Jersey Shore Will Be at Teen Choice Awards

August 6th, 2010 // 23 Comments

Somehow I completely missed this until I just saw shots of them at LAX a few minutes ago, but apparently the cast of Jersey Shore is not only going to be at the FOX Teen Choice Awards, they’re up for awards. Jersey. Shore. A show about drunk people fucking each other in a drunken fuck-house at the beach for fuck-money. Just in case no one’s fully grasping the societal doomsday happening here, I added pics from Snooki’s arrest last week to demonstrate what’s going to be paraded in front of your kids as an American success story. Great. Now I can’t wait to go to the mall on Monday and see a bunch of brats trying to give each other sloppy Oompa Loompa handjobs while holding a jar of pickles. Well played, FOX.

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  1. what???

    That’s just pathetic…parading the STD infested Oompa Loompa and the fucking tool who’s claim to fame is lifting his shirt in front of our ‘future’ only shows how close our once great country is to collapsing within. Sad.

  2. InternetPolice

    wow the writer of this post is suffering from a serious case of hateridous I suggest you get some fucking medication for that it’s a deadly disease.

  3. 52

    NO amount of money can make this troll look half decent. She has to be the ugliest THING i’ver ever seen!

  4. lmao

    “hateridous” – that’s awesome, inaccurate but awesome. If I want to see a flaming wreckage of what never was I’ll look for Amy Winehouse pictures, I prefer to see scantily clad shots of current starlets though. This isn’t 2001, if someone is genuinely awful just call it as it is, there’s no need to pretend there’s envy by the author by saying “omg dont hate dont hate” you might as well be waving your hand while you type that.

    • InternetPolice

      if you don’t like them why do you pay attention to them?

      • lmao

        It’s your assumption that outside of the posts I see on the superficial that I do give them any attention. They’re annoyances that pop up every now and again in the news, just like Apple news on Engadget. It’s not that complex really. I would just rather they just fade into the darkness like anyone else milking reality tv attention.

  5. captain america


  6. SP
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    Say what you want but Snookie or wookie or whatever this thing is called but it is teaching today’s youth that you can be fat AND spoiled, annoying, ignorant, and still make lots of money.

  7. yowillie
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  8. she’s very pretty,,

  9. cc

    The Travelocity gnome makes me hornier.

  10. Crabby Old Guy

    Let’s hear it for fat, drunk and stupid! Teen Choice is now handing out the “Flounder” awards!

  11. whoozyer
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    “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life…”

  12. God that girl is ugly as ****. She looks like a chubby, drunk Native American midget.

  13. JollyJumJuck

    That woman in the audience had it right. Public intoxication will get you arrested. Unless you are a celebrity. It seems California is not the only state where you get rule of hypocrisy instead of rule of law.

  14. Jack should die

    Son of Sam says:

    “yea, while all the other stations want us to be gay or crossdressing, ignorant, mediocre, white guilt card carrying “individuals” with no sense of pride in anything because if youre better than anyone at anything, it hurts the others feelings and might cause them to commit suicide or be a failure for the rest of their life.”

    I couldn’t agree more. Look at what has happened to people. Snooki has been ruined by America and its MTv culture. As for the post, this has been happening for years. This is “feminism”. As feminism progresses, it uses less and less attractive women (in every way) to further drive home their agenda.

  15. Vania Poluzzi
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    Heyy i love snooki but i am reaal guiideette real i am the queen of guidettes thin awesoome body 1.75 all natural 90 – 62 -89 ha stunning tanned skin curly long hair!!—–>guidette

  16. Vania sAnhhez
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    U idiot lame idiot she is snooki not wookie before opening your hole read u fat ass losser duh shut ur hole =)Okey

  17. Vania sAnhhez
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    Shut up fuckhead looser im sure u are all fat losser stupid and idiot and u re not even drunk

  18. Vania sAnhhez
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  19. rue
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    has anyone noticed other then me, thats she looks like she has a mild case of down syndrome…

  20. david
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    i agree with you rue and exactly what has made her so famous. I wouldnt sleep with her with my dogs D*** much less my own

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