Jesse James banged a Nazi

March 19th, 2010 // 134 Comments

Apparently Jesse James’ penis is a divining rod for crazy because he managed to not only stick it in a heavily-tattooed woman who grew up Amish, she’s also a Nazi. TMZ has obtained photos from last year of Michelle posing in Nazi attire and court documents in her child custody case reveal she has white power memorabilia all over her house even though – wait for it – her son is Jewish. Sandra Bullock has to be bathing with Brillo pads right now.

On that note, kudos to everyone in the comments who noticed the letters W and P on Michelle’s legs and assumed it meant White Power. (I was leaning towards Wiener Parking Lot.)

Photos: Splash News, TMZ

  1. Mork

    “As for Black power most of that came out due to the fact that most blacks had no idea ,other than the continent where they come from.”

    Who is responsible for that? In any case, Black Power was a movement aimed at getting people organized in order to advance African-American collective interests. Remember, black men were still being murdered for saying”hi” to a white girl in the early 60′s.

    They were also denied the right to vote in some states by the means of law, intimidation, and murder.

  2. 91. “When we read we sort of “listen” to the words in our head.” So you hear voices while you read?. I doubt everyone hears the voices of the authors. I don’t for example. The horses thing, I believe that requires a vet license, unless of course you own horses, and I don’t, and there are certainly more effective methods to recollect semen, there are these electro-ejaculators that expedite the process, I’m not a vet though thanks for asking; I’m a biology major. What a nice change of heart you had, I thought you didn’t like me :-) how about you, what do you do for a living?, are you a Historian?.

  3. JDM

    Just another person agreeing with #4 and #47 (and any others)

    There’s some bad reporting somewhere because the Jewish kid would get his Jewishness from his birth mother. Either someone reported this wrong (I know… a blog. But still…) or she’s got some disturbing self-hate issues going on. So… that’s just really WEIRD no matter how you slice it.

  4. @103. I also agree with the three of you; I also would add that most of the recent previously outrageous claims about her, now seem plausible from the nazi photo shoot. If the reporters hear that she makes the kids watch her strip or something like that. they would not hesitate to run the story.

  5. Gayle

    This nasty scuzz just didn’t have the nerve to put White Power on herself, like most people she hides but wants the initials.
    She is nasty looking and I cannot imagine how in the world Jesse would poke that. If he was going to screw around which is not good to begin with he could have at least found a nice woman. I wonder how many time Poor Sandra threw up in her mouth when she found out about this and seen pics of this nasty thing. Ewww

  6. Mike

    Mork i’m 100% with you on that. I just felt I did not have to explain why they didnt know the exact land of there ancestors.

  7. Jeff



  8. numb one

    white power? She looks colored to me…

  9. RtSS

    I am thinkin’ the letters on her legs are “d” & “M” as that would be the view/perspective one would see them from most of all. So, they probably mean “dungeon Master”, or “diseased Mistress” or something like that. Nice ass though, I’d like to pound my schlong into that tight poopchute of hers as I watched those pretty beautiful blue eyes tear up.

  10. larryfine

    People like her give nazis a bad name.

  11. captain america

    …………..but this still isn’t all, folks!!

  12. meeotch

    Am I the only one here that thinks she looks like Marilyn Manson in those Nazi photos?

  13. fetus mcnuggets

    white people have no culture

    whats their culture ? hamburgers and hot dogs ?

  14. she used to be amish? that explains everything haha

  15. That is a whole lotta class right zere.

  16. Shelly D

    The WP doesn’t stand for White Power it stands for Wrecked P u s s y.

  17. Maree

    I do feel kinda sorry for Sandy, and I say “kinda” because come on, if you lie with shit you’re soon gonna stink! Why would a woman like Sandy go on and marry a piece of work like Jesse. We all know the type of woman he favors (ie: porn workers) But a nazi now, that’s just sad. Why wouldn’t he just go on and hire a regular run-of-the-mill streetworker?

  18. AnonpLUS

    Just for her Nazi alliance and racist heart, I hope that “Bombshell” burns in hell for eternity.

    Really. It is disgusting her views and pride on “white power”. I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around the idea that someone can hold such views – and still remain proud. Mindblowing.

    I have visited the Dachau Nazi concentration camp / memorial site in Germany. The visual images /photos of the people starving to death are ones that I will never forget.

    It will take your breath away as to the destruction and damage to humanity the Nazis have done. It is not to be ignored or undermined the power they had for many years.

    When you visit a concentration camp, you will know and feel the heart and soul of what is pure evil. The devil’s spirit lied with the Nazis, Hitler and those who otherwise supported the genocide of millions of Jews and non-Anglo people.

    I can’t even respect this woman as even human. She is a disgrace to us all.


    Pic 2. It’s in the spiders mouth on her right thigh. Someone found it on celebuzz. I had to wash my mouse pointer after looking for it.

  20. a


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  22. WFern

    Trischa – March 19, 2010 11:10 AM

    Her son can’t be jewish because in that religion you are jewish by the mother.

    “Jewish” is also an ethnicity.

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  24. Rex

    I’d fuck the hate out of her, like in american history x.

  25. dde

    Lay off the Nazis, they did get us to the moon and give the jews/zionist a model to follow that allowed them to kill and kicked the palestinians off their land. So, we got those two buildings knocked down for our support…

  26. WeToo

    The problem with white supremacist is that they are not. Whites don’t want to be represented by stupid ex cons alcoholic meth addicts. Everyone takes pride in who they are, that includes every race, this is genetic for self-preservation. But if you are white and whiny about abuse, just get it together and realize the best education for your children and know that europeans have dominated the earth for the last 4 hundred years.

    This included the enslave 10 million Africans, which brought enormous wealth to europe, it defeated all the majors empires of the americas (pizarro had 200 spaniards, cortez had 800), Ruled over india, and most of asia. Developed science and modern mathematics, architecture and everything else except jazz.

    Maybe because of the bloody wars, enslavements, alot of white people raise their children to be nonviolent and feel guilty for being white, but you can escape from genetics…

  27. have some pride

    29 –

    Yeah, I know what you mean. White people in America only overthrew a power hungry monarchy to create a drive for liberty and individualism that was amazing for its time. From then on the technological and social achievements of the past 200 + years have eclipsed the past thousand. Quite an achievement compared to, say, the rein of terror that gripped France after their revolution.

    But, whatever. Go to Sweden and enjoy the 60% tax.

    As for “white power,” I loathe racism but the biggest racist I ever met was black. She said that God was going to destroy the earth and kill the white oppressors, and any group that didn’t look Nordic was “black.” Of course, she was liberal.

  28. Eddie

    So Jesse James cheated with Kat Von D? She’s a Nazi?

  29. diana

    she looks like marilyn mason’s brother. HA! HA! HA!

  30. I like her as she seems like a very lovely girl, but lately I have been put off by her behavior,

  31. It is amazing how psycho this Jesse James guy appears to be. Who would have thought of dressing up in a nazi uniform for all the world to see. What a total and complete pinhead!

  32. Jogesh
    Commented on this photo:

    I love white pussy. Whoever says pale chix aren’t hot needs to die.

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