Jesse James responds to Sandra Bullock

Seen here outside his restaurant yesterday, Jesse James has issued a response to People regarding Sandra Bullock’s announcement she’s filing for divorce:

On the PR baby:
“The love I have for Louis cannot be put to words. Not having him around to love and to hold has left a huge hole in my heart.”

On the divorce:
“Sandy is the love of my life, but considering the pain and devastation I have caused her, it would be selfish to not let her go.”

On trying to be the best husband to the woman he just said he let go:
“I have always taken great pride in proving people wrong. That time has come once again to show that I am not what everyone says I am. I know in my heart that I can be the best father possible to my four children, and the mate Sandy deserves, and realize that this is an incredible mountain to climb.”

On honoring the deal everyone made before calling People:
“I ask that you please do not judge Sandy for the things I have done. She has done no wrong. She played no part in any of this. She has been an amazing wife, mother, and best friend, for the over 6 years we have been together.”

Jesus Christ. They might as well go ahead and release the sex tape because I don’t how that last part translates to anything but “She sucked a helluva Hitler-cock.” Linguistic experts are nodding in their head in agreement with me then Googling “Hitler-cock” because they’re secretly perverts. (I’m on to you.)

Photos: INFdaily