First Photo of Jerry Sandusky Since Scandal Broke, And He’s At An Airport. Oh, Good.

Mel Gibson’s embarrassed for us.

UPDATE: So this was NOT Jerry Sandusky (Hence Mel.), however, TMZ claims a “Gerald Sandusky” did board the plane because they’re Chunk from The Goonies now. “Okay, so Michael Jackson didn’t stop at my house to use the bathroom — but his sister did!” In the meantime, I think we owe Thailand an apology because, wow, were their hopes up. We’re talking about their Golden Goose here.


TMZ has obtained the first photo of Jerry Sandusky since the scandal broke last week, and keep in mind it was taken this morning at LaGuardia AIRPORT which should probably concern a whole lot of people. Not to mention he’s eating Dunkin Donuts, and everyone knows they’re the most kid-tasting donuts on the market. There’s literally no end to this tragedy.

Adding… Apparently nobody punched this guy in the dick, so we’re officially the wieniest nation on the planet now. I said it.

Photo: Splash News