Jerry Sandusky Still Pulling A Pension From Penn State And Other Horsesh*t

Jesus fucking Christ…

[Ed. Note: Before I start shitting on anyone who puts football above not letting children get raped, included in this gallery are photos from the massive crowd of Penn State students who held a candlelight vigil Friday night for the victims of Jerry Sandusky. And while I can’t really know everyone’s intentions here, it’s safe to say the jackasses who rioted over the firing of Joe Paterno Wednesday night don’t represent the student body. So thanks to those who attended the vigil for a beacon of human decency in this horrible fucking quagmire that just gets worse and worse each day. And on that note, to the post.]

Here are the latest updates on the unfolding Penn State scandal that’s already cost legendary coach Joe Paterno his job, along with Penn State president Graham Spanier after a grand jury investigation revealed a massive cover-up spanning a decade that allowed former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky to rape several young boys inside Penn State’s football facilities. And if you’re not feeling any of this coverage, I’m tucking it all under the jump along with a little parachute so you can land safely onto the next post. Think of me as your caring anti-McQueary.

(See? Parachute.)

1. Jerry Sandusky is still pulling a pension. A $58,000 annual pension to be exact that is still flowing into his bank account as we speak. On top of that, so is former Penn State vice president Gary Schultz who was charged with perjury along with failing to report child abuse because it might look bad on the university. Meanwhile, thousands of Americans who aren’t raping kids are unemployed. Did I mention this post was going to be heartwarming? It’s like a roaring fire on Christmas morning. []

2. Mike McQueary is essentially being treated as a whistleblower. If you’re wondering how Mike McQueary technically still has a job, he’s on paid administrative leave right now, it turns out it’s because he did the bare fucking minimum in reporting Sandusky’s rape to Joe Paterno – a day later. As to why he didn’t stop Sandusky at the time, he was “distraught,” you guys. Hurt fee-fees are totes more serious than rape. Totes more serious. Meanwhile, Governor Tom Corbett had this to say yesterday:

McQueary met “the minimum obligation” of reporting what he saw to his superiors, who are required under Pennsylvania law to report such assaults to authorities. But McQueary “did not in my opinion meet a moral obligation that all of us would have,” said the governor, who as attorney general initiated the investigation that led to the charges.
Corbett also said people have to keep in mind “that this is also somebody who is a witness to this crime and is a very important witness.”

Read: “Unfortunately we have to protect the giant, opportunistic pussy because he’s our only eyewitness at this point.” [ESPN]

3. Jay Paterno cried because his dad wasn’t at Saturday’s game. Joe Paterno’s son Jay broke down crying during a post-game interview after Penn State lost to Nebraska. Before walking off, he choked up saying, “Dad, I wish you were here. We love you. Thank you.” Which would be understandable if Joe Paterno was missing the game because he had cancer or died, except he missed the game because CHILDREN GOT RAPED ON HIS WATCH. So basically Jay Paterno is crying because daddy couldn’t coach one last football game even after it’s basically a given that Joe PA looked the other way for years because of football. “But, c’mon, is child rape really that bad? Let’s give the old man one last pat on the back.” You fucking dick… [Bleacher Report]

Video of Crying Jay Paterno Below:

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