Jessica Biel is Banging Gerard Butler

March 24th, 2011 // 69 Comments

While Justin Timberlake is knee deep in Mila’s Kunis, Jessica Biel is apparently rebounding from their break-up by having casual sex with Gerard Butler who I honestly forgot was still out there. Via E! News:

Apparently Gerard made a beeline for Biel on March 15 when they were out for a crewmembers birthday party at Tokyo Japanese Restaurant & Bar, where the two certainly were batting eyelashes at one another.
Two nights later the pretty duo did margaritas at Superior’s Steakhouse, went out on March 19 to Stray Cat, and finished the weekend off with a group at a bar called Blind Tiger.
Seems these two are quite the pals, eh?
But don’t count on the brunette beauties to get serious.
“Gerard says he wants to settle down eventually, but he won’t anytime soon, promise,” a friend close to the notorious bachelor tells us sassing, “and not with Jessica.”

See? That’s what I’m talking about. Unlike Chris Brown, Gerard Butler is being honest about who he is. He just wants to stick his penis in women’s vaginas and then move on as soon as he gets bored. It’s refreshing. And unlike Charlie Sheen, he doesn’t have to pay for it or launch a 20 city stage show glorifying said payment. However, on the other hand, Gerard did star in The Ugly Truth and The Bounty Hunter, so I feel comfortable saying he raped Jessica Biel based on that information alone. I’ll get the Sheriff.

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  1. RoboZombie

    How does a guy that fugly get such a hot woman???

  2. yay, something female. ugh of all the actresses to omit the ass shot of… :(

  3. hmna


  4. Jessica Biel Gerard Butler
    Annie from Fremantle
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    nomnomnom Gerry :)

  5. Bart

    Huh,so Gerard Butler is still alive …

  6. Eric

    Lucky guy. Too bad the whiney stank of Justin Timberlake still lingers on her.

  7. looks like jessica is going the road to Ashley Greene

  8. Jessica Biel Gerard Butler
    Commented on this photo:

    Fuck, she’s stunning.

  9. Dan

    Um, I am a pretty hetero guy, but usually I can see why women would think a certain man is attractive. What is the attraction with Gerard Butler? I don’t get it.

    Do women find him attractive?

    • WOO!! WOO! WOO! WOO! WOO! WOO! WOO! You hear that Dan? That is my gaydar going off.

    • Cock Dr

      Obviously some of them do.
      It might be the novelty of male heterosexuality, which seems to be a rare bird indeed in Hollywood. Add Scottish accent, copious alcohol, & desperation; mix well.

      • Dan

        Maybe I should have said do any of the women reading this find him attractive?

        Maybe it is the accent though. Women love an accent.

    • pornstar

      “a pretty hetero guy” and when you are not ‘pretty hetero’ do you like guy ass?

  10. Jake

    Girls on the rebound are GREAT fucks! Have fun Gerard – she’s got something to prove!

  11. catapostrophe

    Or not.

  12. dpbefun


  13. See Alice

    She is no Spring Chicken . Time for Jessica to get hitched !

    • The Critical Crassness

      No she isn’t a Spring Chicken, she is an experienced woman who knows what is going on in the bedroom, not some squeemish, squealing bag of over-wrought hormonal little girl.

      • pornstar

        all this to say counselor.she likes to fuck and get cock slapped.o.k let the last comment be stricken from the record.

        She likes to drink from Gerard’s straw.

  14. the captain

    let’s be sorry for her.

  15. Arzach

    Timberlake is a pussy, she probably got tired of been dating almost a girl

  16. Finally, Jessica Biel is straight!!!

  17. E-rock

    Noooooo Gerry!! My heart just shattered into a million little skittles. I guess I will have to stop stalking him since I cant compete with Miss Duck Lips Beil. sigh

  18. pornstar

    I would fuck Gerard Butler if he had AIDS.without condom.

    I would let him stick his Scottishness inside every part of my body, including my nose.

    I would fuck a leprechaun and a homeless guy if Gerard wanted to watch.

    I would fuck Gerard Butler in the MGM studios executive was closets, on an airplane, in the desert, at an Irish bar, in a jacuzzi, at the water slides.


    he was amazing in TOY STORY.

  19. Apostate

    Lucky bastard.

  20. If true? then it’s about time she ditch that 95lb douche bag and as for Gerard he better hold on to this one for as long as he can get it up and FUCK! then FUCK! then FUCK! again….just never stop!!!

  21. taiwo

    o LaLaaa, what a lucky guy. is ur turn man, just handle her with care

  22. Carlos Estevez'a libido

    Would she want to try for a goddess role ?

  23. Carlos Estevez'a libido

    MMMM, doggy – style!

  24. white orchid

    How can anyone think Gerard Butler is homely.He is extremely handsome.Beautiful eyes,beautiful body,Thick beautiful hair with a beautiful hairline,nice chin,he is very handsome in a manly way,not a girly way like some of the Hollywodd guys are with there little turned up women’s noses.I can’t see how anyone could possibly think that he is not attractive.He is passed attractive,he is one beautiful man.probably the most handsome man on this planet or any other planet for that matter.

  25. cc

    A neverwas banging a flash in the pan. Big deal.

  26. Butler pimps. He pimps hard.

  27. Ray Sist

    I love the way he talks sideways out of his mouth

  28. gigi

    if only Matt Bellamy had this swagger…. poor guy, now the Succubus has him. He looks so pained… hope he lives to rock again… meanwhile, lucky lucky Jessica… best rebound choice .E.V.E.R. daaaaamn!!!!!

    • pornstar

      if only Matt Bellamy had this swagger…. poor guy, now the Succubus has him. He looks so pained… hope he lives to rock again…THIS IS WHERE YOU LOST ME

      meanwhile, lucky lucky Jessica… best rebound choice .E.V.E.R. daaaaamn!!!!!

  29. Jessica Biel Gerard Butler
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    Guess she wanted a real “steak” after that cocktail weiner.

  30. Jessica Biel Gerard Butler
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    Hold on. Let me push it in a little deeper…

  31. Jessica Biel Gerard Butler
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    Fuck, she’s a 6 at best. She’s not ugly, but she ain’t stunning either…

  32. chels

    i think gerard butler is fucking hot. he’s not feminine like so many of the “men” in hollywood today, yuck. he’s a guy you know would give you a good choking and hairpulling in the bedroom while he takes you from behind completely without your permission. mmm yeah. like that.

  33. E-rock

    Woah chels, that just made kegals twitch! I would shag him till he used his Whole mouth to speak!

  34. Clarence Beeks

    she is a lesbian…..seriously.

  35. anonym

    jessica has had so much plastic surgery on her face that she looks like a horse now.

    when will this bitch ever get married….

  36. Squishy

    OH Please God Yes! Finally, she is with a real man! Sorry, but Timberlake is an unattractive piss-ant and she is an amazingly hot woman. The guy still looks like he is 17. Plus, she always appears so inferior in the pictures of them together, makes me wonder if she wasn’t a little stifled and in need of oxygen. Give the woman air to breath!!

  37. Jessica Biel Gerard Butler
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    Honestly – at first glance I thought… “Hey – Sarah, Plain and Tall”.

  38. Jessica Biel Gerard Butler
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    She looks like someone just asked her opinion on the future of nuclear energy in the US.

  39. Who cares about the face. She’s got one killer ass.

  40. spinal

    I was a bit worried after Aniston, but it looks like ol’ Gerry found another gig as Hollywood’s favorite beard. Go Gerry!

  41. Jessica Biel Gerard Butler
    nayeli montame
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    he looks like a butler

  42. Jessica Biel Gerard Butler
    Commented on this photo:

    this girl gets more beautiful ever time i see her

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