Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyer: ‘Mike McQueary Is Lying’

November 15th, 2011 // 151 Comments
Jerry Sandusky
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Following Jerry Sandusky‘s interview with Bob Costas last night where he declared his innocence – More on that in a minute – his lawyer appeared on The Today Show this morning and basically called Mike McQueary a liar along while asserting they’ve made contact with the young boy who McQueary claims to have seen being raped, only to walk away from him to score a sweet promotion like a massive ginger vagina:

“We believe we found him, and if we have found him, he’s telling a very different story than Mike McQueary,’’ Amendola said. “He’s saying it never happened.’’
Despite a report by The New York Times that close to 10 more alleged victims have come forward since Sandusky’s arrest, Amendola maintains all of them could be lying.
“Isn’t that a possibility?’’ Amendola said. “What we’re saying is we plan to investigate this and find out if that’s a possibility. Is it possible that Jerry did all these things? Of course. And if he did, they’re the most serious types of offenses that anyone could commit upon children and should be punished accordingly. But what if he didn’t? What if he’s innocent? His life will never be the same.’’

You gotta love how even Sandusky’s own lawyer at the end of the day still goes, “But if he did do this, oh yeah, fuck him.” However, Amendola continued to tout the “I shouldn’t have showered with those boys” defense which is what Sandusky used last night in his Rock Center interview with Bob Costas that is already a case study in how not to make yourself look absolutely guilty of raping tons of kids:

“I say that I am innocent of those charges,” Sandusky said in the phone interview.
When asked by Costas, “Are you a pedophile,” Sandusky responded, “No.”
“I could say that I have done some of those things. I have horsed around with kids. I have showered after workouts. I have hugged them and I have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact,” said Sandusky.
When asked by Costas to concede any wrongdoing, Sandusky said, “I shouldn’t have showered with those kids.”

“I didn’t molest those kids, I just touched their thighs a lot.” WOW! I don’t know about you, but when I touch a young boy’s legs, it’s pretty much a guarant– Photo Boy, stop punching my hands away from the keyboard! Jesus, what’s gotten into you? Now, where was I? Oh, right, Jerry Sandusky’s guilty. The thing you need to know about child molesters – Especially ones like Sandusky who’s been enabled by an entire university because of his coaching prowess. The dude was staring people in the eye while raping these kids basically daring them to do something about it! – is they possess a fucked up clinical detachment where we’re the ones who are wrong. Which means it’s only a matter of time until we get to hear this in court: “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, perhaps I shouldn’t have showered with those kids, but if checking their prostates with my penis makes me a pedophile, then we’ve completely lost our way as a society. May I bang the gavel, your honor? I think I’ve earned it.” And if you think that’s an exaggeration, keep in mind anyone with even a barely functioning moral compass would’ve blown their own brains out in shame and embarrassment by now, instead Jerry Sandusky called into Bob Costas. He’s probably trying to book Oprah right now, or God willing, the Duggars. “Oh, please, be the Duggars,” he’s saying while looking at the elementary school he lives next to. (Oh, yeah, that’s happening, too.)

UPDATE: Apparently Sandusky’s lawyer knocked up a 16-year-old in 1996 when he was 49. I really see this case going well. Legal dynamos these two.


  1. stratacat

    is this the same lawyer that knocked up a 16yo girl when he was 49?

    • Can

      Yup yup. But you see, they’re rich and therefore should not be held accountable for their actions. Isn’t that how it works? AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!

    • TomFrank

      I’d point out that the age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16, but I always feel like some creepy predator whenever I note that the age of consent isn’t 18, and never more so than right now.

      • stratacat

        how is it consent if he was forty-fucking-nine years old at the time?

        and anyway, can we just all agree that the child protection laws in PA need to be updated now?

      • TomFrank

        Most states’ age of consent is 16 or 17. Hell, in most *countries* it’s 16 or 17 (sometimes lower). Oh, and if you read the linked article, you’d know that she’s his wife now.

      • Venom

        Age of consent in my state is 16 with parental consent and 17 is legal.
        However just because you can does not mean you should….

        I guess it takes a pedophile to defend a pedophile.

      • stratacat

        tomfrank, your comments on this thread are starting to worry me.

      • it had to be said

        Ex-wife, and the attorney-client relationship should have barred any contact regardless of her age. Whether she was of the appropriate age, the attorney-client relationship created such an asymmetrical relationship that he never should have slipped it to her. If the chemistry was there when she was your client, it will be there when she isn’t.

      • TomFrank

        Well, they’re separated, not divorced, and in any case, she’s not leaving him because he banged her when she was 16. Not that the lawyer-client relationship didn’t make it wrong, and not that it wasn’t creepy in the first place.

        All I’m saying is that too many people out there think 18 is some universal magic age below which everything is off-limits and those kids must be protected to the point of infantilization, while in point of fact most jurisdictions in the U.S. and the world actually are okay with 16- and 17-year-olds knocking boots.

      • baron of all media


    • strata, the “consent” would apply to her age, not his, and just because it’s “legal” doesn’t mean it isn’t creepy. However, that’s our opinion, the state sees her as an adult who can make her own decision and they have no impact on anyone else. As opposed to Paterno doing what was “legal” and not one bit more – that isn’t always what’s ethical when it involves someone else’s life and those “someone elses” are minors.

      .I bet she’s a proud woman after hearing that ringing “defense”.

  2. Cock Dr

    He is a pedophile, completely in denial, and rotten with a sense of entitlement. Notice how quickly he turns the situation around so that HE’S the victim.

    • mupp

      Typical sociopathic type deal.

      “why is everyone making a fuss about this?..I’m awesome, you should be privileged to be allowed exist in my World”.

      I hope he gets stabbed in prison…not enough to kill but just to cause massive and life long painful injuries.

      • that’s how michael jackson played his allegations and, well, if sandusky’s also been making payments to people to keep quiet, then unfortunately there’s a chance he’ll walk.

      • jenyjenjen

        That’s the thing, it’s shocking Sandusky hasn’t killed himself not due to shame because as Fish pointed out, he’s got no morals, but because of what he has coming to him in prison. He’s either going to be raped and killed in general population or he will spend his life in solitary under protective custody. Even then he’s not safe, he’ll have to go to the clinic or court or something where he will be around other inmates. Or the guards will take a bribe and turn a blind eye. Either way, he should spare himself the Dahmer treatment and just overdose.

      • Cock Dr

        The rotten fucker thinks he can lie/pay off and probably extort his way out of the whole mess. Just throw tons of shit into the air (these interviews with him & his lawyer are the opening salvos); splatter a low intellect jury with enough of it to induce “reasonable doubt”.
        Enjoy yourself asshole walking around in the community…I’m sure no one will attempt to make an end run around the justice system. Of course not.

      • Dude of Dudes

        Stabbed right in the nuts you mean.

    • BE

      I don’t know about the rest of you, but that statement about the ONE incident – in light of ALL the grand jury testimony with multiple victims, acts and witness – just makes this whole issue go away, now doesn’t it.

      More likely, Sandusky is trying to save Paterno, Spanier, remaining Penn State management who were complicit and anyone else at that university by denying (and having lawyer buy off that victim.) Getting McQueary’s testimony invalidated will save Penn State MILLIONS.

      This is Sandusky’s “THANK YOU” for letting me rape that much longer, isn’t it?

  3. Richard McBeef

    Q> Who the fuck showers with 10 year old boys?

    A> Pedos

    • Penn State fucking sucks. Sandusky needs his twig-n-berries taken off with a beltsander. Paterno needs to be confined to a very abusive nursing home, & McQueer needs his eyelids removed for not beating Sandusky to death as soon as said rape was witnessed.

      • Dave Mustaine

        Well said!

      • bunny

        people who abuse children should have their genitals removed, not in a grotesque way, under surgery, unconcious. it doesnt seem unreasonable to me. child abusers are dead set on abusing again. its proven, they cant be stopped. this sick fucks convince themselves kids like it and society is wrong. without realizing they ruin a child for life. AM I RIGHT???????

    • Brought It


      • sooooupset

        they have found that if you cut off the mans penis and nuts, he can use his hand, tongue, finger, arm, toe, leg. stubs, broom, etc. it is not about sex drive or appendage. control sticking it to a little boy

    • TomFrank

      When I went to summer camp, there was one shower house for all the boys (6-15) as well as their counselors (17-22). Counselors sometimes showered alongside the boys and no one thought anything untoward about it.

    • Unless that man’s name is “Dad”, no one. And even then he better watch it.

  4. Poop head

    Costas: Have you inappropriately touched young boys?

    His response: “Inappropriately? …… Um……..”

  5. Keep it Positive

    You know he’s guilty way beyond a reasonable doubt if this is the best defense they could come up with and this is the best defense attorney he could get.

  6. Keep it Positive

    From Penn State to the Penitentiary! The irony is the football department of Penn State tolerated pedophilia and but the hardened criminals of the Pen won’t. Sandusky will be seperated from the general inmate population in prison. hmm.

  7. skunk

    Penn State Pedo Lions

  8. AteIsEnough

    Are you kidding me? How the fuck can he deny it after, what, TEN people come forward?? Even after what Sandusky HIMSELF has said about regret and forgiveness?? Forgiveness for what if you didn’t ass rape anyone Jerry??? Fucking pompous cock-sucker (no pun intended)!! I think his lawyer ought to have his ass reamed too so that he changes his attitude a little. I’ll bring the marshmallows when these bitches burn!!!!

    • stratacat

      i know it seems increduclous, but this is very typical pshychopathic behavior.

      at this point, i’d be surprised if a dead body or two doesn’t show up.

      • jim x

        +1 and a good call.

        Something this bad for this long means more bad no one’s even seen yet.

        And, right! There may already be a dead body. Didn’t the local DA just flat disappear a few years ago, around the time of allegations surfacing?

  9. They need to name the field tarp after Joe Paterno, because it covers shit up.

  10. Frank Burns

    Up next, “The Lord of the Nubile Flies” defense, with Amendola claiming that Jerry was attacked in shower by a flock of smooth young boys under the sway of a pre-teen Michigan State fan.

  11. Venom

    So he admits to showering with little boys, but we are supposed to believe that McQueary is lying, really? Really dude?

  12. How did Sandusky’s lawyer find that particular boy? If it didn’t happen, why would that supposedly routine day make enough of an impression that it would be possible to recall who that kid is? Why would Sandusky even remember his name?

    • it had to be said

      Oh, you’d be surprised how well people remember things when prison is at the other end of their lapse of memory.

      For the record, I think there is way too much smoke around Sandusky for there to be no fire. On the other hand, I doubt that he was actually anally penetrating a kid. As some of you may know, consenting adults sometimes have enough trouble with that. An unwilling child would be . . . too obvious, so to speak. Whatever was happening, that pussy McQueary should have stopped it immediately.

      • The penetration of which you speak comes much easier when one does not give a damn about the well-being of the receipient.

      • “As some of you may know, consenting adults sometimes have enough trouble with that. An unwilling child would be . . . too obvious, so to speak.”

        Wait, WHAT? So no child who wasn’t willing was ever anally raped because they’re too hard to control? You need to revist that one, stat. You DO realize that it’s analagous to claiming because some consenting adults have trouble with vaginal sex, rape that requires penetration of the unwilling rarely occurs, right?

        You might want to start with thinking about why Sandusky chose the shower as a venue, why it wasn’t in full view of everyone, that a 10 year old boy would have no reason to think twice about, say, being told to face the wall so his back could be washed, and then muse on the size difference between an willing adult whose partner might not want to hurt them and a child who literally may not have seen it coming, but whose personal wants are of no concern for someone who probably outweighed him by at least hundred pounds and was probably several feet taller.

        Man, just when I think I’ve seen it all….

      • it had to be said

        Yes, but if he left a torn and bleeding 10 year old it would be way, way too easy to get busted. That evidence would not go away in the shower. It would be there for quite a while.

        Of course, you’re losing sight of the point, which is that his “horseplay” is still molestation regardless of whether there was penetration.

    • “Of course” I lost sight of exactly jack shit, my friend, it’s Paterno who’s trying to softpedal degres of molestation. And nowhere in what I wrote do I imply that. But nice try, especially since you’re the one who attempted to split hairs at the outset.

      “if he left a torn and bleeding 10 year old it would be way, way too easy to get busted”

      You honestly don’t get it. Do you think pedophiles haven’t left miles of torn and bleeding little kids in their wake before in arenas they control? Do you have ANY idea how they target their victims? The “at risk” kids Sandusky had access to were already marginalized, ones whose families were just not there or who were dysfunctional to a high degree. He was big man in their lives and if you think psychological intimidation and emotional manipulation isn’t a huge part of this you’re extremely mistaken.

      The average 10 year old with a supportive family would probably scream blue murder and run to mom if he were bleeding from such an attack, but the average kid wouldn’t be in Sandusky’s “charity” in the first place. Sandusky OWNED that kid, just as he was locked in to Penn, and he had no fear that anyone would call him to account. He was seen by the janiorial staff who mopped up the showers afterwards and never reported him. No one ever stopped him. The university police confronted him after victim #6′s mom complained, no one reined him in. He didn’t HAVE to watch his back, or look over his shoulder, or worry too much about “evidence” because he was untouchable.

      Water washes away blood and tears, soap is a lubricant, and I’m not going to get any more graphic than that. I started out my academic career in clinical psych, a longtime friend works with molested kids, and I’m sure there are a lot of social workers and people in similar fields on this board who will tell you that you honestly don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

  13. forrest gump

    psst: THE BIG BAD WOLF TOO……….


    I AM THE 1%.

  15. LJ

    Reuse of the Michael Jackson defense. At the very least Sandusky and his lawyer should be paying royaties to the Jackson Estate.

  16. Snack pack

    Between Sandusky, his pedo lawyer, the conflicted judge, the faction of rioting zealots protesting JoePa’s canning, and JoePa himself, it is relieving to see another state get bad press. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m from California. I’m sure people in Florida and Texas feel the same.

  17. les

    Look at him, the douch is planting reasonable doubt and they aren’t even at trial yet…

    • it had to be said

      Just polluting the jury pool. Everywhere. Not local, but all across PA. Pricks.

      • Chemical Castration

        I live in PA and this is all anyone can talk about. Right now everyone has sort of a lynch mob mentality about Sandusky and I highly doubt they’ll be able to sway a jury into believing this guy was even remotely innocent. They could put Roman Polanski, Mary Kay Laterno and John Wayne Gacy on the jury and still get a conviction.

      • BE

        They’re trying to make sure that Sandusky never gets to meet his fans in the Pennsylvania State PRISON system. As with OJ even if he gets away with it in court, litigation is literally going to be thrown at him for the rest of his life.

        And, as Sandusky appears to be just about as smart as OJ, don’t think he’s going off the radar after a trial.

        The biggest problem with the “wait and see” post out here is that they don’t seem to understand that “not guilty” in a court trial does not necessarily mean “innocent.”

        That’s why they’re already attacking the only credible ADULT eyewitness testimony. Next we’ll hear how McQueary had it “in” for Sandusky and it’s just a grudge blown out of proportion while “overzealous” prosecutors get the then minor victims to “say anything” to hide the DA office’s problems ie their missing prosecutor.

        It’s text book “blame the victims” in that they’re going to be played off as not really being credible to claim molestation. Especially if they can get McQueary’s testimony thrown out.

        If you don’t think that’s possible – that’s FOUR Penn State high ranking officials against ONE coach and several children. Discrediting McQueary will offer the most protection for ALL Penn State personnel especially if they scape goat The Second Mile in the process. Basically: Please see that Penn State didn’t know so no cover up but The Second Mile did and didn’t tell us.

        Sadly, it could work…

    • Just to be a pain in the ass, the jury has to START with the idea that Sandusky is innocent, it’s the prosecution that has to convince them into thinking he’s guilty, it’s “Letourneau” and John Wayne Gacy is dead. Other than that, I’m with you.

  18. Deacon Jones

    His defense sounds like the same excuse that guys use when they show up in the ER with their wife’s dildo stuck up the ass.

    “I, uh, jumped into bed and must’ve landed directly on it.”

  19. Mike McQueery……..ironic.

    • Not really. Sandusky isn’t gay, he’s a pedophile. Big difference.

    • Wrong again, but thanks for supporting the Catholic Church’s take on things. When a man molests a little girl, do we call him straight, or do we call him a pedophile? If a man rapes a woman, do we call him a heterosexual, or a rapist? There’s a world of difference, and it’s not ” all just baseball”.

      John Geoghan went after boys because he figured he’d have more access and better success than he would going after girls – still think it’s all just baseball? It’s no more about baseball than rape is just about sex. Many times it simply comes down to accessibility to the child.

      Homosexuals are adults who are attracted to other adults of the same gender, heterosexuals are attracted to the opposite gender – both are attracted to post-adoescent, sexually mature bodies. Pedophiles aren’t usually attracted to adults of ANY gender, they’re attracted to pre-pubescent children, and their gender usually isn’t important because at that age their bodies aren’t sexually mature. Therefore “heterosexual” and “homosexual” don’t apply – because it’s not about sex, it’s about molestation, it’s about dominance, control and exploitation.

      The best way to term it is male-male molestation or male-female molestation, and leave the cutesy “pitching” and “catching” metaphors – WHICH IMPLY CONSENT – in the dugout where they belong.

      • A Real Person

        You know that in the real world, very few people buy this so please do everyone a favor and stop spilling bullsh*t. Obviously most homosexual men are NOT attracted to boys, but some are. I have gay friends that laugh at straight people who say this. Of course Sandusky has a homosexual prediliction. He had anal sex with boys… GUH. It’s been reported by other Penn State coaches that he seemed a bit “close” with some of the players too. Rubbing legs, showering, his usual shit.

      • Mike Walker

        There’s no strict delineation between pedophiles/hebephiles/ephebophiles (who specifically target young boys) and homosexuals – they’re not mutually exclusive. The “adult” distinction in your definition of homosexuality is your own, and even discounts that people can be born gay and/or actively gay as teens. Opportunity can play a large role in the choice of victims but there are plenty of molestors who target young girls only and any man who targets boys and enjoys sucking 14-15 year old cocks can be classified as homosexual, IMO.

  20. “Yeah, he is lying. All I did that day was soap-up the kids rear end with my dick. There was nothing sexual in that at all.”

  21. catapostrophe

    What is this sentence fragment attempting to mean?:

    “… only to walk away from to score a sweet promotion …”

  22. catapostrophe

    Also–please stop with the coverage of this story. Granted, many of your biggest fans seem to think you should win a Pulitzer for calling pedophilia the wrong way to go about one’s business–but this site is supposed to be about movie stars, television stars, rock/pop stars, and models and their relationships, drug addictions, criminal actions, weight gain/loss and boobies.

    Stay the course.

    • Indeed

      Thanks for icing the cake to my previous comment to you. Sterilize your reproductive organs, whatever they may be.

      • catapostrophe

        It’s like Entertainment Tonight covering the Solyndra scandal, regardless of what is your opinion.

    • Brought It

      There’s always gotta be one…

    • stratacat

      smellz like trollz.

    • kimmykimkim

      Catapostrophe, but Sandusky is a pretty well known coach and he has committed disgusting criminal acts. I mean sure he looks horrible in a bikini but it still somewhat applies to this site being a scandal involving someone who used to be held in high regard. But I feel you though because sometimes I just can’t handle hearing about it anymore. So I just don’t read about it sometimes.

      • What, you mean no one’s forcing you to? I love all the people who don’t write the blog in the first place defining for that writer just what the blog should be limited to because they’re not being amuuused enough and pouting over it – even though there are plenty of other threads to read.

        I’ve never wanted to use a stamp that reads “Cut Rate Nero” so much in my life.

      • TomFrank

        Where are these Joe Paterno bikini pics, kimmy? Wait—on second thought, I really don’t want to know.

      • catapostrophe

        You’re correct. I don’t write the blog in the first place. Nor am I pouting, however. The inordinately heavy coverage of this story on this site simply seems a little off, to me. It’s an opinion. I feel horrible that you don’t agree with me.

    • The “inordinately heavy” coverage is because the story is ongoing, every day something new happens with it, and you’re just coming up against the reality that the world isn’t equipped with an “off” switch. BTW, you called for coverage of “criminal actions” – this is what they really look like, Lindsay Lohan lifting jewelry is small time .

      This story comprises not only a scandal, a cover up, a missing DA, an accused pederast who can’t keep his mouth shut, men who were giants in college football who are revealed as not only having feet of clay, but being made of shit up their necks, as well as being a blistering indictment of the concept that sports should rule over all things, even inconveniences like child rape, and the demonstrations of those who still insist that nothing bad every really happened.

      Sorry all those things can’t quietly tiptoe away to let you nap. It’s happening in the world, you can’t stop it. You can choose to ignore it, and there are other threads here to indulge you in that pursuit, so you’re not exactly being neglected, are you? So to complain when Fish is covering it (and incidentally, upping his site traffic ) because you’re sick of it, and the world isn’t cooperating by coming up with something that can compete with this that you’d enjoy more – IS pouting. It’s Special Snowflake Pouting, to boot.

      Now call Bob Costas and tell him he should interview someone else because you feel his focus on this whole thing is “off”.

      • catapostrophe

        Special Snowflake Pouting?

        You’re completely [intentionally?] missing my point. I am following the story. The story is big news, and should be big news. Bob Costas should interview anyone and everyone related to the story. I’m simply opining that maybe the story doesn’t warrant such pervasive coverage by The Superficial, given the types of stories I’ve come to expect to be covered by The Superficial. Maybe I’m wrong; but to me it feels out of place. That’s all. Again, an opinion.

        However, I suppose The Superficial’s coverage is good for people who come here to get their national and world news fix. Perhaps a few posts highlighting Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions and the U.S.-Canadian oil pipeline are in order.

        Anyway, thanks for the histrionics, however misplaced. Maybe you could get a job at The Superficial, deliriously covering child rape stories.

    • ” I’m simply opining that maybe the story doesn’t warrant such pervasive coverage by The Superficial, given the types of stories I’ve come to expect to be covered by The Superficial.”

      You’re kidding, right? The blog deals with gossip about celebrities, but perhaps you’ve nodded off and missed the posts about Keith Olberman, Obama, Bin Laden, Scott Peterson, Don Imus, PETa, Sarah Palin running /not running/running, the Pope’s pronouncements on homosexuality and other political and social non-Hollywood topics – in fact it deals with anyone or anything with some sort of national or world profile. Doesn’t have to be Hollywood. Doesn’t even have to be Amurrican.

      Sorry you missed all those and thought the site was just Kardashians and tits all this time. And if you can’t tell the difference between those topics and the US-Canadian oil pipeline- well, just say I’m not too surprised you couldn’t understand Fish’s sentence with “it” missing from it.

      • catapostrophe


        “I’m not too surprised you couldn’t understand Fish’s sentence with ‘it’ missing from it.”

        There you have it; though I still feel the same way about college football coverage on this site.

        I do appreciate all the words you’ve typed in an attempt to change my mind, and am glad you’ve got Fish’s back 100% on this and, most likely, everything else.

    • The fact that you’re still trying to style this as “college football coverage” is really incredible. Too bad Chris Hanson didn’t interview Sandusky instead of Bob Costas, maybe the coin might’ve dropped at some point.

      It’s as much about “college football coverage” as the the Scott Peterson trial was all about sturgeon fishiing. If Fish had Big Ten Conference posts up all the damn time and kept up a running vendetta against Nebraska, that you could rightfully claim that the “college football coverage” was “out of hand”. And I’d be the first to bail and go elsewhere because it would be akin to covering the oil pipeline on a daily basis for me.


      • catapostrophe

        Calm down? I told you before: you’re not going to change my mind. Also: it’s just my opinion; there’s no reason you should take it so personally.

        And Chris Hanson didn’t interview Bob Costas. With all the commenting you do, it’s surprising you don’t hold a firmer grasp of the language.

      • BE

        You know catapostrophe, there is the concept that:

        A. this is Fish’s blog. Read it, don’t read it. I suspect he doesn’t listen to your editorial criticism. Because it’s a blog.

        B. There IS such a thing as free speech in this country. YOU and everyone else that has whined about this blog’s coverage have to be control freaks. Rather than not just read it, you
        complain, complain, complain.

        C. Feel free to figure out how to expend this time and effort on creating your own blog site that caters to your own particular wants and needs. Fish doesn’t have the popularity he has because he listened to anyone. It’s just Fish.

        D. Some of us realize that this is merely Fish’s blog. We come here to read Fish’s opinion. Nowhere has he ever aspired to replace CNN. He has, however, proven that the whiner to his opinion are replaceable

        And finally, try and control yourself – not everyone else catapostrophe. If you have any mileage on you at all, you hopefully have come to learn that your are not god and people don’t really want you telling them what is or is not acceptable (here and most likely everywhere else.)

        These are facts of life. Got it, Pumpkin?

      • BE

        Oh and I forgot. A LOT of us like justifiable. Because she takes the time to type what we’re all thinking when we hop over to read Fish’s opinion of the days events.

        We are probably more annoyed with whiners like you commenting on what you think Fish’s opinion should be as opposed to justifiable just saying what she thinks.

        Entertainment is different for everybody, you know.

        I could just as easily slap you around for wanting a purely T&A site. I mean really, not enough porn on the internet for you?
        Got to have Fish shooting you T&A all day long just to get by?

        Or are you just so lazy you won’t unsubscribe your RSS feed?

  23. “I shouldn’t have showered with those boys”

    That is going down in history with “If the glove doesn’t fit” and “the Chewbacca defense” as the most comical legal defense strategies ever.

  24. Applied rough tools

    It is possible to be a member of NAMBLA and appear innocent at the same time. Its been done before…

  25. kimmykimkim

    I watched this last night. Bob Costas asked him twice if he was attracted to boys, the one time that Fish mentioned and then again later, he said, “Are you sexually attracted to young boys?” Sandusky repeated the question and then started to say, “well, I like young kids, I like being around them…” The rest doesn’t matter because any answer to that question that is not, “What? Fuck no! That’s disgusting!” is a resounding yes. When he asked about the reports that he had a kid up against the wall in the showers, and actual slapping noises were heard he said, “Oh that was just horseplay” and that the slapping noises were from slapping each other with towels. How fucking stupid does he think people are? The look on Bob Costas’s face was priceless though. I think he was actually trying not to laugh at this guy and his lawyer who were both making even bigger asses of themselves, if that’s even possible. I feel sorry for not only his victims but the school whose reputation may take several decades to repair. All because some babyfucker likes little boy penis. This is just so fucked up.

    • Wootang

      That’s what I was thinking, too. Anyone who responds short of “eww, you sick fuck, of course I’m not sexually attracted to young boys” has serious issues. Guilty, guilty, guilty.

      Also the linked article about vandalism at his home noted that he has been seen at a local sporting goods store. Hopefully he was buying some rope.

      And where the F is his wife on all this??

      • kimmykimkim

        Oh man, the wife…I can’t possibly imagine what she’s going through but if she has a spine she’s hopefully filing for divorce.

      • bunny

        she’s a co-conspirator. a zombie.

      • bunny

        she’ should be tried too because she knew! shes an abuser too, she enabled him.

      • CityofCompton82

        we’ll find out the entire story all in good time. Someone in the family will start talking soon in order to pay for the legal bills that will haunt them for the rest of their life.

    • Richard McBeef

      fuck the school’s reputation. they brought it on themselves.

      if they would have came out a decade ago and said, “look, we have this coach, thought he was cool and shit, but I guess he’s fucking little boys in the shower, so we fired his ass and called the cops” this shit would have blown over in 6 months.

      but instead penn state admin, the athletic dept, paterno, mcpussy, whatever, continued to cup the guy’s balls until it blew up in their faces.

      • kimmykimkim

        Well, you do have a point there McBeef. But let me clarify, I feel sorry for all the innocents, not the administration. They can go fist themselves and like it for all I care. I feel bad for those that chose this school, completely unaware of the stigma it would eventually hold.

      • CityofCompton82

        i would not be surprised if they completely cleaned house. my dad has worked for decades at another Big 10 school athletic program and told me he has heard whispers about questionable behavior from sandusky for a long time. and college park is a tight knit community, so don’t believe for a second that joe paterno and all of the other men around sandusky weren’t aware of what was happening. they HAD to know. what a shame.

    • I’d love to “interview” this guy myself…no trying to keep a straight face, no sugarcoating anything:

      McFeely: “Are you sexually attracted to young boys?”
      Sandusky: “uhhh…”
      McFeely: “God damn it! I knew it! If someone asks you
      if you’re a pole smoker, you just deny it, straight off.
      No pause, no farting around.
      Sandusky: “ummm…”
      McFeely: “Hey, what do you like better,
      the shaft or the balls?
      Sandusky: That’s gross.
      McFeely: ” You like them both, don’t you?
      It’s like, sometimes like, Tuesdays you want
      the big, old fucking shiny-ass cock,
      and Wednesdays and Thursdays you’re on to the balls.
      Sandusky: “I shouldn’t of showered with those boys”

    • You know, any decent attorney would give his client a list of instructions to follow prior to trial. Rule #1 is “STFU. Rule #300 is also “STFU”. This guy really thinks he’s that good – he can taint the jury pool, somehow spin it so his client’s just some good-hearted horseplayin’ grandpa who likes to keep clean a lot while making sure others do, too, and then probably go home and keep the earth rotating on its axis.

      Moronic to think that that this case will only be tried outside of a courtroom, and equally moronic to think he can spin the trial outside of it. Moronic to the nth degree to think we’re THAT stupid that we can’t see this guy for what he is and what his answers say about him.

  26. poop

    can we throw all these assholes in a cell with kris jenner and kim kardashian? it will be the HOTTEST sociopath party. don’t even try to score an invite unless you are bieber.

  27. Possibility. Probability. Same diff.

  28. Archies_Leach

    I strongly suspect that Notre Dame has some “hidden secrets” as well.

  29. your mom

    The Michael Jackson defense… yes, I loved them but it wasn’t sexual. Last I checked, horse play didn’t involve anal sex… at least not with minors.

    • Archies_Leach

      I have beautiful oceanfront property available in Omaha, Nebraska that I know that you’d be really interested in…….

  30. CityofCompton82

    sandusky is michael jackson 2.0 with with creepy, clackity dentures

  31. Well Duh

    He probably thinks he can lie and get out of it since it worked for Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox. Unfortunately, the judicial system is almost as fucked up as these perpetrators.

  32. bbc

    who is to say that the kids arent lying? now 10 years later they want to come out and say he did these things. he maybe telling the truth. why wont they cokme foward.

    • jim x

      Indeed. Why won’t they COKME forward.

      Why? Because he already cockmed them.

    • CityofCompton82

      uuuh. maybe because they don’t want the fact that they were molested by a freaky old man to come out for all the world to see?

    • baloo

      are you seriously asking why victims of sexual molestation and possibly rape aren’t coming forward in broad daylight and announcing it to the world? Wow, you’re a regular Matlock.

    • BE

      Gosh golly – in light of the pending criminal action – having ALREADY testified before a grand jury – how do you make such an asinine statement.

      Have you read the grand jury transcript? Apparently not.

  33. Mya

    How can he say all of these people are lying as though it’s a conspiracy.He is truly the devil to be able to do this for all these years and get away with it. That monster needs to be stopped NOW

  34. JMC

    of all the articles i’ve read, the news i’ve watched, etc..etc…Kudos to you for showing the appropriate amount of anger and disgust for the POS…
    The kids don’t come forward because A.) they were troubled to begin with THAT’S WHY THEY SOUGHT REFUGE IN SECOND MILE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and B.) look at the freaking Frenzy around this, how can you throw yourself in to this…too bad they all did nothing when they had the chance, now their word holds no value…

  35. jules

    If I learned anything from To Catch a Predator, it is that pedophiles lie, through their teeth, even when they’re caught naked in what they thought was a some 13 year old kid’s house – “Look, cool your jets, I’m part of a nation-wide operation to open kids’ eyes about the dangers they face on the internet and the fact that I got naked just shows my commitment to that very message, can’t a guy do something selfless without everybody getting all uptight… Soooo, I’m just going to be on my way now” – until someone comes in and goes, okay yeah, that’s nice and all, but I have all these disturbing email transcripts here, along with phone taps and video, and then they’re like, oh, and their face crumples and then they start to whine and cry about how it might be wrong to sexually victimize under age kids, but they only THOUGHT about it okay, they were never actually going to go THROUGH with it, they’ve NEVER done anything like this before, please don’t tell my wife. The fact that their clothes are already in a pile on the floor in some strange little kid’s family home notwithstanding.
    Pedophiles, always, lie. In the most glaring, baldfaced fashion and then, confronted, admit strange half-truths that totally point to the fact that the real truth is just what everyone thought. And think about it, what portion of the population do they make up? A tenth? A fifth? A third? Reported and unreported? That’s scary shit.

    • I was going to say that what might be the only positive thing to come from is that people might learn that pedophiles aren’t just weird looking guys who live in trailers and hang out at schoolyards. Then I realized that the people who most need to learn that fact are the ones who are leaving flowers on Paterno’s doorstep and trying to tell everyone who will listen that kids lie all the time.

      • Kitty

        I’m pretty sure the folks leaving flowers on Paterno’s doorstep if they’re not kid-rapists yet, they’re on the way to being that or marrying one and covering it up. Telling them about it isn’t necessary since they already know all too well, and just want to be sure the system is still letting people get away with it when it’s their turn.

  36. baloo

    “i shouldn’t have showered with them” Well, Hello, there’s you’re biggest clue he’s got some screws loose (pun intended). WHO THE HELL SHOWERS WITH KIDS?????

    • BE

      I just finally got to see the whole interview online and have this to say:

      All that attorney coaching and Sandusky STILL comes off as having a screw loose!

      They’re out to get me. A retired coach. I don’t know why. Guess I regret having showered with little boys.

      The biggest question I have for this attempt at “spin control” is why the attorney is on screen and Sandusky is on the phone.

      Guess the attorney is trying to make a name for himself while aware that he can’t trust his client on video. Pathetic.

  37. baloo

    This is the sickest interview in the whole world. He sounds absolutely sick. Not like a good man speaking the truth.

  38. baloo


    • BE

      It means, in light of ALL the bad ways that phrase could (and should) be taken that both the accused and the defense have broken with reality.

  39. baloo

    was I the ONLY one who heard him buying time when asked if he was “sexually attracted to young boys?” and he didn’t even say NO. THIS GUY IS SO VISIBLY a PEDOPHILE it’s not even funny.

  40. I bet $$MONEY$$ and lots of it, that I don’t have, that, this is going to be another Lohan instance. He’s famous for winning so many games blah blah blah, he did something bad, and he will either get away with it or he will spend a couple days in jail then be good to go home. OR they will sentence him to time in jail, and about a month later he will be released because of some serious ailment. What are they gonna do, make an example of him? PSHH yea right.

    Now whether it was penetrating rape or fondling molestation, Sanduskey should have his hands and Dick cut off and Fed to him. I don’t know if Pen has the death penalty but this sounds like the time to get one if they don’t.

    The reason the boys either didn’t come forward to begin with or even know is because Rape isn’t just physical its also psychological. When they were younger and it happened they could have been threatened with it happening to them again if they told anyone. Possibly the reason they don’t come out now is because Look at the media coverage. There could be some kid who’s got the grades and the talent and the friends and if he comes forward he won’t just be some kid at school anymore, he’ll be THAT kid that got RAPED. This happened around 2002, if the kids were 10 ish then they are 19 years old now. Looking to go to college themselves. Looking for scholarships and such.

  41. BE

    I’ve said it before – and I’ll say it again.
    Birds of a feather flock together so I doubt anyone called upon, profiting from or otherwise connected to this mess is what the rest of the world would call mentally “healthy.’
    Spanier had a Phd in Sociology and was trained in family counseling.
    Yet somehow he could find away to ignore child rape.
    As for Sandusky – I have no doubt that in his twisted little brain that he did anything wrong.
    So it’s hardly a surprise that Sandusky’s lawyer would have a taste for the young stuff. After all, who better to defend a rampant pedophile – but another rampant pedophile (with a law practice no less.)
    I can just hear it now:
    Amendola: Jerry – you should have come to me BEFORE this got out hand. I could have helped you..

    Sandusky: We’re special aren’t we?

    Not to mention, all of these truly sick individuals standing up for Joe Pa in light of his transferring assets. No sense of decency whatsoever. Even blinding yourself to the timing it’s defrauding Medicaid AND the state probate court OR protecting your assets from imminent litigation.

  42. Dave

    who knows? maybe it’s mike Mcqueary who liked seeing the crotch bulges in the boys shorts in the lockerroom and this just takes the potential attention away from HIM.

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