Jersey Shore’s Deena Banged A Chick

Welcome to the Sex Buffet. Population: Ladies.

While filming in Italy, Jersey Shore’s Deena somehow managed to hook up with a chick The Situation brought home for himself, so I think it’s safe to say these kids are carting home cadavers now. That’s the only explanation here. Via Us Magazine:

Unfortunately for 24-year-old Cortese, her housemates will never let her live it down. “We heard you were moaning all night,” The Situation, 29, teases in a sneak peek from Thursday’s episode.
“She didn’t lick down there,” Cortese says defensively. “She went to and then I decided I didn’t want to do that. Now I realize I was a little bi-curious, and I realized I do like boys.”
“I always said that if I was ever to be bi-curious it would be with a hot blonde,” Cortese says while sitting in confessional with costar Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, 23. “She was adorable.”

Here’s where I’m torn: While it’s hard to believe anyone of any gender wanted to tongue Deena’s slophole – I threw up, too, it’s okay. – I also don’t want to rob myself of the joy of knowing a woman preferred it over having sex with The Situation. Apparently you really can be that big of a douche that a chick will contemplate death by swampgina. The prophecy is true!

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