Jessica Alba In A Bikini: A Superficial Reminder to Jessica Simpson

January 3rd, 2013 // 30 Comments

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Exactly one year ago today, Jessica Simpson tweeted this weight loss goal in which she aspired to look like Jessica Alba “after baby.” With that kind of vague phrasing paired with a brand new reason to eat chocolate covered chicken wings for breakfast another pregnancy, it seems like now could be the perfect time to get the economy back on track. *dials up Ben Bernanke* “Mr. Chairman? No, my name’s not important, but if you love this country you’ll put everything we’ve got into Krispy Kreme.”

Photo: Fame/Flynet, INFdaily


  1. I’ll just stay here at my desk until this thing in my pants goes back to normal size.(read: Really tiny :^( )

  2. Enidaj

    Is that a caesarean section scar I see? I thought they were lower than that.

  3. alex

    Jessica Alba is smoking hot except when you can see the angry furrow in her brow, then she looks like a total bitch. So she pretty much always looks like a total bitch.

    • karlito

      funny how she used her looks and body to become an actress yet she gets pissed when somebody takes her picture. she only wants cameras on her when she’s promoting something. yes these people deserve some semblance of privacy but that’s the price you pay for becoming famous.

  4. Jessica Alba Bikini
    Frank Burns
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  5. Jessica Alba Bikini
    Frank Burns
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  6. seeerf

    That’s a c-section scar. GROSS!!!

  7. Jessica Alba Bikini
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    Lost some firmness since that epic pose of 2008.

    • Alaskan Tomato

      Sadly, for women years are like dog years. Especially after 30 and kids. Maybe not 7 but 2 at least. So 4 is more like 8 years ago in looks. But the c-section is a surprise. Unless medically needed you’d think she wants to save her looks. I guess she either bets on photoshop or considers her movie career over.

  8. Love this woman so much.

  9. How much sperm does it take to change the hottest chick in the world into a lumpy mess? Just one.

  10. Jessica Alba Bikini
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    it scares me to think that something as big as a 5 pin bowling ball came out of that twat. poor pussy!!

  11. Jessica Alba Bikini
    Toe Jam
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    Hot…even with the C-Section scar. Must be were the Prometheus octopus came from. (I kid, I kid).

  12. Ill take a fat Jessica Simpson over this check any day of the week

  13. Jessica Alba Bikini
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    I thought she had a natural birth….nope..her scar is way too high my wife has hers super low you wouldnt even know she had a c sec.

  14. Lisa

    They are lower than that Imnot sure why hers is so high up like that, mine is really low like lower than where pubic hair should be (but not by much) hers is just way too high, weird looking.

  15. Jessica Alba Bikini
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    I recognize that face.

  16. annie

    tummy tuck

  17. Gary Grant

    Difference between the two is that Jessica Alba has been in shape before, during and after having children. Jessica Simpson has been at Carl’s Jr. before, during and I’m sure after the birth of her second child.

  18. Jessica Alba Bikini
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    Ummm, wow?

  19. Jessica Alba Bikini
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    Yeah, her C-section scar is too high. She must’ve had a tummy tuck also.

  20. Jessica Alba Bikini
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    Spongebob Squarepants.

  21. Jessica Alba Bikini
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    That’s a beautiful thing. It brings a tear to my eye…..and penis.

  22. em

    Looks like her appendix scar

  23. Jessica Alba Bikini
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    All these clinging wet bikinin shots and not a single decent camel toe in the lot? WHAT DO WE PAY YOU FOR?

  24. ML

    Horrible body. ugly face!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW

  25. Jessica Alba Bikini
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    uglier then ugly.

  26. Jessica Alba Bikini
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    Shes got the weirdest body ever.

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