Jesse James had 11 mistresses

March 30th, 2010 // 73 Comments

The National Enquirer is putting the Jesse James mistress count at 11 and essentially painting him as the Nazi Tiger Woods. Which sounds about right:

And in a stunning slap in the face to his movie star wife, sources say Jesse turned his office into a sleazy sex den where he played porn movies and engaged in rough sex with a string of lovers.
“He’s even had sex with other women right under Sandra’s nose! One girl said Jesse would take her into his office and lock the door, while Sandra was in the garage!
n another sick twist, The ENQUIRER has discovered Jesse’s Nazi memorabilia that he kept it in his office and the home he shared with Sandra. Jesse also reportedly was photographed wearing Nazi regalia and giving a “Heil Hitler” salute.
“Jesse has a long surfboard with a full-length picture of Adolf Hitler doing the ‘Sieg Heil’ salute, along with a swastika, in his office,” explained the insider.

Considering how many women Jesse James has banged coupled with his stupidity, I’m just amazed Sandra Bullock hasn’t found at least one stripper stuck in a couch cushion. Also, weren’t we just at four? Or can I make up numbers now, too? Sixtyleven hundred! All Klan members.

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  1. Fati87

    Wicked Witch of North,

    I will not comment on your thoughts on “art” because obviously I, as a person, am closer to this than you are. To you the Holocaust, Nazi Germany and Hitler are theoretic, something you cannot relate to. I will not bore you with the details of why I can relate to it on a personal level. However, I will say this – once the people that you consider yourself a part of have been victimized by genocidal tyrants, you can’t afford to sit there and contemplate the meaning of Nazi memorabilia as art.

    Joseph Vissarionovich Djugashvili was an Ossetian (as am I) who was born and raised in the Soviet Republic of Georgia, and had nothing to do with being jewish. Please don’t talk about things you don’t know. You, North Americans, have a very distorted idea of any historic happenings in Soviet Union, for the very same reason as Russians have an altered idea of American history – political propaganda.

  2. Fati87


    LOL, you totally wiped the floor with him =D

  3. Gabby Sidibe

    42 you simplistic, pompous twat… the vast, vast majority of people who fetishize Nazi era German artifacts appreciate it for the aesthetics and rebellious image not the political or social ideas they might represent. It might be juvenile but it’s not borne out of racial/ethnic hatred. You probably think Joy Division fans are a wing of the Hitler Youth. Idiot.

    BTW, not everyone is Jewish or has a personal connection to the holocaust so once can expect them to be a little more “tolerant”.

  4. Fati87

    Dear Witch,

    I just realized what you meant by “Holomodor”. The term is “Holodomor” deriving from the Ukrainian “Moryty Holodom” – to inflict death by starvation. You see, you really have to be sure you know what you are talking about, if you are going to quote something in a historic debate. ;)

  5. Fati87


    And yet noone is supposed to be tolerant of racism towards negros. I have no personal connection to them, so how about I gather some symbolic shit of slavery and hang on to that for its aesthetics and rebellious image?

    Go fuck yourself, moron.

  6. bmose

    I think I’d rather fuck a comic book…at least then all i would get is ink on my dick.

  7. Gabby Sidibe

    55 – The confederate flag is a perfect example of that, except you can still fly it from your home, your vehicle and still some government buildings. Try doing that with a swastika.

    You’re still ignoring the point. Obviously you don’t mind throwing someone under the bus to further your own political agenda.

  8. justifiable

    #53/57 The immature “look at me, I’m a badass by association” aspect aside, it’s ironic you’re trying to claim that people fetishize Nazi memorabilia for its aesthetics rather than its meaning. As far as aesthetics go, it’d be easier to fetishize or idolize a turd than anything the Third Reich produced. Nazi aesthetic and the memorabilia it produced was a reflection of HItler’s taste, which tended to milkmaid kitsch and ponderous lowbrow mediocrity. Which is why any art outside the narrow party guidelines (i.e. anything der Fuhrer couldn’t understand or didn’t like) was considered “degenerate” and was slated for censorship and destruction. So if you’re collecting that shit for art’s sake, you’re already off to a hopeless start because your taste in is your ass. Shit, even the marmeladenplatte is fucked when it comes to its oversized proportions – hence its derisive nickname. Only that insecure regime could fuck up something as simple and basic as a lapel party button trying to convince itself of its legitimacy.

    The only thing I’ll give you is the uniforms – a tunic beats a lumpy Eisenhower short jacket any day, but since those coal-scuttle helmets were so grotesquely butt-ugly, the Wehrmacht still loses.

    And as far as your Confederate flag argument goes, it’s a loser’s flag. It’s hard to feel good about defeat and getting your ass kicked in America, so displaying that losing banner or incorporating it into a state flag becomes about something else – being a betrayed rebel, an underground badass, a bandaid to feel better about being a loser. But if the South had engaged in wholesale extermination and genocide of blacks on a grand scale, then you wouldn’t see it flown or displayed anywhere.

    And you don’t see anyone coming to work in Klan robes any more than you do a Waffen SS uniform, now, do ya?

  9. blankshot

    man… am i the only one that wants to totally smash that? smash it all weekend

  10. wow, it just keeps getting worse!

  11. captain america

    adolf hitler killed more people than mistresses.

  12. Gabe

    What I don’t get about the Nazi-themed surfboard in his office is how could Sandra never have seen it?

  13. Adina

    I don´t know what World you Americans live in but I am half Scandinavian, half Jewish and white trash all the same time.

    I will say one thing: first saying Jesse James isn´t a racist and then arguing that Jews are evil people, that really isn´t the best argument.

    I personally doubt Jesse James ia a serious racist. Maybe he admires Nazis or something like that but I think he was just trying to get this woman excited with the text messages and costumes. The woman probably enjoys that stuff far more than Jesse James.

    With that said I am sure Sandra Bullock knew about the Nazi stuff and to me she is the disgusting person here. Jesse James has never tried to give an impression that he is the nicest person in the World UNLIKE Sandra. And I have a really bad feeling that she isn´t going to divorce him. She´s just worried about her reputation and that´s why she´s hiding.

  14. Scdo

    Stop showing us pictures of this disgusting slag

  15. ihvrvr

    enough about the holohoax, more tits!

  16. Thank you for your sharing!

  17. Jimbo

    Man this chick is fucking hot!

    Not sure why people think she’s gross maybe the tattoos? I wouldn’t marry her but goddamn she wouldn’t shit right for a month after I was done with her.

  18. I love the Motorhead shirt, that is about it though.

  19. I wouldn’t want to see this chick after another 15 years…

  20. Jill

    white trash!

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