Jesse James’ sister says he WAS abused

Smiling might not have been the best photo choice.

Jesse James’ sister has come forward to defend Jesse from accusations that he lied on Nightline about being abused by his father. E! News reports:

“I saw it,” she says. “I lived there with my dad, and he was very aggressive with Jesse and I. He did abuse Jesse.”
Julie England tells E! News that Janina wasn’t even married to their father at the time and, in her opinion, they’re speaking out now to cash in on the headline-making opportunity.
“I think they are giving their stories to make money,” says Julie. “Janina was married to my dad when we were teenagers. She doesn’t know how angry my dad used to get with us. I don’t know why she would speak out.”
“My [birth] mom had to be my mother and my father,” she says. “She would back us up. She would do anything for her kids.”

Since I don’t know who to believe anymore, let’s just agree the truth lies somewhere in the middle: Namely Jesse James was abused as a child but it didn’t make him go spelunking for tattooed labia. I don’t know who comes out ahead on that one, but I’ll bet you anything it’s PR Baby. I see those shifty eyes!

Photos: WENN