Jessica Alba in Another Bikini

May 13th, 2011 // 34 Comments

Posted by Photo Boy

Because they won’t allow anyone out of the drunk tank before 9 AM in this town, I’m here to bring you more of Jessica Alba‘s pregnant boobs. I know its appalling that Fish would make you wait to get another glimpse at Mother Nature’s blessing, but in his defense was he supposed to not grab for that cop’s gun? How else would he let the bar know that the jukebox took a dump in the peanuts?

Photo: Flynet, Splash News


  1. ugh fri 13th kickin in with another preg chick.. wearing charlie sheen’s hat. how is this sexy

  2. PeaNUTTY

    This may be self hatred on my part (I am female) but pregnant women are repulsive looking naked.

  3. Queequeg

    Just keep telling them they are most beautiful when they are pregnant.

    Otherwise they will cut off your head and spit in your neck.

  4. bikinikill

    Who the FUCK wears a bikini when they are pregnant?

  5. chico

    Fish what the fuck dude? This is just stupid, very fucking stupid. I thought you were my boy? Why the fuck would I want to see these pictures of JA prego? What a terrible day for Canada and therefore the world.

  6. Richard McBeef

    I think that little girl is also pregnant and in a bikini. sick dude.

  7. SexxiMamma

    wow, all 6 of you really, really need to grow up, and FAST!!!

  8. Anon

    WTF are you guys complaining about? She looks better pregnant and in a bikini then most of the trash you find on the beach.

  9. DD

    She looks better than me in a bikini. Pregnant. And i’m not pregnant :(

  10. anon

    Jessica Alba looks MUCH better with meat on her bones than she does when she stops eating. The hats are stupid looking.

    • You can always tell who the chick is ↑↑↑

      Nobody with a penis is going to say this is a better look for Jessica than any time previously.

      • Sugar

        She has a beautiful face no matter what state her body is in, but yeah nobody would prefer her body like this.

      • Skulf Uckler

        dude there are people here that only post about tonguing buttholes and eating ass. surely someone here has a fontanelle fucking preggo fetish.

  11. Sigh…an inglorious end for FHM’s 2008 “Hottest Woman Alive”. 3 years is a pretty short trip from being the most desirable piece of ass on the planet, to “just another stretch marked chick with flappy boobs and a ruined vagina”.

  12. The Everlasting Know-it-all

    Geez, you guys are gay with your “ruined vagina” crap. As long as it hits both sides, it’s all good.

    I’d still hit it. Nom mom nom.

  13. Hot diggety, I can’t wait to bid on her placenta on e-bay!!!!

  14. Jessica Alba Bikini
    chris breezy boxing academy
    Commented on this photo:

    how about sending some of the paparazzi’s varsity squad down to cabo instead of giving us this grainy bullshit

  15. Jessica Alba Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    and again…
    Pregnant again!!! Hey, I’m ALL FOR IT! Anything that keeps this dumb cunt outta pictures, off television, and except for here, out of the media, is a GREAT thing.
    Sure, she’s cute, got a good body, all the “superficial” things, problem with her is she’s just a dumb cunt who doesn’t know shit, and keeps opening that cock-sucking hole to speak, when she should only be opening it to suck cock.
    She’s Joe Biden with big tits, a sloppy cunt, and a punished asshole.

  16. NeedHelp

    Now every time I click on the Superficial it says, “Welcome to nginx!” The only way I can even access the site is to type in the URL and add /page/2. Does anyone know why this happened and how I can fix it? I use firefox, if that matters.

  17. hmmm

    bitch got fat..needs to cover up

  18. compy

    She needs her flat tummy back. Someone needs to falcon punch the shit out of her gut and pop that unwanted mistake outta there.

  19. james

    I think she really looks thick, even though she is probably not near giving birth , so she will get pretty big this time. Those legs are thick!
    And I’m afraid cellulite is starting to show up (picture)

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