UPDATE: Jesse James left rehab already

April 5th, 2010 // 43 Comments

After barely a week, Jesse James has already bailed on sex rehab after Sandra Bullock refused to talk to him on the phone. RadarOnline reports:

“He wants the marriage back,” the source said. “And then she refused to take one of his calls from the rehab center and he got furious and left.”
And that has Bullock worried – because she doesn’t want to see him and she doesn’t want him trying to get face-to-face. But Bullock has a top security company, the source said, and it would be very difficult for James to get near her if she doesn’t want him around.

Of course part of the reason he left could be the fact Sandra Bullock started moving shit out of their house over the weekend. After finding that out, Jesse James probably stood up in group therapy and announced “Just kidding, I’m not a sex addict. I’m just a normal man who likes to stick his penis in everything but had to pretend that’s a terrible thing to trick my wife. Now, is there a skinhead bar ’round here? It’s been three days since my last hate-fuck.”

UPDATE: And now he’s back in. Apparently Sandra Bullock’s vagina is really that awesome making that time I you masturbated to The Net slightly less embarrassing.

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  1. Dave

    I’d suck the socks off him in a minute!

  2. ghost

    Maybe these dunderheads should think about their marriages before they cheat. It might prevent a whole lot of headaches like this.

  3. caroljoan22

    he only went to rehab to try and control sandra
    the fact that he dropped out when she wouldn’t take his call
    shows that he didnt want to fix his broken
    he used it as a ploy for sympathy
    for him its all about control this is one sick hound dog
    she should run as fast as she can away far away

  4. Tiger Woods

    I’m free tonight!

  5. Beeotch

    The whores that screw men like this give women a bad name….

  6. abby

    sucks for her

  7. Dave

    He’s so fucking handsome. All men cheat. The one’s that act all indignant probably cheat more than anyone else. Give Jesse a break.

  8. Taz

    new post already

  9. xylus

    Poor guy, needs a break. He should go on a golfing holiday in Georgia or something to get away from the mistresses….

  10. Haywood Jablowmie

    say what you want about the guy, but doing Janine, and those other broads, and Sandra is highly suggesve that his cock hangs down to a point below his knees, and he can lick his eyebrows.

  11. All of these cock-suckers, including Tiger, love the pussy as much today as they did a week/month/year ago. They just have to feign contrition in order to not lose their wives.

    In Tiger’s case, it worked… the dirty little Swedish whore bought the story, or she’s got an 8-figure bank statement that says “I don’t care what he fucks, I’m rich now!”

    Sandra seems to have more self-esteem. Unlike Elin, she has a career, a reputation and self-respect.

    Let’s face it, as soon as James knew there was no way he was getting Sandra back, he was like “OK, fine, fuck it! No more keeping up appearances. I’m going on a world fuck tour, banging whores, tat rats, bar trash and biker chicks.” At least he’s showing his true biker trash colors.

    To this day, I don’t understand how those 2 ever got together.

  12. chupacabra

    Yea, I don’t understand how the hell she ever got with him in the first place. She is WAAAAAY too good for him.

    This is like Grace Kelly marrying a gopher.

  13. Larry

    She is just embarrassed that the whole world now know she is a Nazi fucking -Hitler worshipping facist cunt who deserves to die in the gas chamber!

    I used to love her, lots of talent who knew she was a closet Nazi!

  14. Richard

    Some neo-Nazi cheated on another neo-Nazi. Boo-hoo.

  15. justifiable

    #14 Change your tampon, Larry. No matter how much you used to love her there’s no chance in hell she ever would have ever fucked you, so get a grip. The Hitler surfboard was reported by the National Enquirer from a “source”, and they still haven’t produced pictures of anything other than James acting like an uberdouche by mimicking HItler. Since these are the guys who still show occasional photos of Bat Boy I’d be a tad skeptical about the Nazi worship where they’re concerned.

    #13, “This is like Grace Kelly marrying a gopher.” That was absolutely perfect. You rock!

  16. El Estrago

    Douchebag says what?


  17. chinese mohammed

    rich people really deserve their money

  18. SO RIGHT

    He looks inbred. Yuck. Sandra — move onward and upward!

  19. Dave

    My god, I’d let him fuck the hell outta me anytime he wanted. (And I, unlike some whores, wold NEVER tell.)

  20. Rachel

    Check out the real reason he left rehab: http://bit.ly/casrTd

    Dude just couldn’t handle the tater tots.

  21. bunny

    This guy is so fucking hot. I’d love to say he was leaving rehab to COME OVER AND PLAY WITH ME!!! Just speaking the truth….

    Sorry Sandra, I do feel bad for you but I’m sure you can came move on with some Hollywood tool.

  22. You're nobody till somebody Rough you...

    If id were him, id book an atonement trip to Israel…it’s not the tattooed skizz she’s mad @ JJ

  23. You're nobody till somebody Rough you...


  24. Nameless

    Can’t see how hard it is to keep his dick in his pants considering the fugs he is banging.

    If he thinks this sex rehab bs is going to get Sandra back, he truly is a dumbsh*t. It’s over. He’s just wasting time in AZ.

  25. jzz

    I thought white people weren’t supposed to have tiny eyes like those.
    He looks like a beady eyed rat in the close-up.

  26. he's a loser

    he has freakishly small eyes.

  27. captain america

    pssssssssssssssst, AMERICAN LOSERS WILL GO BACK!!

  28. So he’s not sexually rehabilitated yet?

    I just saw on a tabloid that he’s supposedly in a dog-fighting ring, too.

    NEXT WEEK: Puppies That Look Like Jesse James.

  29. Syd

    In other words, he bailed when he realized the sex addiction rehab trick only works on your wife if you’re as rich as Tiger Woods?

  30. James Katt

    Jesse may have to prove his love for Sandra by killing himself.
    That should end all the speculation of what he loves the most.

  31. the only opinion that matters

    Dave, Bunny, I guess you must be attracted to poorly bred white trash. Look at those beady eyes and little lips on that big fat head. His profile picture is even worse. All that aside, he can’t help how he looks, but he CAN help the fact that he puts his schlong in any tattooed trash that will let him. Just think about where those little lips have been, eeewwww, poor poor Sandra. From those trashy womans twats to hers. Yuck.

  32. Kat

    I’m sorry but this man is SEX on a STICK.
    What he did was WRONG, but he is FINE AS HELL! Wow!

  33. mick

    I’d love for that dude to blow a BIG load all over my chest…..

  34. mick

    …that’s AFTER he slapped me in the face with his dick for 3 hours.

  35. mick

    I’d bet he’s got a knob like a watermelon.

  36. Sam

    I am so sick of hearing about Jesse James. I mean, Sandra is a strong, independent woman who just won so many awards. This asshole is totally taking away her glory. I mean seriously, how come she was with some prick of a husband who can’t keep his dick in his pants? If someone isn’t going to be loyal to their spouse, DON’T GET FUCKING MARRIED! These “hollywood-cheaters” really give people no hope on having a monogamist, trusting relationship.

  37. I don’t undergo what he wants to safe exactly! he apparently didn’t care sufficiency for his spouse to control himself,i think was gonna outlay him less try to keep his underpants closed than to try to mend that sh@t now.

  38. thank you that was so briliant and so funny ( I mean the escape of kids) that I burst in laugh , but very quickly apologized to Mj and ask for his forgivnes.Poor guy is probabaly pacing the heaven back and forth trying to tell us the truth , and being tremondously angry with hmmm I dont know if I should ever call that killer a doctor .Doctor is a person who is doing everyuthing to save someones life .Killer is a person who takes that life away ….so what do You thing tough decison …..NOT

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