Jesse Eisenberg Is Lex Luthor. Yup.

January 31st, 2014 // 63 Comments
Jesse Eisenberg
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So remember when the entire Internet lost its shit over Ben Affleck being Batman? This probably won’t help. Via Variety:

Warner Bros. Pictures has cast Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons will play Alfred in the upcoming Superman/Batman film.

“Lex Luthor is often considered the most notorious of Superman’s rivals, his unsavory reputation preceding him since 1940,” Snyder said. “What’s great about Lex is that he exists beyond the confines of the stereotypical nefarious villain. He’s a complicated and sophisticated character whose intellect, wealth and prominence position him as one of the few mortals able to challenge the incredible might of Superman. Having Jesse in the role allows us to explore that interesting dynamic, and also take the character in some new and unexpected directions.”

“My plan to defeat Superman? Simple. Facebook. I will Facebook him. My pokes and bitsrips and ecards will be no match for the Man of Steel. He’ll rue the day he dare defied Lex Luth- ooh, a Mafia Wars invite…”

Oh, yeah, this movie’s going to be great.

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  1. Slappy Magoo

    If you were the guys who killed Superman you would BE the guys who killed Superman.

  2. Oh Boy

    Lex Luther —-> Superman
    Jew ————->Jesus

  3. Jessica

    The commentary from nonfilmmaking nobodies on casting choices is getting old. We get it, you think you can cast sooooo much better than someone who works in Hollywood.

    • Rico Jones

      A drooling mongoloid could have cast this movie better.

      • Jessica

        And since you are not considered good enough to be doing it- what does that make you?

      • Do you have the faintest clue who Lex is in the comic books… if not then perhaps you should refrain from posting about subjects you have no effing clue on.
        I will withhold my judgement but so far this has not been a very good pick among the other choices for the character and if you know the character then you would understand so next time save the arm chair expertise for your inner voice.

      • Jessica = Jesse Eisenberg.

        Well at least we know what he does with his free time.

      • Jessica

        Yes, I read DC. I made money selling some of my original copies off, but I am more Batman than Superman. Lex Luthor has varied over the years, and I feel like his portrayal in Smallville was decent (after all, people are actually suggesting Bryan Cranston who is almost 20 years older than Henry) and maybe the direction they take him in this new movie. I dunno, I will wait the 2 years to see the movie and then decide. Like a normal human being. And if I was Jesse, I would be wiping my ass with 100 dollar bills, ya’ll.

      • Translation of the above: I AM JESSE EISENBERG.

        At least change your name to something besides “Jessica”, durrrr.

      • 100 dollars could by you an awful lot of toilet paper instead.

    • It’s getting old… yet here you are, reading them.

    • It is our duty as nobodies to spout our dissatisfaction with Hollywood movies. Yes we are “nobodies” but so were most of the people running Hollywood. They are just lucky bastards who are formerly nobodies. Ever hear of Jon Peters? Look him up. He was Barbara Streissand’s wig-maker / hairdresser and he became a “producer” of movies like Batman and Flashdance during the 1980s. And Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor is not going to be Heath Ledger as The Joker, which the producers are clearly trying to emulate. A young, talented, mildly “edgy” actor does not a Supervillian make.

      • Jessica

        It’s sad- you would honestly think your opinion of a movie that hasn’t been made yet would be some kind of realization to you that you have NO idea what the hell you are even talking about. Please tell me why Jesse’s performance as Lex was bad. I can’t wait to hear all the details. Was it the script? How did he portray Lex? Which comic book of Superman were you basing his performance off of? (Is this the moment you just realized how your head is so far up your own ass?) Probably not. You probably think you matter or in some weird reality actually KNOW how a movie will turn out.

      • I thought my reply to your comment was relatively mature without personal insults, but now that you’ve opened up with a stupid, totally unnecessary ad hominem attack with your head up your ass comment, the gloves will come off. You, my dear fuckhead Jessica, are the with one of the head up the ass. I don’t need to see a movie to surmise it will probably suck. Anyone can do that. It’s called deductive reasoning based on available information. But since your brain is clouded by the walls of your own digestive tract, it might be hard to realize that. Yes, I matter because I buy tickets to watch movies, and that money, no matter how minuscule, goes to more movies being made. YOU are the one with high and mighty attitude and to you I say, chill out and smoke a cock, it’ll relax you honey buns.

      • Jessica

        ” I don’t need to see a movie to surmise it will probably suck.”. is that seriously your best explanation of your retarded viewpoint? You don’t even need to see the movie to know it sucks?.. Haha wowwwza, is this even an argument? I don’t have to meet your mother to know she is a whore, how’s that? Keep that attitude. Also- I was considering bypassing your stupid story about Barbras hairdresser making it big in order to prove that you “matter”. Or that nobodies get famous? Everyone in Hollywood was a nobody before they were famous, what is your point? That YOU should matter cause they didn’t at one time as well? I am sure Zack Snyder will be perfectly fine without your $7.50 and whiny bitchy comments on how YOU (as qualified as you are) would have made a better movie. In fact, I am asking you to PLEASE DON’T SEE THE MOVIE. I will see it twice in place of your ticket. So that way- it will be one less whiny internet complex douche bag around to think his opinion matters. I bet you talk in theaters too, you piece of scum. Submit your resume of achievements in film making before saying you are surrendering your $7.50 please. Or go jerk off on a diff blog. PS- Man of Steel grossed $668,045,518 WW, how much did your Superman film gross with your casting choices? Sit down, shut up, and don’t see the movie. He doesn’t care.

      • Your debating skills have the coherency and logic of an autistic child on crack. What THE FUCK does any of the shit you are spewing about have anything to do with anything. I sure hope you didn’t go to college because that was a buck ninety nine per credit hour down the drain. If I am scum, then you are the shit that comes out of the anus of scum, that other scum wouldn’t touch. I have been a loyal reader of the SW since 2005 so don’t tell me to jerk off, you jerkoff. THE ONLY reason I talk in theaters is because I know it will annoy people like you, you passive-aggressive horseshit licker. Keep it coming baby, I can play all night.

      • Jessica

        I basically just BOOM ROASTED! you to the point of you not even defending anything. I even managed to call your mom a whore in a clever way without retaliation. Of course I went to college, that’s how I am able to make you feel so silly.

      • “Boom roasted” are you kidding me dip-shit??? Frankly, sifting through your long, boring, pretentious post and trying to argue it point by point is tiresome to me, like picking pieces of shit off of moldy bread. Your comments only got like 1,000 down-votes in the last hour. The whole fucking internet boom roasted you babycakes.

      • IDontWantToLiveOnThisPlanetAnymore.jpg

        It’s hilarious how you actually think you won the argument yet he stomped all over you.
        Anyone who has seen Eisenberg’s previous work can easily conclude that he is the wrong choice for the job. Not just from his annoying demeanor, voice etc, but from how he “acts” in general.
        It doesn’t take a casting director to see this.

      • Johnny Barbells

        …it was after about the 5th response that i realized; “Jessica” is just projecting residual rage, she’s still furious at her ex-boyfriend, who was probably some mouthy internet-nerd-know-it-all, who left her because she’s an annoying harpy, and she’s still stinging that HE would leave HER, that fucking asshole… so, now, oh boy, you guys are really gonna pay!!!

    • Are these the same geniuses who thought the Lone Ranger movie was a good idea? And the Ronin movie with Keanu Reeves?

      I could find better movie executives in the first ten pages of the local phone book.

      • Jessica

        K guys, it’s sooo easy to become a movie executive and get someone to give you millions of dollars to make a successful movie. Ready, GO !

      • Not as easy as you blowing me. Ready BLOW

      • I’ll let Senator Jay Bulworth have the last word on movie executives:

        “The funny thing is how lousy most of your stuff is. You know, you make violent films, you make dirty films, you make family films, but just most of them are not very good, are they? Funny, that so many smart people can work so hard on them, and spend all that money on them, and, what do you think it is? It must be the money. It turns everything to crap.”

      • Jessica

        IMO, that movie was overrated.

      • Who cares about the opinion of a “nobody” like you?

        It’s the “nobodies” who buy tickets that make money for the oh-so-smart movie executives.

        Guess this just proves Sturgeon’s Law: 90% of Everything is Shit.

    • YourMomsFav

      Fool. I work in Production. And I know a lot of people who work high up in the business that post on here and other sites sometimes. It’s like a fun little fetish game for them. And since this movie is not from a franchise that’s been around forever and had a major impact on all kinds of different media and cultures, it makes sense that people wouldn’t be worried and disagree with casting decisions. Listen goofy, Jesse E. being Luther is scary. He’s a little kid. He can shave his head all he wants. Ever hear him get angry in a movie? This has a 97% chance of suck painted all over it. Deal with it. He’s not the best fit. If I’m wrong then the Biebs is a goddamn musical prodigy and Kanye West is a genius (as he states). YMF out.

      • Jessica

        “I work in production” lol of what? Online blogging. Pics of your resume or it didn’t happen. Also- I don’t believe you.

      • Sure you do and no one ever lies on the internet nope never.

      • YourMomsFav

        Yes, I’m going to take a picture of where I am right now to show you where I work. Don’t be a fool, not everybody on the internet lies. Wait, that may be a lie. Jessica, you’re funny, but not in a Louie C.K. kinda way.

    • The commentary from nonblogmaking nobodies on blogging choices is getting old. We get it, you think you can blog sooooo much better than someone who works on a blog you read.

    • The commentary from nonblogmaking nobodies on blogging choices is getting old. We get it, you think you can blog sooooo much better than someone who writes a blog you read.

  4. Swearin

    Oh peachy. So how is Superman gonna defeat Lex Luthor, stuff him into a locker? And that’s even if this Lex Luthor will EVER…STOP…TALKING…

  5. Hugh G. Rection

    If Lex Luthor is a villainous character that everyone is supposed to hate, shouldn’t he be played by Justin Bieber?

  6. … What is that tremendously loud noise? Can’t you hear it?

    Is that… yeah, it’s Avi Arad and the entire Disney board of directors laughing their collective asses off, right?

  7. I’m certain it’s just a ruse to enable him to wear his prosthetic penis around in the open on set.

  8. Cock Dr

    I think Jesse’s cute. With that sweet face it will be quite an acting stretch for him to play such an iconic villain. Good luck with that.

  9. renotastic

    Fingers crossed for Ellen Page as Wonder Woman.

  10. Maybe they meant Sex Sluthor, gay arch villain who trolls for hot love amongst the denizens of Gotham.

  11. Scott

    How is Jonathan Banks not Lex Luthor??!!! Could there be a more perfect person for it?

    • Johnny Barbells

      …nah, he’s too “new york” …i think they should just shave clancy brown’s head, put him in a tailored suit, and let him play luthor …he basically created the definitive version of the character on JL & JLU …i honestly thin he’d be perfect. (ever see hbo’s “carnivale”?)

  12. JC

    So Lex Luther is basically going to be another variation on the twitchy virgin character that Eisenberg played in every movie he’s ever been in. That should be interesting.

  13. web rep restore

    This is a great casting choice!
    I can’t wait to see this movie!
    This is a great actor!
    I can’t wait for this movie to be in theaters!
    I will see it in 3D!!!!

  14. Can’t stand Jesse Eisenberg. He’s a one-note actor and doesn’t have the gravitas that the role requires.

    Lex Luthor is the world’s greatest genius. He makes Einstein look like a moron. Lex Luthor is the world’s richest man. He could hire Bill Gates to be his cabana boy (or Tony Stark, come to that). Lex Luthor is a mortal man who not only hates Superman, BUT ISN’T THE LEAST BIT AFRAID OF HIM.

    Jesse Eisenberg can shave his head (and all his other body hair, too, if he has any) but he ain’t Lex Luthor.

  15. carrolce

    Next Michael Cera as the Thing in f4.

  16. What the fuck? Whatever. I’ll wait to see it before I pass judgement.

  17. D-chi

    Is anyone else absolutely stoked that Scar is going to be Alfred?/ imho I’d be much more afraid of him than Jesse as Lex.

  18. Fancy Face

    To recap, this movie will feature an Anorexic looking Wonder Woman, Jesse as Lex Luthor, Ben AFLACK as Batman, and Jeremy Irons as Alfred. The badass Jeremy Irons as an effing butler to Ben AFLACK. Henry Cavill does indeed have to be the man of steel to carry this whole thing. Unless we’re getting trolled by Hollywood. This is what Hollywood trolling looks like.

    • Alfred has always been a retired badass. Michael Caine was a badass for the entire ’70s. Read Michael Gough’s Wikipedia profile and you’ll see that his varied supporting character roles were pretty hardcore. Hell, even Alan Napier ruled over the Mole People.

  19. Mike

    The good news is they got a great Alfred: Jeremy Irons. I saw that guy in so many fancasts on

    But Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor is going to be a tough pill to swallow. I know he’s done drama, but c’mon!

  20. kery

    Jesse looks like a nice boy and I don’t think he would be a good lex luthor besides he looks very young for that role ;P

  21. Sam

    It’s the story that I’m always concerned with. Everything starts there, ends there, holds together if the story’s strong. Story, story, story..
    If the Star Wars prequels were built on a solid story that’s logical and makes sense, they’d still be problematic…but much easier to defend

  22. Yep, it is officially over, this movie is fucked. Christ.

  23. Margaret

    What a lovely comments sequence! That Jessica is a hoot.

  24. Be Bo Wobbley

    Kristy Carlson; Casting Director…..Her resume speaks volumes about this and other choices made for this movie….Casting director (7 credits)
    2016 Batman vs. Superman (pre-production)
    2013 Man of Steel
    2011 Happy Feet Two
    2011 Sucker Punch
    2010 Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole
    2010 Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
    2009 Watchmen

  25. Liam

    Guys look up Mark Strong, he is literally what Lex Luther fully embodies, we need to get a petition to have him instead of Jessica.

  26. They should have went for Cranston. This is bullshit casting!
    I was telling my co-worker the other day that they could have gotten Cranston, bulked him up bad ass, threw him into some amazing suits and let him do his thing. But JE? The poor man’s Michael Cera.
    Yeah, you telling me JE didn’t rip off Cera’s acting swag in Zombieland?
    That bitch channeled Cera all the way. IMHO!

  27. anonym

    fire the casting crew.

    There are hundreds of actors, and they pick the ones who don’t fit.

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