s Kunis, Jessica Biel is apparently rebounding from their break-up by having casual sex with Gerard Butler who I honestly forgot was still out there. Via E! News:

Apparently Gerard made a beeline for Biel on March 15 when they were out for a crewmembers birthday party at Tokyo Japanese Restaurant & Bar, where the two certainly were batting eyelashes at one another.
Two nights later the pretty duo did margaritas at Superior’s Steakhouse, went out on March 19 to Stray Cat, and finished the weekend off with a group at a bar called Blind Tiger.
Seems these two are quite the pals, eh?
But don’t count on the brunette beauties to get serious.
“Gerard says he wants to settle down eventually, but he won’t anytime soon, promise,” a friend close to the notorious bachelor tells us sassing, “and not with Jessica.”

See? That’s what I’m talking about. Unlike Chris Brown, Gerard Butler is being honest about who he is. He just wants to stick his penis in women’s vaginas and then move on as soon as he gets bored. It’s refreshing. And unlike Charlie Sheen, he doesn’t have to pay for it or launch a 20 city stage show glorifying said payment. However, on the other hand, Gerard did star in The Ugly Truth and The Bounty Hunter, so I feel comfortable saying he raped Jessica Biel based on that information alone. I’ll get the Sheriff.

Photos: Getty, Splash News