Jerry Sandusky Still Pulling A Pension From Penn State And Other Horsesh*t

November 14th, 2011 // 99 Comments

Jesus fucking Christ…

[Ed. Note: Before I start shitting on anyone who puts football above not letting children get raped, included in this gallery are photos from the massive crowd of Penn State students who held a candlelight vigil Friday night for the victims of Jerry Sandusky. And while I can’t really know everyone’s intentions here, it’s safe to say the jackasses who rioted over the firing of Joe Paterno Wednesday night don’t represent the student body. So thanks to those who attended the vigil for a beacon of human decency in this horrible fucking quagmire that just gets worse and worse each day. And on that note, to the post.]

Here are the latest updates on the unfolding Penn State scandal that’s already cost legendary coach Joe Paterno his job, along with Penn State president Graham Spanier after a grand jury investigation revealed a massive cover-up spanning a decade that allowed former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky to rape several young boys inside Penn State’s football facilities. And if you’re not feeling any of this coverage, I’m tucking it all under the jump along with a little parachute so you can land safely onto the next post. Think of me as your caring anti-McQueary.

(See? Parachute.)

1. Jerry Sandusky is still pulling a pension. A $58,000 annual pension to be exact that is still flowing into his bank account as we speak. On top of that, so is former Penn State vice president Gary Schultz who was charged with perjury along with failing to report child abuse because it might look bad on the university. Meanwhile, thousands of Americans who aren’t raping kids are unemployed. Did I mention this post was going to be heartwarming? It’s like a roaring fire on Christmas morning. []

2. Mike McQueary is essentially being treated as a whistleblower. If you’re wondering how Mike McQueary technically still has a job, he’s on paid administrative leave right now, it turns out it’s because he did the bare fucking minimum in reporting Sandusky’s rape to Joe Paterno – a day later. As to why he didn’t stop Sandusky at the time, he was “distraught,” you guys. Hurt fee-fees are totes more serious than rape. Totes more serious. Meanwhile, Governor Tom Corbett had this to say yesterday:

McQueary met “the minimum obligation” of reporting what he saw to his superiors, who are required under Pennsylvania law to report such assaults to authorities. But McQueary “did not in my opinion meet a moral obligation that all of us would have,” said the governor, who as attorney general initiated the investigation that led to the charges.
Corbett also said people have to keep in mind “that this is also somebody who is a witness to this crime and is a very important witness.”

Read: “Unfortunately we have to protect the giant, opportunistic pussy because he’s our only eyewitness at this point.” [ESPN]

3. Jay Paterno cried because his dad wasn’t at Saturday’s game. Joe Paterno’s son Jay broke down crying during a post-game interview after Penn State lost to Nebraska. Before walking off, he choked up saying, “Dad, I wish you were here. We love you. Thank you.” Which would be understandable if Joe Paterno was missing the game because he had cancer or died, except he missed the game because CHILDREN GOT RAPED ON HIS WATCH. So basically Jay Paterno is crying because daddy couldn’t coach one last football game even after it’s basically a given that Joe PA looked the other way for years because of football. “But, c’mon, is child rape really that bad? Let’s give the old man one last pat on the back.” You fucking dick… [Bleacher Report]

Video of Crying Jay Paterno Below:

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  1. Sandusky Blew
    McQueary Knew
    Paterno Fuck You
    mcpoop 182

  2. Cock Dr

    “$58,000 annual pension”
    When the dust, semen, shit and barf from this thing finally settles the only people who will be fat and happy are the lawyers.

  3. Brought It

    NEVER ENOUGH. Never enough. Fuck these fucktwat neanderthal sports fans.

  4. “We need to hold a vigil for the victims.”


    “Shit, the whole world hates us even more now after we rioted in support of covering up child rape. We better pretend to feel sorry for the victims.”

    • RJ

      Right. 2,000 kids rioted. 15,000 others held a vigil.

      We really don’t care, its not like we raise $9million every year for kids with cancer.

      • RJ

        And when I say “kids” I mean “assholes that happen to attend our school.”

      • Guesty

        Would you and your fellow miscreants please shut the fuck up with that made-up number? You know well that total is shy of $60 million, in a tally added up since the late 1970s. Plus, what in the holy and rational world does that alleged level of fundraising have to do with anything?

        Your 2K estimate is low as hell, but I’m guessing you know that too. And you are really, seriously fooling yourself if you think hiring officials won’t look askance at resumes from Penn State undergrads still in school in the fall of 2011. Grad students will be given the benefit of the doubt, but undergrads, especially male, fratty types? No fucking way.

      • RJ

        Guesty, if you were intelligent enough to get sarcasm, you would understand why I said it.

        My 2K estimate isn’t actually mine, its what various media sources that were there, like ESPN, were reporting. You think its a low estimate based on what?

        And what makes you think any graduate is gonna be judged based on the uncontrolled emotions of handful of idiots? There’s 40,000 kids in that school, you saw a tiny fraction equal to the amount you’d find in any other school. So get your head on straight, because most of those graduates will end up more successful than you, and be able to buy your ass one day. That is, if they even wanted to.

    • m

      the worst thing ever might be if you were one of the maybe 10 students on campus more torn up about child rape than football. I can see this in job interviews in a few years: “oh, you were a student at Penn State fall of 2011? yea, you’re a dick and we’re not touching that with a 10 foot pole. bye.”

    • Kate

      I’m sorry, why the fuck are we tearing apart every single person at Penn State? Because some of the students are dumbasses and the rest of them aren’t, just like EVERY OTHER large group of people on the planet? Get your heads out of your asses, RJ is right.

  5. Orangish

    Amen. You nailed it.

  6. stratacat

    this whistleblower shit needs to stop. this isn’t about unpaid wages or safety conditions. HE WAS RAPING CHILDREN! the victim and his parents are the ones who came forward and told police what happened. not mcqueary.

    if this piece of fuck gets whistleblower status, then i don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    • Jim Jones

      As Fish mentioned, he met the minimum requirements by telling his superiors, even if they didn’t act (other than take away the rapist’s keys).

    • Drew

      The point (as affirmed by the comment “bare minimum”) is he told his supervisors, and nothing more. He could have very easily went to the authorities himself. So while he did what he was supposed to according to Penn State protocol, he obviously didn’t have the moral obligation to go further (read: didn’t give enough of a fuck).

      I basically just quoted Fish… did you even happen to read the fucking article, dipshit?

    • Venom

      They need McQueary to testify against Sandusky so they can actually prosecute him. What he did was wrong but if they go after him they risk blowing the whole case. It is one of the whole lesser of two evils/greater good scenarios.

      If Casey Anthony taught me anything is that there are retarded jurors out there and there are no guarantees that obvious criminals will be found guilty in a court of law.

    • I’m sorry, since when did “meeting the legal minimum ” become something honorable for all these easy-weeping, hand-wringing, one-sidedly empathetic Paterno apologists?

      I thought Paterno’s type of football was about excelling in effort, in trying to do beyond what was just required, in not sitting back and doing just enough not to get dropped form the squad, or from the standings. The irony, it is rich.

      Turns out all it took to succeed in JoePa’s book was a permanent 45 degree turn of the head so you didn’t have to see the results of what you were overlooking. Fuck me, an untrained chiropractor could accomplish THAT on a lot less money.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Eh, it’s 58k.

    You can’t live off that shit, that’s my annual alcohol and drugs budget for 2012.

  8. Fuckity, if McQueary was “distraught” at seeing Sandusky anally raping that child, what word describes the kid’s mental state when he saw McQueary turn his back on him and walk away?

    I mean, other than “commodity” and “expendable”.

    • Norm

      “what word describes the kid’s mental state when he saw McQueary turn his back on him and walk away?” — I’ve been wondering that, myself, ever since I first read what that a-hole McQueary did. That poor kid…

  9. Penn State Candlelight Vigil
    Commented on this photo:

    Guess she couldn’t keep a straight face. Nothing so moving as a smirk at a vigil against child rape.

  10. Jim Jones

    Eh, if child rape is OK with the pope, why wouldn’t it be OK with Penn State?

  11. Buddy the Elf

    How about God Bless The Kids and Families that were buttfucked in the shower for years while JoPa and his staff looked the other way.

  12. Venom

    The more and more I hear about this story and how deep the corruption goes and how long this went on for, it really makes me begin to wonder is Paterno himself was not in on the molestation with others.

    Not to mention there is talk that Sandusky was pimping out kids to wealthy donors. If Catholic priests who are supposed to be sitting on the right hand of God can molest and rape little kids, then anyone can.

    This was going on for potentially decades, don’t tell me that McQueary was the first one to catch him or know what was going on.

  13. “MY EYES!!” *runs away* – Mike M
    “MY POOR VIRGIN B HOLE” *cries and loses virginity* – Rape Victim

    i dont have words… that poor little boy.. i would like to think ANYONE else would have dialed 911 WHILE yelling GTFO

    *shakes head*
    this. world.

  14. Deacon Jones

    Anyone else buy Modern Warfare 3?


  15. whiskeyafternoon

    whew, thanks. I was worried we’d go an entire day without a post about ass rape.

    • Hey, we were hoping we’d go an entire day without a post complaining about how ass rape is boring. Guess we’re all disappointed, huh?

    • Yeah, what’s up with your post? Move along little doggie. You don’t need to be here. Unlike the poor young children pinned to a wall and fucked by there mentor. He’s damn lucky I didn’t walk in on it. The kids would have dialed 911 to save his ass.

      • whiskeyafternoon

        re: justifiable, Bengal–I’m just tired of being so saturated by this story everywhere I turn. There is no new information and it’s not as though anyone under the bright blue sky is defending him, so it’s just more of the same, rehashed day after day. That’s my opinion, and I’m entitled to it. So fuck off.

      • People are defending the program and all the knuckle draggers that turned a blind eye. I understand your overload, but when innocent kids are raped, with eye witnesses, and it continues, it needs pounded into the public arena; over and over and over. It is never boring. We talk about all the shit going on in the world and this happens everyday in America. It is that empathy and mentality, that allowed it to happen. That’s my opinion, so unless your a chick, you better bring a better game than fuck off. I suggest you move on if you’re bored. This debate will continue until this program is buried and rebooted; along with Sandusky. Your reply, implies, you are not bored with the subject by the way. Again, if it bothers you, move along.

    • Gee, sorry we can’t turn off the world because your neurons are “saturated” and your attention span is fixed at 60 seconds.

      *Sandusky admitted to showering and horsing around with young boys but said he is not a pedophile.
      *Sandusky’s daugher in law took out a restraining order on him so he can’t go near his grandkids.
      *Dorothy Sandusky called Victim 7 two weeks before he gave evidence despite him cutting contact withSandusky two years beforehand
      *Paterno’s name is off the Big Ten trophy

      See what Fish, in his magnanimity, spared you today? People ARE defending Paterno and still excusing McQueary, but your knowing those things would require you to actually apply a spare brain cell (not that you have any) and READ something instead of whining about how dreadfully “tired” you are of it all. Ennui’s a bitch, ain’t it?

      It may be your opinion, but it’s a fucking stupid and uninformed one. You’re more than entitled to voice it, but be advised that everyone who read it now knows the truth – you’re a complete fuckwit. So it would sort of be a waste of effort to convince anyone else of that since it’s already painfully obvious. Your work here is done. Besides, as you said, you’re tired.

      • whiskeyafternoon

        Bengal, I understand your position and was merely trying to say that I migrate here (as do many) to find some sanctuary from the heavy issues that weigh down the rest of us in this terrestrial realm day after day.

        justifiable: making presumptive demographic projections about people online is, as your great intellect must be aware of, an impossible task. if you were trying to demean me, you failed, and came across as a churlish middle school child. if you were trying to discredit my personal exhaustion with this story by use of invective, congratulations. you’re still an asshole. I see you’ve done little else with your monday than post essays here. we all think he’s a monster and the whole program is a vile mess. insulting me makes you appear moronic, not the reverse.

      • whiskeyafternoon

        and I’m not misinformed, thanks. I just don’t consider mob behavior as a personal opinion. let me know how Wittgenstein chimes in on that issue, dear sir.

      • Sliver

        Justifiable didn’t remind me of a middle school child, “whiskeyafternoon”. I’m glad people are pissed off. Maybe something will get done about child molestation if people get angry enough. I was molested as a child…I wish someone would have helped me, or beaten the shit out of the people who did it. I didn’t have much of a voice, and was super-shy. It took 10 years for me to actually get the courage to say something. Although I have since found ways to move on, I will always be different than if I had not been molested. I walk around carrying shame that should not be in my possession. Anyone who downplays the sexual abuse of children or claims it does not hurt them….is just making excuses for their own behavior. Not that you, whiskey, are a child molester, necessarily. I’m sure you’re just sick of hearing about it. That’s okay. Put your head in the sand…but eventually, even as a culture, we will all have to pay for our avoidance.

  16. Sal

    saw this cool shirt:

  17. brit

    American Football – aka.Girly Rugby – is a crappy game anyway.
    Seriously, who the fuck cares about a sport that consists of 5 seconds of running, then 2 minutes of high-fiving the rest of your team for accomplishing some shitty play, while nodding your head rapidly, then 3 minutes of commercial breaks while the team recovers from their 5-second exertion.
    Americans should watch proper sports like REAL rugby or Aussie Rules Football which are infinitely more physically challenging or Association Football (soccer) which require a combination of strength, fitness and finess.

    And fuck Joe Paterno and his whole bunch. Motherfucker.

    • Colonel Chunks

      Yeah, but all those sports suck

    • D-chi

      The fact that football is in any way more important than the lives of children is disgusting. McQueary should be tarred and feathered.

    • TomFrank

      A couple of years ago, the Wall Street Journal did a study and found that your NFL average game consists of 11 minutes of actual football. The game clock is 60 minutes, but the ball is “in play” for only 11 minutes…and the whole thing takes over three hours to watch. Association football/soccer at least gives you a full 90 minutes of play—even with stoppage, they add time on at the end so it’s still a full 90 minutes.

      Just putting that out there.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Right on, Brit. Not only are rugby and Aussie Rules actual sports with extended periods of running and tackling, they don’t wear all-over body armor like a bunch of pussy crybabies! :D heheh

  18. Donald Trump

    Jay Paterno – Fucking sissy boy.

  19. Bieber Belieber

    I hate Sandusky as much as the next guy but you can’t take someone’s pension away before they have been convicted.

    • I actually wouldn’t get too hot and bothered about it – I figure once he’s convicted (OMFG I just threw the poor Constitution out the window, my bad) – OK, IF he’s convicted – the civil suits against him on behalf of the victims will claim it, half his house, and anything else that his wife doesn’t own outright.

      • jenyjenjen

        I’m sure he has all his money in his wife or kids names or in trusts that can’t be touched. He’s known he was under investigation for years, he’s had plenty of time to protect his assets.

    • D-chi

      But you can take his kidney.

  20. y

    i think mcquery is as fucked up as the rest of them but i have to say when readying the indicment he did seem like he was scared. as a sexual abuse vicitm myself, not that i am sticking up for McQ, but i have to say fear is an amazing power. and for everyone else to say i would have done this, and this, and this i think is a little unfair. its like when everyone says they would beat someone up if they broke if your home but you have no idea how parallizing fear is.

    • Ok, let’s examine this. So he was scared. He’s a 28 year old man, but say he was scared, shocked, incedulous, disturbed, nauseous, “distraught” and all the rest of Roget’s best at seeing what had to be weeping, frightened child in pain on the receiving end of Sandusky’s penis. He turned around, left and went to his office called his dad. Now what the righteous fuck is wrong with dad, WHO’S A DOCTOR, that HE didn’t pick up the phone and call 911 if poor shook-up Mikey couldn’t dial any more? No, DAD’S advice is that it’s be “prudent” to discuss it with nice ol’ JoePa’s house – not his office, mind you, where someone might see or overhear them – THE NEXT FUCKING DAY.

      Everyone along this road has been proven to be completely devoid of any sort of ethical code whatsoever, from Mike McQueary to Dad McQueary, MD to Paterno – who’s still claiming HE DIDN’T KNOW EXACTLY HOW GRAPHIC THE MOLESTATION WAS – as if that somehow excuses ignoring ANY sort of molestation whatsoever.

      I’m sorry that you had to endure what you did, and I do realize what fear can do, but it’s not a valid tempering factor here. I can see paralyzing fear on the part of the victim, but on the witness – and the witness’s father? NO WAY.

      I’m not gonna accept that “it’s a little unfair” to blame poor stricken Mike when Mike had the mother-wit to rope in Daddy from the get-go. Daddy wasn’t a paraplegic, so why wasn’t he either dialing 911 or else insisting Mike follow up in, I dunno, THE NEXT NINE YEARS???

      McQueary walked away with a sweet career in payment for his further silence, and his father abetted him in the crime – because I do consider both father and son had a legal obligation to do something. Term it “malum in se” if you want to be legal – what they did is so inherently wrong, it’s evil in and of itself, and therefore needs to be dealt with on that basis alone.

    • Nah, Fish for President. I’ll be in charge of Vice.

    • Sliver

      If McQeary (really, that’s your name?!?) was supposedly afraid, can you imagine what the victim was feeling? Just for a second imagine being molested by some squeege, and someone walks in, and sees it. Ok, besides the embarrassment, I would be like, holy shit, someone is going to do something! WRONG. So the guy who witnesses it, LEAVES. Not to find a phone to call the cops, not to go straight to the police after nearly beating the molester to death, well-beaten molester in hand, but LEAVES. The kid, already having no self-esteem, most likely, is left sitting there with a guy who, let’s face it, could easily have killed or harmed the kid further. So does the kid see anyone actually come forward after this debacle? Hell the fuck no. So for X amount of years, the kid now believes his worth is zero and that everyone at Pedo State is okay with this. I cannot even fathom how low the child(ren)’s self-respect must have sunk at the handling of this. Well, actually I can, but it still amazes me. So at the end of the day…here is my opinion…Penn State has a lot of child molesters, or simply a ring of pedophilia. They tend to support each other’s evil. I think it goes much deeper than just the mishandling of a crime. Most likely the whole lot of them were involved in this. They would get all these kids (through Sandusky’s child organization) and molest them or pimp them out, or both. Now everybody thinks the real molesters are victims or scapegoats, when they were in on it the whole time. This is a theory. Believe whatever you want.

  21. nakedtuna

    can we talk about that shithead’s dad? technically, as a doctor, mcqueary’s dad is a “mandated reporter,” meaning that if he even suspects child abuse is occuring he must report it. seeing that his son told him what he witnessed with his very own eyes, charges should be brought against his father for not reporting it .. how can that man claim to be a doctor .. FIRST, DO NO HARM .. doing nothing in that situation, yeah pretty harmful .. what state does he practice in .. board of medicine needs to be notified. .. and yeah, protect mcqueary until he testifies .. unfortunately he is needed to put that goddamn piece of shit behind bars .. but after, penn state may not be able to fire him .. but he can’t go to work if he’s in a coma from the very justafiable beatdown that i’m sure plenty of people would be willing to give him ..

    and can we please put sandusky in with the gp? .. it says a lot when even murderers and psychopaths think you’re a goddamn disgusting worthless piece of shit .. they have to separate them bc child molesters find death rapidly when placed in with the general population in jail .. :)

    • Because I raised this issue last week, I checked the specifics out over the weekend with my brother, who actually is a doctor. (I just play one on-line.) McQueary Sr. is only under a legal obligation if the child in question is his patient.

      And you can see that he sure as shit didn’t bust any moves that day to even come close to making the kid his patient.

    • Agreed. My dad was a cop and told me the two things you never want to go to jail for is rape and killing a child. Guess how bad child rapist are treated? He won’t last long. I think the judge who let him out, with no bond, knows it too. I think they’ll find him dead in a few days. You heard it here first.

      • RJ

        I heard that too. I’ve been joking with people that he’s actually probably safer…errr…will suffer a less painful death in jail than in a group of Penn Staters. At least my friends and my feelings toward him. We’d leave no trace too. :-)

    • As emotionally satisfying as it to call for hanging, burning, beating to death, stoning, dragging or anything else without benefit of trial and due process, please don’t. Vigilante justice is fucked because it’s no justice at all.

      For nine years these fuckers took the law into their own hands and made their own “in house” decisions as to what they were gonna punish and what they were gonna reward, and I’ll be goddamned if that should be the rule of the day here. We are all better than they are and we should show them that. They deserve to go every painful inch of the way through the legal system that they oh so conveniently avoided, and the fair state of PA, representing THE PEOPLE, should be scrupulous and above reproach in its treatment of them. If they’re convicted, they should suffer the maximum penalty, no reprieve. This will be something they earned, and were given within a legal framework. If none of that appeals, consider that if someone beats Sandusky to death you won’t get to see or appeciate it the way you will seeing him get his in court.

      However, nothing can stop the wave of shit that is current public opinion from swamping them, but even though it should scar and scald them, it should never get physically violent.

      That wave is, unfortunately, all that McQueary will ever get in the way of legal punishment, so I hope the surf’s up, brah’. As a man who followed “the rules” and did what was minimally required of him and not a jot more, he should appreciate the irony that the system can’t save him from what people will think of him and say to his face. I hope he’s never able to hold his head up again.

      • I meant, he’ll take his own life, now that it’s exposed. These people lived in a different world where they thought they were untouchable. Now that reality has set in and the media spot light is on something other than football, they will crumble under the deafening noise of separation and protect my ass. Watch and see. More is to come unfortunately.

    • I think he’ll NEVER admit it. He’ll go to prison claiming he was “misunderstood”, that he was “wrong” because what he did could be “misunderstood” and he was “foolish” because now he sees how such a “harmless” and “innocent” action like “horseplay” and “hugging” could be so misinterpreted by dirty-minded people, but he’ll NEVER admit to molestation.


    • Venom


      That is not true. I asked my father who is a physician whether you were mandated to report it and he said no. He said ethically and as a decent human being you should, but you are not mandated to.

      • TomFrank

        I’m not sure, Venom, but I think the rules (laws, medical board ethics regulations, etc.) regarding mandatory requirement differ from state to state.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        You have to report to the police because you have knowledge of a crime that is actionable by them. They want to arrest the offender. Here in Australia the doctor goes straight to the cops, as it should be. What kind of fucked up system lets them turn a blind eye?!

  22. long dong silver

    paterno should get butt fucked by long dong silver. google image that guy to see how long his dick is. that thing should be all the way up paterno’s ass hole for letting those poor boys get butt fucked by that evil homosexual man jerry sandusky.

    • TomFrank

      Didn’t we all look that image up 20 years ago? I don’t even remember what we used for Google back then. But I remember looking it up…somehow.

  23. Bob

    Rugby doesnt matter… Kind of like soccer.

  24. long dong silver

    oops i think i just made it sound like i want to butt fuck jerry sandusky lol i’m not gay and i’m my name is not really long dong silver, just so i make a correction to my mistake. my name is wrong dong silver.

    • Sure Jerry. I would suggest avoiding Dong, Long, and or Buttfuck at your trial. Some would call those “buzzwords”.

      • long dong silver

        lol yeah i even made another mistake when i tried to correct the last mistake i made. i made it sound more like i want to butt fuck paterno not sandusky lol i should have thought that through a little bit more, but both those guys should be punished for letting those boys get butt fucked!

      • I would suggest not posting anymore. Mainly because buttfucking for the sake of buttfucking is buttfucking for no reason. Also Sandusky has not seen buttfucking since buttfucking was invented once he reaches buttfucking prison. He’s what I would call a buttfuck buddy to many in said buttfucking prison. But I can’t be sure, I heard it from my associate Buttfuck Bill. He’s had a tough buttfucking life thanks to his asshole buttfucking father. As a result, he has a permanent resisdence in that buttfucking prison I spoke of earlier. I also think the judged was buttfucked in the head when she made the most buttfucking call in 101swearing in a buttfucking juror. Recuse your ass if there is a small chance of fucking, sorry I forgot the butt part, conflict of interest. Have a great night.

  25. And McQueary is now emailling people claiming:

    “I did the right thing…you guys know me…the truth is not out there fully…I didn’t just turn and run…I made sure it stopped…I had to make quick tough decisions.”

    Yeah, and Sandusky claims he just likes to have a little horseplay with kids in the shower. And touch their legs. And hug them. Without intent of sexual contact.

    And I believe them both. And as soon as I get my money from that Nigerian bank account and help that Nigerian astronaut on that secret mission return from space, I’m gonna help them prove it.

    • Sandy

      what a huge decade old shitpile. missing DA. judge who let fuckhead go the other day, old pal of his. and now these fucktards are yakkin about how they’re not fucking guilty! McQueary “I did the right thing”. WTF??? Sandysky” gosh I shounta showered with those boys” AW SHUCKS!! FUCK YOU!!!!! Up the ass preferably, with something the size of your sense of entitlement!!! cunting whores. they make the Kardashians look like real people. oh and thanks Fish. You’re right on as usual .

      • If Sandusky can make bail, the judge can’t imprison him, he’s been charged and will await trial- everyone’s entitled to that.

        That actually doesn’t bother me – far from it, I’m happy. Fuckholes like this can’t keep their mouths shut, they have to be right, they can’t stand not being in charge and the media will help them hang themselves. Every time he opens his mouth or McQueary sends an email, the pit they dig for themselves gets deeper.

        They’re both on graveyard shift with a backhoe at this point.

  26. Mookyfoofoo

    You know the links don’t work for us schmucks using android, right?

  27. By the way Fish, I’m working toward that one percent everyone’s bitchin about. Like me on my Facebook fan page Bengaltails. Sorry, had to bring some levity to the thread. I’m out for now. Good night folks. Tell your kids you love them. And anyone else you care about.

  28. forrest gump


  29. D-chi

    So I guess the picture of Sandusky at the airport was in fact not him?

  30. Josh

    Fish says man up if your feelings are hurt but then continues to be butthurt and whine. You’re not going to change anything so why bother with this bullshit. I’m a vegetarian but i dont bang on about “omg you’re KILLING animals, this is WRONG”. I realise the futility of it and go play xbox.

  31. JC from PSU

    As a Penn State student and a victim of sexual abuse. all I can say is “FUCK SANDUSKY! JOE PATERNO and every member of PENN STATE that put athletics over the integrity of the school and allowed that piece of shit human monster not only continue to steal the innocence of children but draw an enormous check!” Have a nice time in prison and HELL.

    We are! Full of shit!

  32. Liv

    hey dude who runs, you make me proud with your stance on the Joe PA situation. blew my mind that people were pissed that he was fired, and i totally respect your anger and outright awe at the people defending him and the other idiots involved in this situation. you’re a good guy and i appreciate it.

  33. *St@r~*~blosSom*

    bastard is disgusting. that school is a fkn disgrace. SHAME

  34. R.C.Bar

    If you see an old man butt-fucking a ten year old,and you don’t stop him and help the kid right away, your a scum bag.

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