Jesse James’ ex wants to be friends with Sandra Bullock

March 26th, 2010 // 75 Comments

In light of the all the Nazi banging and gorilla nicknames, Jesse James’ ex-wife Janine Lindemuller wants to make nice with Sandra Bullock in the best interest of James’ daughter Sunny. TMZ reports:

Earl Miller — Janine’s confidante and the photog behind — tells TMZ, “[Janine] told me her greatest wish was for her and Sandra Bullock to become friends.”
According to Miller, Janine wants to show Sunny that “the two most important women in her life” — i.e. Janine and Sandra — are good friends “who loved her very much.”

Wow, a woman cozying up to the money. Get the fuck out. How about we talk about the fact that Janine’s the most attractive chick to come out of this whole ordeal? Granted these pics are a few years old and there’s been talk of meth, I’m actually looking at this woman and not feeling the urge to itch or whip a DVD at homeless people for wasting 90 minutes of my life. I’m on her team.

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  1. Que

    Que muchos tatoos.

  2. Alex

    Atleast this one is somewhat hot in the face.

    god. im so sick of all this shit… why do mean cheat on good looking women, with just ugly ass ones?

  3. sad and lonely

    I want her to be MY friend, too…

  4. Solo

    Janine has long been one of the hottest women in porn. She started out with no tattoos doing only girl/girl. It was a big deal when she did a little anal/finger play with an actress. Then she went all gonzo–multiple guys, etc. He should have stayed with her.

  5. Sean Holden

    Is Janine the chick from the cover of Blink-182′s Enema of the State album?

  6. anonymous

    Yes this is the nurse from the Blink182 album.

    She’s also a major pornstar, dunno why Fish didn’t mention that.

    Also, if you can’t understand why guys cheat on their hot wives with random ho-so-hot girls then you just don’t understand it. Jesse James could go out to any random bar he wanted and take back a 9 or a 10 and bang her. Probably tired of that now. When your older and married, you find someone younger that will do all the freaky stuff the wife and the prettier ones don’t want to do. That’s the point.

  7. nobody

    yup, i think so. the blue butterfly tat on her arm is in the right place…wow…

  8. Aman

    Why is there no mention that she is a major pornstar?

  9. Janine’s the ONLY hot woman besides Sandra this douche bag had.

  10. jubjub

    Wow! Janine still looks pretty good when she covers up those tattoos. Before she hooked up with Jesse, she only had a few small tattoos.

  11. jumpin_j

    I remember her from her Penthouse days before she got all tatted up. She used to look friggin awesome. Now she just looks like another skank.

  12. pr0n Aficionado

    @ MAveRiCknewyork -9


    Janine’s the ONLY hot woman this douche bag had that is public knowledge.

  13. Dick Face

    Sandy’s gotta get rid of one piece of white trash, she doesn’t another one slithering around her…

  14. Malcom

    Janine … Wait, the porn actress? She was married? To Him?!

  15. Sport

    She has tits, tats and has sex on camera.
    My prediction is her and Jesse will be back together within 8 months.

  16. TekMoney

    Janine’s in her mid 40′s and she’s hotter than most of the broads Jesse’s been messing with. Not only that, but she may not be as worn out as most think (being a pornstar and all) considering that she only did girl/girl scenes for a decade.

    Anyway, more Janine and less Nazishell McGee, please.

  17. Ralph

    All Jesse’s girls except Sandra are tatted, have humougas breasts, take lots of pictures with their clevage spilling out and seem to make their living in “the Skin” business.

    It make you wonder why the difference and what Sandra is like behind closed doors.

  18. SO RIGHT

    So why does one turn to porn? Just the money?

  19. Pussy Galore

    This idea sound as good as chugging anti-freeze through a beer bong.

  20. AteIsEnough

    OK, nobody should be cheated on…it sucks. Got that! But what does Sandra have that attracted a man like JJ…that obviously likes to get skanky and dirty in the bedroom…to marry her? Ms. Bullock must be a fucking beast in the sack. The thought of that impresses me…and maybe even makes my nuts tingle a little!! I always knew that she wasn’t as innocent as she appears. Makes me think she’s even sexier!!!!

  21. checkherout now

    She has a lot more tattoos now. She has them all over he neck and chest. She isn’t nearly as attactive as she used to be.

  22. this still the hottest *adult* starlet. Smoking hot!!!

    i remember that blink 182 album cover, i was like DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN.

    10+ years later, im still like DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!

  23. Raquel Darrian

    Janine’s is a star in one of the hottest adult films I have seen, called Girlfriends.

  24. Fati87

    What the fuck is the deal with this guy and trashy tattooed women? How could Sandra Bullock marry him if she knew THIS was his ex?

  25. Krys

    I don’t think her tattoos look bad.
    Isn’t she like 40 something?
    She’s actually pretty hot.

  26. Sebastien

    What a weird red tint to her chest… it’s like her head and arms were covered, but her chest got sunburned.

    Oh, and she’s hot.

  27. The Pig on the Internet

    I used to rub loads out to Janine.

    My television and entertainment center would have crusted spunk all over it.

    My hand would be perma-slick from vaseline.

  28. The more I learn about this douchebag Jesse James, the more I wonder “How in the motherfucking goddamn hell did he land, let alone marry, Sandra Bullock?”

    Her dad must have really shit on her. I bet her self esteem would fit in a fucking thimble.

  29. Not so fast, chicky-poo.

    So, the porned wants to get chummy with the scorned. And without making a movie of it.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    In all seriousness, they should at least get together long enough to eunachize their common enemy.

  30. ugh

    Seems to me that Fish is a bit young–this is one of the goddesses of 90′s porn–she was the greatest thing going–she only did women too–which made her somewhat pure and virginal. Ahh Janine–I love that you aged into quite a GILF. Sandra would be wise to make this woman her friend.

  31. Sara

    What the fuck? Why doesn’t the skin on her chest match her head? Is it my monitor????? She FUGLY

  32. Scumbag

    The real anomaly here is that James married a woman like Sandra in the first place.

    His kind of women apparently are:

    1. tattooed
    2. with breast implants
    3. sluts
    4. work in the adult entertainment industry

    Honestly, Janine was a great wanking material back in her hey-days. Don’t know now. I also red she’s been in jail.

  33. Rough app

    Who’s the little sperm piglet to the right of Janine…

  34. This is good skanky.

  35. markonius maximus

    This chick wants to bump clams with Sandra.

    Sandra be smart. Cut all ties and go do Speed 3.5 or the prequel to Speed. I think it was called Slow. I can’t really remember right now.

  36. That would be very generous of her, if she’s being sincere. It must be hard for Sandra to know that if she was to divorce Jesse she would have no rights to see his child, which has been her step-daughter for five years. That would be tough.

  37. Henchmen

    The pics are from a few years ago – her upper body is almost completely covered in tats now including the front of her neck. At least she didn’t get her forehead tattooed like Michelle “Panzer Tank” Bombshell.

  38. she looks pretty good, too bad about the meth though :(

  39. I really hate Sandra Bullock’s political views but I LOVE her acting. She is so good. I wish she were as good at picking husbands. I’m sorry for the mess she’s in now but I’m like the rest of you…I could see it coming when she married this bum. I wish her luck next time in picking a good guy. She deserves better than this low class rat.

  40. stupid

    Whats with all the skanky tattoo woman that he is with. Tattoos are disgusting.

  41. Amen to that. I feel so bad for Sandra Bullock. The way she was gushing over Jesse James during her Oscar speech and now to think about it is heart-wrenching. I can’t even imagine what she’s going through.

  42. v-tard


    “Eunachize”? As in turn JJ into a eunuch? LOL

    @33: The poster behind them is for the porn pknock-off ‘Pirates’ which Janine was in. My guess is it’s one of the other stars Jesse Jane (yeah, irony, almost the same sounding and spelt name)

    Janine was one of my favourites in the late 90s. I still think she has great cheek bones and that amazing straight nose. Just don’t like the tatts.

  43. v-tard


    ah wait a sec…just saw Carmen Luvana’s profile…looks more like Carmen Luvana. My bad.

  44. zadzadzad

    Nothing like bags of silicone shoved under your flesh and ink driven into your skin with a sharp needle to make you attractive.

  45. captain america

    …………SHE IS ALSO A LICKER, folks?

  46. turd da third

    she doesn’t have any tattoos, those are just a series of lines,,, one line for every cock she has had in her..

  47. Amen to that. I feel so bad for Sandra Bullock. The way she was gushing over Jesse James during her Oscar speech and now to think about it is heart-wrenching. I can’t even imagine what she’s going through.

  48. kym

    Why is it that white women has the pleasure of tearing down a men, You never hear that about black women or latino wmn.

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