Jesse Eisenberg Thinks Going To Comic-Con Is Like Genocide

Jesse Eisenberg was easily the worst part of the latest Batman V Superman trailer, so it’s probably not going to help things that he just whined about going to Comic-Con and compared it to mass slaughter. Page Six reports:

“It is like being screamed at by thousands of people. I don’t know what the experience is throughout history, probably some kind of genocide. I can’t think of anything that’s equivalent,” he said.

That was the first interview. Here’s the second where Zuckerluthorberg doubled down, and I’ll find a nickname that sticks, give me time:

“Maybe on some cellular memory level, that’s the only thing that seems like an equivalent social experience,” he said. “Even if they’re saying nice things, just being shouted at by thousands of people, it’s horrifying.”

I suppose getting paid millions of dollars to walk past a crowd of nerds is the equivalent of experiencing large-scale murder firsthand, but then again, I don’t have sensitive senses or whatever the hell Jesse Eisenberg just said after Warner Bros. presumably threatened him with career genocide:

Late Tuesday afternoon, Eisenberg spoke to the Associated Press for a third time to further clarify his comments.
I of course was using hyperbole to describe the sensory overload I experienced. I sometimes do employ that,” he said. “I’m a normal person who has normal sensory experiences, so Comic-Con was very overwhelming for me. That said, it was really an honor to be on that end of such jubilation.”
Eisenberg said it was “wonderful” to be involved in something that is so highly anticipated and loved.
“That people are excited about it in that way is unheard of and thrilling,” he said.

In an ironic twist, the crowds at Comic-Con actually were trying to murder Jesse Eisenberg, but not so much for his portrayal of Lex Luthor as for the fact they’re pretty sure they could take him in a fight if not drag him into their swarm and assimilate him. Either way, resistance would’ve been futile and, wow, a woman is going never to touch my dick. Borg jokes? I’m going with Borg jokes? Goddammit.

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