Looks Like Jessica Alba’s Company Isn’t So Honest After All (Kills Entire World, Self)

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is being sued because it turns out they’re really great at doing exactly what corporations need to do to become a billion dollar brand — Lie. Via People:

Jessica Alba’s all-natural product line, the Honest Company, has been hit with a lawsuit that claims it ‘deceptively and misleadingly’ labels and markets its products as being ‘natural’.

In legal documents obtained by PEOPLE, consumer Jonathan D. Rubin claims that a number of products contain “unnatural” and “synthetic” ingredients and also says that the Honest Sunscreen product is “ineffective”.

Naming a corporation The Honest Company is spectacularly dumb on its face. It would be like if Nike would have named themselves “The Well Compensated Footwear Makers.” It’s a ridiculous concept, because the whole idea of a corporation is to lie, cheat, and fuck the consumer out of their money while making a large enough margin to move the stock a few points, so the shareholders shut the fuck up long enough for the current criminal CEO to escape with his or her golden parachute. And before you get all crazy with the libtard pussified commie horseshit, allow me to acknowledge that this is also our exact business model. Sure, we sometimes blather on about progressive ideology, right up until some famous tits show up online, when we stop everything and yell, “Tits!” Then we post them here for you to enjoy, because that’s America. Minute by minute distractions we all accept so we don’t have to look at the horror of the underlying reality of how our world even exis–

TITS!! (Three Year’s Worth To Be Exact)