Jesse James is Getting Used

So I’ve been trying to figure out why the hell Kat Von D would tweet that she’s dating Jesse James only to “delete it” in a way that still made it visible to the entire Internet. Then I found out the fourth season of her show premiered last Wednesday right before she was conveniently spotted with Vanilla Gorilla in Vegas over the weekend and it all made sense. Also, Kat just used the accompanying press to announce she’s starting a band so there you have it.

Now I don’t know why any of this would seem depressing to Jesse James considering the Nazi he stuck his penis in got her own reality show out of the deal. Unless, of course, he’s not getting laid because Kat’s secretly banging a Jewish guy and everyone laughs at the delicious irony. Except Mel Gibson who mostly just starts angrily kicking a can down the sidewalk and punching the air.

EDIT: As I was writing this post, Kat Von D apparently went on KROQ and announced their relationship while talking about her show which either proves my theory above, or that she’s the one stealing pies out of my window sill while reading over my shoulder. Dammit, Kat, the rhubarb? C’mon.

Photos: WENN