Jesse James banged a Nazi

March 19th, 2010 // 134 Comments

Apparently Jesse James’ penis is a divining rod for crazy because he managed to not only stick it in a heavily-tattooed woman who grew up Amish, she’s also a Nazi. TMZ has obtained photos from last year of Michelle posing in Nazi attire and court documents in her child custody case reveal she has white power memorabilia all over her house even though – wait for it – her son is Jewish. Sandra Bullock has to be bathing with Brillo pads right now.

On that note, kudos to everyone in the comments who noticed the letters W and P on Michelle’s legs and assumed it meant White Power. (I was leaning towards Wiener Parking Lot.)

Photos: Splash News, TMZ

  1. dave

    lots of people collect Nazi memorabilia, guy

    the story should be about how ugly and unattractive this broad and her fake tits are.

  2. Jojo

    I’d hit that all day long.

  3. emjay

    Your distasteful quest to ruin all of our appetites has gone on long enough. Please stop with this. Move on to something interesting already.

  4. Trischa

    Her son can’t be jewish because in that religion you are jewish by the mother.

  5. dave

    nobody is forcing you to read the blog, cunt.

  6. cookie

    jojo, as would i.
    in the face. with a brick.

  7. Richard McBeef

    I usually have something terrible to say about whatever celebrity is being discussed, even if they had their jaw cut off and were stuffed in a suitcase. this time though, no bullshitting, i kinda feel bad for ol’ SB.

    unblocked yet?

  8. Tek

    Great. This will surely make this racist tranny all that more likeable to some of your readers. >_>

    And I agree with #3.

  9. I was looking forward to Hillbilly Hitler not being the first thing on the page anymore.

  10. josette

    This is getting boring fish.

  11. Irritated

    How is it fair that crazy-ass ugly broads get smokin’ hot bodies? I work hard to have a fit and trim body but I will never have a stomach that looks like that no matter how hard I work. I just don’t understand…why waste something so perfect on such trash?

  12. marie

    I used to watch this chick dance at the Hustler Club in San Diego, and all she did was talk about hustling and money. but she was really nice to me and an amazing dancer. She completely planned this whole thing i’m 100% sure. She reached out to jesse knew he would take the bait, because he’s a whore and she’s a whore, and then she outed him to get money and now she’s living off the press and everyone is buzzing about her. Greatest publicity stunt she could pull for herself. Stupid jesse james. I feel sorry for Sandra. She’s a sweetheart.

  13. your mom

    Now we know she’s ugly on the inside and out… btw- bitch’s face looks haggard. She looks like she should lay of the sauce for a while.

  14. poopsmith

    oh man this bitch is so gross, and i mean sandra bullock’s nothing special but really? are those tattoos that fucking alluring?

  15. MichMasterFlex

    WP could mean white pride too. soooo thats alot different. even so. haha this is awsome. shes like cartman. :D

  16. @ 11 – “I will never have a stomach that looks like that no matter how hard I work”

    Have you tried deadly narcotics or AIDS? 8-P

  17. GG1000

    Jesse, you are without a doubt Tiger Woods’s favorite person right now – you should give him a call. He owes you one big time!

  18. Irritated

    @16 Not yet. But AIDS just might do the trick. Good lookin’ out!

  19. Where is this “amazing body” everyone speaks of? There is nothing appealing about this female. Her face is AWFUL (ugly, ugly mouth and jaw), her tits are ridiculously HARD looking, there’s veins POPPING OUT of her arms everywhere, her legs are not shapely at all and doesn’t have much of an ass. Don’t even get me started on the tattoos (tattoos in moderation are fine) and now she’s supposedly a White Supremacist? Well isn’t that fitting. She’s trash. Sandra Bullock is better off if this is the type of whorebag he wants.

  20. Actually that Nazi Hat probably makes the most flattering picture of her. Nazi’s had the best uniforms. They’d make anyone look better.

  21. Desi

    Yes of course, white pride is such a big difference from white power. What I don’t get is the picture of the Asian on her back as well as the racist w and p. Thank Jeebus for tattoos! It makes it so much easier to identify the stupid right away.

  22. your mom

    #15- There’s not a whole lot of difference between “white power” and “white pride”. Maybe your incest-ridden backwoods racist-as-fuck friends don’t think so, but there isn’t.

  23. Parker

    If buttfucking a Nazi can be considered a public service, I am willing set aside my prejudices and bang her plump little multi-colored ass for duty and humanity.

  24. ohamerica

    So wait…is Sandra Bullock a Nazi too?

  25. Parker

    haha there’s some bonehead here who thinks white pride idiots and white power idiots are two different kinds of idiots. That’s like saying buttfucking the Nazi chick and fucking the Nazi chick in her plump little ass are two ways of having anal sex with the Nazi chick.

  26. See those dark veins ALL OVER her legs? I figure that could be genetic, means nothing and people can’t help it…but I commonly see it on girls who live on cigarettes and liquor. Girls who live with dirty old fat fuck drug dealers.

    I kinda doubt she exercises. I’d wager atrophied stimulant addicted starvation is some of what we’re seeing here. A corpse.

    I’m givin’ her enough traffic ain’t I.

  27. Technically, there is a difference between white power and white pride. Unfortunately, the “incest-ridden backwoods racist-as-fuck” people as #15 says…ruin it all together. For instance, I am proud to be white because that’s who I am and because of the history of SOME of my ancestors. If I was black, Hispanic, Asian…I would be of that as well. But I do not believe in white POWER because I do not believe in white supremacy and believe in EQUAL rights. Sadly, equal rights has turned into minorities wanting better treatment for all that has been done to their ancestors in past history. Blah blah blah, I’m on a stupid tangent and I’m done.

  28. Dude Love

    #22, does that mean that every black person that says ‘black power’ is an incest-ridden backwoods racist, too? Oh right, I keep forgetting that incredibly stupid people think that racism is only bad when white people do it. How dare us white people be proud of who we are! Thanks for reminding me why Liberals suck.

  29. white buddha

    the problem with “white pride” is that in America, white people dont have much to be proud for in terms of ancestry.. at least, its certainly not all roses

    if we were in Sweden or Norway or Ireland or something it might be a different story

  30. lol @ #28. There will always be a double standard. For some reason, people assume because you are proud to be white, you feel you are better and above all other races. And…I don’t feel that way at all.

  31. your mom

    @ #28 I’m quite familiar with “reverse racism”, thankyouverymuch. And I’m not a liberal.. And you’re an ass.


  32. JR


    That ass is horrifying. Not that the rest of her is that much better but Jesus fu- **HOOOOOORRRFFFF!!**

    And all before my morning coffee. No other website tries my constitution quite like this.

  33. the ultimate font of knowledge

    there are tons of black people that are racist just like tons of white people that are racists

    its more about how STUPID you are than your genetic background

    but, you cant get too pissed at a rock when you trip over it.. its your own damn fault for not avoiding it.. yeh, plenty people are as dumb as rocks and just as dead on the inside

  34. Shep

    Wow so the dirtbag is also a racist. What a shocker.

  35. Deacon Jones

    I’m proud to be white after working in Newark, NJ this week…

    and those tattoos suck. I could draw better ones with my dick.

  36. my momma

    @ 27 blah blah blah yes not only a stupid tangent but you sound like an idiot. “Sadly, equal rights has turned into minorities wanting better treatment for all that has been done to their ancestors in past history”-you sound like national front. if you walk like a duck and quack like a duck you’re a fucking duck. fuck off nazi!

  37. Dude Love

    That’s alot like me stabbing you in the face and then saying “i’m quite familiar with first degree homicide”. Maybe you should think before you speak, just like I think before I stab. Sometimes.

    Ireland? Seriously? White Americans owned slaves 200 years ago, but white Irish were slaughtering each other over pathetic religious disputes 20 years ago. No race on the planet hasn’t had a few bumps on the road here and there.

  38. Proud

    I am American and white and goddamn prould of my ancestry half of which is German. Don’t like it? Fuck yourself. Name one culture that hasn’t at some time waged war and killed the enemy. Some of us have been victimized and then turn around and victimize others even today.
    I would prefer peace and prosperity myself just think of all the amazing things we could have done with all the untold trillions that have been wasted on hate and war.

  39. Dude Love

    #36, you look like a mindless minority appeaser and sound like someone that has to fall back on childish name-calling to make up for the fact that you have no point. What does that make you?

  40. Dumb Talentless Ho

    WP stands for Wookie Pussy….

  41. Aww, look at #36, he can’t deal with the fact that people have different opinions. You’re full of crap if you think for one minute that A LOT of black people, not all, expect special treatment in the work force, etc. because of their ancestors past. I’ll sound like a broken record for saying this, but it’s true. You don’t see Native Americans pulling the race card and look what white people (including my ancestors) did to them.

  42. Joe Cool

    She is a skank, but I would still shoot a wad in her face.

  43. white mahakala

    hey #38 ill say whatever the fuck i want, and you dont like it then YOU can fuck yourself

    it works both ways you dumbfuck – get over yourself

    go jerk off to your white ancestors

  44. Peanutty

    The shit is getting old that only whites have to be P.C. If I have to watch what I think and say, I would appriciate the same respect.

  45. HLM

    @ Joe Cool: You’d probably have to stand in a long line to get your chance. I’m pretty sure that’s how she spends her days. But please, try not to hit her crack pipe…it really harshes her high.

  46. jim

    wait… wait… wait….

    how can an amish nazi give birth to a jewish kid?

    judaism passes through the mother

    did she convert to judaism too and then to white power, leaving the kid’s religion in her wake?

  47. superking

    She could have my white power between her legs anytime

  48. Miche

    Can’t believe this has turned into a race debate. This is the superficial, do you seriously think any of you are going to change someone elses opinions? Come on can’t we all just get along and make fun of the scary bitch at the top of the screen?

  49. dude

    the more pics I see of this abomination, the more I believe it is a post op dude.

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