Jesse James’ sister says he WAS abused

May 27th, 2010 // 31 Comments

Smiling might not have been the best photo choice.

Jesse James’ sister has come forward to defend Jesse from accusations that he lied on Nightline about being abused by his father. E! News reports:

“I saw it,” she says. “I lived there with my dad, and he was very aggressive with Jesse and I. He did abuse Jesse.”
Julie England tells E! News that Janina wasn’t even married to their father at the time and, in her opinion, they’re speaking out now to cash in on the headline-making opportunity.
“I think they are giving their stories to make money,” says Julie. “Janina was married to my dad when we were teenagers. She doesn’t know how angry my dad used to get with us. I don’t know why she would speak out.”
“My [birth] mom had to be my mother and my father,” she says. “She would back us up. She would do anything for her kids.”

Since I don’t know who to believe anymore, let’s just agree the truth lies somewhere in the middle: Namely Jesse James was abused as a child but it didn’t make him go spelunking for tattooed labia. I don’t know who comes out ahead on that one, but I’ll bet you anything it’s PR Baby. I see those shifty eyes!

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  1. kingwell

    oh man…this is the saddest thing ever…and first, btw

  2. This cheezy douche need to just get on his bike and drive into the sunset never to come back into the D-list spotlight.

  3. Greenman

    Who really gives a shit? He’s a grown man who made a stupid decision and now he’s trying to blame someone else. He knew it was wrong but he did it anyway. He looks like even more of an asshole for making excuses.

  4. Come on

    Look at all the tats, the self destructive behavior, etc. Of course his dad beat his ass. It doesn’t excuse choices he made as an adult, but it may help to explain them. Short answer: he did get his ass beat and he did screw his marriage up.

  5. havoc

    This just doesn’t add up. My dad beat the shit outta me and I didn’t fool around on Sandra Bullock.


  6. sash

    hello? abused kids act out in all sorts of ways and YES one of those ways is going outside of their marriage to feel loved. not an excuse- a fact. he needed help before his marriage but since he didn’t get it, he screwed it up.

  7. dude

    Shame is underrated.

  8. The fact if his Dad abused him, he slept with tatooed hookers or whatever…the fact that he sounds like an illiterate moron makes me wonder what the heck Sandra Bullock was thinking ! Was she taking him on as a sympathy project? The guy sounds like he has an IQ of 30. Very sad individual, possibly some nice traits underneath all his crap of a life, but..HUSBAND MATERIAL??? ……NOT !

  9. discobob

    I’m sure he paid the sister off before the interview. This guy comes off like such a douche. His father was way more believable.

    Anyway she references her mother who is dead. It’s a good thing the father is still alive to defend himself.

    Waaa my daddy was mean to me so I fuck whores to feel better about myself! Waaa!

  10. discobob

    Exactly! I’ve been looking at her with the side eye ever since this debacle. There is no way she didn’t know about this guy. She’s a closet freak, for sure.

  11. Tek

    Unless he was molested by his dad at an early age, there’s no excuse for acting like a sex addict and cheating on your wife. It’s really this simple: he’s a grown man who has a fetish for trashy-looking broads that’d be quick to take it up the ass. So take this smoke screen elsewhere. kthxbai

  12. Jesse deserves to get quilled by The Obit Writer:

    Despite three wives and three children, Jesse James was never much of a family man. He spent most of his time tinkering in the back of his motorcycle shop bent over banana seats and looking for lost bitches. Even though James received poor grades in school and his bookshelves were emptied when his third wife, Sandra Bullock, took her belongings and moved out of their shared house, he claimed to be a World War II history buff.

  13. Biker Mike

    What a punk assed little bitch. He’s something like 45 yrs old and he’s on TV crying about what happened 30+ years ago. Man up MF, you’ve always been just a punk ass, and now the world can see it, not just the LBC.

  14. bitingontinfoil

    They only thing he was abused by was an ugly stick with a side of “stupid” bitchslap

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  17. Until he was molested at a young age by his father, there is a sex and cheating on his wife is no excuse for acting like addiction. It’s really simple: he’s a big guy who looks trashy ass broads that get it will soon have a FETISH. So the smoke screen and take anywhere.

  18. GG1000

    Who gives a rat’s? This is just a disgusting spectacle. What a pathetic excuse for a man.

  19. (Jesse) breaks shape from what he learned from my father. It has up its mistakes and tries to get on with his life. It is best he can do for his children.

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  21. captain america

    this is why nobody want to know him any longer.

    ………………………WHO, folks?

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  23. Like abuse is any excuse for cheating.

    What’s really noticeable in his interviews is that he doesn’t express much regret in regard to, or love for, Sandra Bullock. Pity for himself – yes. Love for her – no.

    I feel sorry for her, looking after other people’s kids and having a guy publicly reject and humiliate her like that.

  24. Interesting :)

  25. d

    Why does Jesse James exist?

  26. d

    Why does Jesse James exist?

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  29. Mac

    Abusing kids is wrong. Period. And cheating on your wife again and again and again is wrong. Period.

    Sad if Jesse was actually hit by his father. And, if true, could help explain why he’s a messed up individual. But each of us is messed up in our own way and being messed up is no excuse for being a lying cheating scum.

    I love when these celebs state, “I take responsibility for my actions” but then go on to wahwahwah give excuses for why it happened. Ugh.

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