Jesse James’ ex wants to be friends with Sandra Bullock

In light of the all the Nazi banging and gorilla nicknames, Jesse James’ ex-wife Janine Lindemuller wants to make nice with Sandra Bullock in the best interest of James’ daughter Sunny. TMZ reports:

Earl Miller — Janine’s confidante and the photog behind — tells TMZ, “[Janine] told me her greatest wish was for her and Sandra Bullock to become friends.”
According to Miller, Janine wants to show Sunny that “the two most important women in her life” — i.e. Janine and Sandra — are good friends “who loved her very much.”

Wow, a woman cozying up to the money. Get the fuck out. How about we talk about the fact that Janine’s the most attractive chick to come out of this whole ordeal? Granted these pics are a few years old and there’s been talk of meth, I’m actually looking at this woman and not feeling the urge to itch or whip a DVD at homeless people for wasting 90 minutes of my life. I’m on her team.

Photos: Getty