Jerry O’Connell obtains Internet relevancy

January 22nd, 2008 // 86 Comments

Jerry O’Connell and the guys at spoof the Tom Cruise Scientology videos that hit the web last week. I don’t know what’s more surprising: The hilarious spot-on impression or Jerry O’Connell starring in something I’d openly recommend to people.


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  2. IKE


    Rest in peace Heath.

  3. IKE


    Rest In Peace HEATH LEDGER.

  4. Brittany

    This is so wonderful, I love Jerry O’Connell

  5. uglypeoplesafaris


  6. fdsa

    kind of amusing i guess

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  8. GW2

    Didn’t they do a movie together? That’s kinda shitty of an old co-worker to do … but I still laughed my ass off ’cause this is the funniest shit I’ve seen in the past ten minutes!

  9. LJ

    I think this is funnier to me just for the simple fact that he was in Jerry Mcquire with Tom Cruise. Beat that ass O’Connell.

  10. Real Chad

    Hilarious!!! I only watched only 45 seconds…hey, I’m busy…but I laughed my ass off! LOL! Jerry O’Connell will never work in Hollywood again…that is if Supreme Warlord Cruise has anything to do about it.

  11. I woulda been first if this goddam website WORKED!!!

    Not that it matters. I am and will always be FRIST!!!

  12. sam

    me and everyone at are in stitches over this one. he so kooky. great crowd there at, no jews, blacks, asians, gays, obese, hispanics, or eskimos there. just good clean fun, in the nude.

  13. prideofchucky

    “or Jerry O’Connell starring in something I’d openly recommend to people.”

    Come 0n- Stand By Me? Though he didn’t play Lardass. Thats a rumor

  14. sam

    me and everyone at are in stitches over this one. he so kooky. great crowd there at, no jews, blacks, asians, gays, obese, hispanics, or eskimos there. just good clean fun, in the nude.

  15. BunnyButt

    “LOS ANGELES – AP – The Church of Scientology released a statement today that the organization is declaring ‘Jihad’ on actor Jerry O’Connell for his spoof of a videotape featuring internationally-reknowned movie star and Scientologist Tom Cruise that was accidentally leaked onto the internet earlier this month. Church leaders report that, ‘L. Ron Hubbard has communicated to us from beyond the grave that Mr. O’Connell must pay for his mockery of our faith and most prominent member. All true Scientologists must consider it their primary mission to bring suffering into Mr. O’Connell’s current life and all of his future lives. Federal, state and local laws should not be taken into consideration. We don’t need to ask permission. We are the authorities.’

    “When asked to comment on the press release, Mr. O’Connell’s response was a stunned, ‘What the fuck?’”

  16. p0nk

    sam, i hate to break this to you but i signed up over at and i’m a black gay jew eskimo.

  17. Brandnsgrl

    This is hilarious!! Great job Jerry! Nice to see someone not afraid of Tom or his wacky church.

  18. sam

    mr p0nk, you are so kooky and very funny guy for minority person. but prescreen everyone. there is no error room. i’ sure you mean sister site, they prescreen too. so sexy!

  19. The Dove

    I prefer to think of this as a sliders episode where Quinn’s double is an insane scientologist.

  20. Superman

    THis is Fucking hilarious… MUAHHAHAHAHAHAH

  21. Jay

    Very well played!

  22. jowaki

    “the aristocrats” haha i love it!

  23. meanmofo

    Although Tom Cruise is nuttier than squirrel shit he still has a lot of power in Hollywood. Me thinks this niggas career is over!

    Oh and FIRST BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. HAHAHAHA!!!! That’s priceless, he deadpans ScientoloTom SOOO well, and the hysterical laughing is spot-on! heee haaawwww

  25. H.A.L.9000


    Did he mean “The AristoCats”
    ’cause that would be even fuckin funnier

    Jerry played Vern in Stand By Me and not Lardass

  26. RIP Heath

    Nobody can make a real parody of Tom Cruise’s behaviour or even imitate him, because he’s so far over the borders of batshit that there’s simply nothing to compare the craziness with.

  27. RIP

    The original is still 2000000x more batshit than this. Normal people can’t even begin to imitate Tom Cruise, he’s just crazier than anything imaginable.

  28. selective

    The Aristocrats!!! For the win!

  29. Dr. Disgusto

    Oh my god – that’s actually kind of funny. I can’t believe it. I agree with the above comment though – the original is even nuttier. I mean, I like Tom Cruise’s movies … they’re entertaining and all that. But the guy is flat out full bore Margot-Kidder-in-a-Woodpile Crazy.

  30. Frank


  31. love it

    I absolutely love this; it is hilarious. Thank you Jerry…

  32. arty

    HAHA! very good, i like J.Oconnell, he was in “Scream 2″: fucking masterpiece!

  33. bmose

    He’s my hero–banging Rebecca Romain and now this!!!

  34. Mandy

    loved it!!!!!!!!!!

  35. syn13

    Effing hilarious. Do you think he’ll be assassinated by Scientology for this?

  36. notjerry


  37. ilovesleaterkinney

    unbelievable. i should have always believed in the big J. stand by me was brilliant. this guy worked with river phoenix! give this guy a job doing more of this.

  38. Xenu Approves!

    I am Xenu, the great galactic leader of the Milky Way! And I applaud this puny human’s efforts to smear the bastard scientologists who smear my good name!

    Soon I will return to Earth aboard my DC-8 space plane, and on that day all of L Ron’s insane followers will PAY for smearing my name!

    Learn the truth about me, Xenu!

  39. maggie

    Hello, Mr p0nk. I am maggie. I want to contact you directly. Would you please send email to me at

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  41. gretchen


  42. Ha! Brilliant!

  43. This is the role he’ll be remembered for. Truly a luminary.

    It’s about right, though. Cruise act’s like a mentally ill used-car hustler.

    @37 Hope they leave him alone. Wish they’d all die.

  44. pucky

    This was honestly one of the funniest damn things I’ve seen in a while. Go Jerry!

    Do a Sliders TV movie! Hell, they’re bringing back Knight Rider.

  45. er0s

    Jerry O’Connell is a tool. The sad part is even this douche knows he has no career to risk in doing this video. I mean let’s face it, he’s what’s her face’s bitch and she’s the old leftovers from the guy who used to be on Full House. Sad.

  46. Outstanding! Bravo!

  47. Wow does he have to sound like a complete fucking asshole.

  48. Wow does he have to sound like a complete fucking asshole.

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