Jerry O’Connell obtains Internet relevancy

January 22nd, 2008 // 86 Comments

Jerry O’Connell and the guys at spoof the Tom Cruise Scientology videos that hit the web last week. I don’t know what’s more surprising: The hilarious spot-on impression or Jerry O’Connell starring in something I’d openly recommend to people.


  1. Wow does he have to sound like a complete fucking asshole.

  2. The Powermuff girls

    me thinks the asshole is HE who posts twice Manel #49, #50,# 51

    Jerry O’Conell has always been HILARIOUS (if you’ve seen any of his interviews) people just assume actors are the characters they play. Like Bob Saget who was on Full House is actually a crazy comic who constantly got in trouble for his sense of humour on the set (he would say ” I want to put a shoebox on my lap and give you a pupet show” to yummy women.. see Timberlake you did NOT invent that). Point is how many of you assumed Bob Sagget was just like his character. Also Jerry O’connell’s wife’s Rebecca’s ex John Stamos is actually best friends with South Park creator Trey Parker (who would have guessed that). A lot of people you consider lame because of their careers and cheesy roles are actually the funniest most interesting people and often hang with the known coolest talents. Getting good roles is like getting good grades in school in many ways it doesn’t say a whole fucking lot about who a person really is.

  3. The Powermuff girls

    This is the Aristocrats Movie Tom/Jerry referred to.

  4. The Powermuff girls

    I meant HE who posts the same comment THRICE.

    MEMO: You are not in a Staples commercial the POST YOUR COMMENT button is not the EASY button so unless you are an ADD child who has been given too much candy and is used to getting away with constantly hitting elevator buttons, handicap door buttons and Mommy and Daddy’s patience button please hit the comment button only once (1). Thank You.

  5. lilkutie

    Jerry O’Connell, you are my new hero!

  6. “I don’t know what’s more surprising: The hilarious spot-on impression or Jerry O’Connell starring in something I’d openly recommend to people.”

    i’m right there with you, pal.

    the video’s priceless, yet he’s still kind of a douche.

  7. Stay

    Haha, pretty good.

    It’s nice to see ol’ Jerry again. He seems like a fun dude, and I still give him props for his work on Sliders (before it jumped the shark, anyway).

  8. Mr.Poon

    “Jerry O’Connell was last seen in the company of a zombie -like short haired (bobbed) woman in a trench coat. His body was later found naked face down in the desert. Police are currently seeking a suspect known only as K.H.”

  9. lg

    This is good shit.

  10. hey, isn’t the background music of both videos from a limp bizkit song? I mean like maybe, Take A Look Around?

  11. Erik

    It was about 90 seconds too long.

  12. RCA


  13. b

    Fucking FUNNY! OMG, he is going to end up dead in the desert.

    I have yet to meet a Scientologist with a sense of humor.

  14. Jaffo

    Man that is funny shit. I assume he lives in a bunker so that he is safe from the alien 747s and so forth…

  15. smoothy

    i love it –crazy laughter
    t.c is a brainwashed monkey

  16. It Puts the Lotion in the Basket

    He will be assimilated or alll of Teeageack will feast on his entrails. One or the other or maybe not.

  17. Love this.

    #19 agree, good to see someone standing up to Hollywood bigwig Tom Cruise and Scientology.

    This is by far the best bit of acting I’ve seen for years…

    Oscars anyone??!!
    Lol go Jerry!

  18. roy g biv

    He even gets the crazy eyes right. Extra points for the maniacal laughter. Well done! [begins slow clap]

  19. Emmy

    haha the laughter was perfect but it’s not as good as Kangaroo Jack

  20. comeon

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  22. Aly

    I’ve always liked Jerry O’Connell………now? I LOVE him! This was hilarious!

  23. missywissy

    How is Jerry’s career over??? This was pretty damn comical to me. Tom Cruise only thinks he’s God. There is no way he has the power to shut down somebody’s career. Tom is only human, folks. I think if anybody’s career is shut down it’s his own. Maybe Steven Speilberg will throw him a bone. Or get smart and hire Jerry.

  24. Anonymous

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  25. officiallyhelen


  26. El-COyote

    Never thought I would say this but Jery rocks!

    Married Rebecca Rojmin? Yep. Parody Tom Cruise Cock Lover? Check!

    Heros come from the most surprising places…

  27. redsonja1313

    F*****ING BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and even if his career is over he still goes home to Rebecca everynight so again I think he gets the last laugh !!! Plus he was in Stand By Me one of the best films EVER !!!

  28. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    Oh my God, it’s so fucking funny. Especially the first minute, oh wow. That laugh…hahahaha. I really needed to laugh after Heath Ledger tragedy.
    RIP Heath.

  29. Ki


  30. mmmhmmm

    it was funny for 40 seconds

    this went on too damn long.

  31. Shallow Val

    always liked jerry o’connell, and now i have another reason. Nice to be reminded how funny he is.

    Now, he’s gonna turn up face down in a ditch with a copy of Dianetics sticking out of his skull.


    Great send-up of Tom Cruise. Scientology is a just a minor cult, especially when compared to Islam. See my URL.

  33. dyl

    The more people that speak out against this stupid “church” the less they will be able to “go after” them.
    It used to be only a few strong brave ones. Now we must all unite and take Tom down!

  34. I normally cannot stand Jerry at all, but this was pretty damn funny. A little long, but funny.

  35. Lisa

    Jerry man damn that was HIGHlarious!!!
    You’re gonna need that secret identity back though before the Cruise missile finds ya!

    Thanks for posting this…I need a good honest laff!

    Jerry O’Connell grew up well….well, yummy!

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