Jessica Alba’s Acting Career Explained

November 5th, 2010 // 50 Comments

Good actors, never use the script unless it’s amazing writing. All the good actors I’ve worked with, they all say whatever they want to say.”

- Jessica Alba inadvertently explaining to Elle how she’s in Spy Kids 4 now.

Adding… And, oh yeah, someone found cell phone pics she sent to Cash Warren I can only assume immediately after giving birth. Haha! You thought I forgot. Merry Christmas!

Photos: ELLE


  1. Jessica Alba Nude Topless Cell Phone Photo
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    Is that a horizontal scar? did she have a c-section or something?

  2. The Listener

    Jessica’s a pretty woman with and without makeup. Remember makeup properly worn enhances certain facial characteristics and de-emphasizes others. No woman looks EXACTLY the same with and without makeup.

  3. Rush Limbaugh

    I’d eat her period raisins!

  4. Jessica Alba Nude Topless Cell Phone Photo
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    I’m guessing that the pics of her belly are either from when she was pregnant last time or she’s pregnant again. They’re belly-shots… all women do that when they start to show but aren’t the size of a house.

  5. Frobz

    Right, is she finally admitting she’s Mexican yet?

    I’m sure that legendary films like Apocalypse Now!, Doctor Strangelove and Titanic became legendary because the actors decided to do “whatever the fuck they wanted.”

    Fuck off amiga, go back to Mexico.

    • Leonidas

      Actually, genius, Peter Sellers ad-libbed quite a considerable proportion of his various roles in Dr Strangelove. Now please go and rape your own skull with a letter opener.

      • Urbanspaceman

        Having said that, and “Being There” notwithstanding, Jessica (my Dad won’t let me show my boobs) Alba is no Peter Sellers.

  6. Jessica Alba Nude Topless Cell Phone Photo
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    I’m confused. She said she had a natural birth. What’s the scar, if this is really her?

  7. Jessica Alba Nude Topless Cell Phone Photo
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    Nice pregnant tits, but they are much smaller now. She can’t act. She’s beginning to behave like the rest of the famewhores in hollyweird. Before you know it, she will be nude in a movie. She has fake morals.

  8. Jessica Alba Elle
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    When I see her looking directly at me in this way, I know there is something special between us, and I know that there is a God who wants us to be together.

  9. jrdffr

    why are people hating on jessica alba?

  10. Jessica Alba Nude Topless Cell Phone Photo
    Rick's Daddy
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    Why is this mexi-mutt famous?? LMFAO!!

  11. Jessica Alba in Elle
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    FIRST to comment

  12. Jessica Alba Elle
    Rick's Daddy
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  13. Jessica Alba Nude Topless Cell Phone Photo
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    C section to preserve the vag?

    She got great boobs and nipples though. Fantastic.

  14. boogeyman King Dong

    Who dat?!

  15. Jessica is FINE...

    Regardless of what she may say, I still say she’s an amazing piece of ass…

  16. wim

    this whore is ashamed dramaticely because she was born in MEXICO.

  17. RtSS

    As long as I have a face, Jessicia Alba will always have a place to sit. Call me Jess, we’ll do lunch.

  18. Jessica Alba Nude Topless Cell Phone Photo
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    That is NOT a c-section scar. In these pictures she is PREGNANT – that is why she is sending pictures of her pregnant belly to her husband. THAT scar is her TUMMY TUCK SCAR – like do you REALLY think people actually look the way these people do!? Get real.

    • Kizzy

      If you think that’s a tummy tuck scar, then you “seriously” don’t know anything about the procedure. It doesn’t leave a tiny little line only a few inches long. Also, why would she have a tummy tuck scar before she had her baby (since you’re saying she’s still pregnant in these pics). She’s never even had a tiny gut that would warrant a tummy tuck pre-baby. Either it’s some random scar Ms. Alba has paired with a crease from her pants digging in or it’s not her.

      • qwerty

        Yeah,the idea of JA needing tummy tuck before she’d even had a baby is ridiculous.

        As for a c-sec scar,that’s quite an unusual place to have one.Not a specialist or anything but I heard it’s done way lower – just above the pubic bone so it’s not visible until you take your panties off. Hollywood doctors must know that,of all people.
        Probably just a scar from some injury/surgery in the past

    • LPP

      @qwerty: if she’s waxed it’s in the right spot… my cesarean scar is there, and looks exactly the same. There’s no way that isn’t a c/s scar.

    • tristan

      it’s not a csection or tummy tuck. she had surgery when she was a kid. do your research dumbass. by the way, jessica alba really looks like she does in her pics in real life. your just jealous because you’re probably ugly.

  19. Tony

    Jessica Alba is a welcome sight, since we have have to endure the fat ugly obese cow Christina Hendricks for long enough now.
    Jessica has a great figure, pretty face, she is hot! that is what we wanna see
    and not some flabby, pasty red head with a plus sized figure like the enrmous cow Hendricks.

  20. Mama Pinkus

    Ms. Alba’s acting “skills” are practically non-existent, but I give her points for not being as in-your-face-obnoxious as her fellow non-acting/relies on her hot body cohort, Megan Fox

  21. Jessica Alba Elle
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    Been waiting to see those tits since dark angel.
    May as well go ahead and do screen nudity now sweetie.
    Might be hotter on the big screen,eh?

  22. Biff Dickslap

    More chips and salsa, por favor.

  23. Jessica Alba Nude Topless Cell Phone Photo
    rob vincennes
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    Haven’t been this disappointed since seeing Tara Reid’s frankenboob

  24. jonesy

    I don’t know about the rest of you losers, but if I were there, I’d tackle her into the pool and then relax on a inflatable dolphin and look for jets in the sky, while drinking champagne and smoking cognac flavored marijuana. You can’t be me.

  25. wim

    when I see her I think of speedy gonzales from mexico………

  26. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I have to admit that I FUCKING HATE HER. Don’t get me wrong, I see she’s always in great shape and all. But what’s up with that always pissed off face?
    I noticed it long ago in Flipper and it hasn’t changed ever since. Like if she is about to whine every goddamn time. If I looked like her, if I could be on som paradise spot playing with dolphins and acting…man…I wouldn’t have that pissed off look on my face AT ALL

  27. Jessica Alba in Elle
    Doc Schweinstrudel
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    and she is always having her mouth open

  28. Jessica Alba Nude Topless Cell Phone Photo
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    are these pictures suppose to have been taken at the same time? the pictures with her face have a white shirt… the ones without her face have a grey shirt.

  29. Jessica Alba Nude Topless Cell Phone Photo
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    Looks like a “belly picture” for pregnancy. About 3-4 months maybe.

  30. Jessica Alba Nude Topless Cell Phone Photo
    Janice Marie
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    Not for nothing, but if that is her belly right AFTER giving birth: GOOD. FOR. HER. Most women look MORE pregnant right after.

  31. dr.jimmy

    If these pictures were taken soon after giving birth then I have too say her body looked great. Very light stretch marks (just one or two visible), no “apron”, nice skin, no linea negra. And these potbelly was to be lost in a days. The scar is not from C-section but appandectomy she has as a child.

  32. Jessica Alba Nude Topless Cell Phone Photo
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    Lol this made me happy and sad at the same time, thank you Jessica for bringing my hopes up and lowering my self-esteem, I hope your happy… I’m just gonna go take some anti-depressants so I can have lunch with grandma so I don’t blow my brains out while she insists on talking about why I dress the way I do and how come I don’t visit her anymore… You really made my day :( I seriously hope you lose a leg and get scurvy so you can atleast make up for these pics and call yourself an ass pirate (*☻-☻*)

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  34. Jessica Alba Nude Topless Cell Phone Photo
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    I’m late to the party, but was doing some searching around after just seeing a recent pic of her in US magazine, in a low-cut bikini. This is definitely not a tummy tuck or cesarean scar…BUT, in this recent pic, the bikini’s slipped down and reveals what looks for all the world like a fairly recent abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) scar. I used to work for a plastic surgeon, and I’d bet a years’ salary that she’s had one since that second baby.

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