First Photo of Jerry Sandusky Since Scandal Broke, And He’s At An Airport. Oh, Good.

November 14th, 2011 // 48 Comments
Mel Gibson
The Aftermath
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Mel Gibson‘s embarrassed for us.

UPDATE: So this was NOT Jerry Sandusky (Hence Mel.), however, TMZ claims a “Gerald Sandusky” did board the plane because they’re Chunk from The Goonies now. “Okay, so Michael Jackson didn’t stop at my house to use the bathroom — but his sister did!” In the meantime, I think we owe Thailand an apology because, wow, were their hopes up. We’re talking about their Golden Goose here.


TMZ has obtained the first photo of Jerry Sandusky since the scandal broke last week, and keep in mind it was taken this morning at LaGuardia AIRPORT which should probably concern a whole lot of people. Not to mention he’s eating Dunkin Donuts, and everyone knows they’re the most kid-tasting donuts on the market. There’s literally no end to this tragedy.

Adding… Apparently nobody punched this guy in the dick, so we’re officially the wieniest nation on the planet now. I said it.

Photo: Splash News


  1. TheBalls

    Thats not Sandusky, but nice try.

    • If that is Sandusky, what the hell is he doing walking around? I assumed they’d thrown him in hell and lost the key.

    • K

      That is not Sandusky. That is my dad traveling home. He was sitting at the airport eating a bagel and reading Scripture on notecards. He is a husband, a father, a Christian man and a dentist. This association is rude and horrifying, but mostly reckless. Will the peolpe responsible please apologize and make this right somehow?

  2. Snuff

    Probably heading to Thailand.

    Everyone runs on dunkins!

  3. Cock Dr

    Did he buy a one way ticket to a Far Eastern county with lax/corrupt law enforcement?

  4. Steelerchick

    Heading to Disneyland. I hear the pickins are great there.

  5. baloo

    woah that’s really wrong linking some random old man with a child rapist. That’s crossing the line Fish!

  6. Rico Jones

    Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer probably argued he was not a flight risk. Boy is his lawyers face red now.

  7. Richard McBeef

    I hear Bahrain is nice this time of year.

  8. Does Dunkin’ Donuts sell donut balls in extra small?

  9. Fester

    The crinkly center on those cake donuts probably brings back a lot of fond memories, eh Jer?

  10. Beefarino

    I think he is eating munchkins..specifically the lollipop guild

  11. D-chi

    Did TMZ label this guy as Sandusky? It does resemble him, but I’m not so sure that’s the guy.

  12. So do you think he just walked up to the counter at Dunkin Donuts and said “what tastes most like young boy penis”?

  13. Deacon Jones

    That’s not Sandusky.

    TMZ’s about to get hit with a libel suit, same as you FISH.

    When you’re out on bail, your passport is taken and freedom to leave the state is restricted. Plus, he’s got cops guarding him which wouldnt let him leave the PA border.

    • Fester

      It’s definitely Sandusky. He could travel out of state with court permission. Have to be a good reason. Maybe NO Pennsylvania attorneys want him.
      Assuming that really IS La Guardia and was taken since the charges were filed.

  14. Venom

    This country has really become pussified.
    In the old days he would have been killed within hours or at least beaten to within an inch of his life, even if he hid out in his house.

    For him to be able to walk around and fly with nothing happen to him is just sad. You would think with all the roiled up douchebags running around these days at least one of them would have beaten the shit out of him by now.

  15. Lemmiwinks

    **BREAKING** Defiant Sandusky arrives for court appearance in Oscar Mayer wiener-mobile.

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  17. ChinoLatino

    It looks like him but it might be, Isn’t Sandusky out on bail but on house arrest??

  18. Hanz

    Not him. TMZ is stupid. Looks absolutely nothing like him. The old perv is still in College Station

  19. jeni

    That isn’t Sandusky…

  20. Justice

    Die f’er, die!!!!!
    You f’ing pervert!!!!!!

  21. Buddy the Elf

    PLEASE tell me that’s only mayonnaise on his lips.

  22. Melissa

    Innocent until proven guilty. He deserves the benefit of the doubt and all the people who are mad are just jealous that they never had a great coach like JoePa or a great coordinator like Jerry Sandusky.

    • Rico Jones

      LOL! There is an eye witness! Let me guess. You are a Penn State Alumni? One that is willing to turn a blind eye to child rape because your football team is more important. JoePa is a child abuse enabler. I hope someone rapes you in your ass. HARD!

    • I don’t think any young boys are jealous of the great “coaching” that others received at Penn state.

    • Samantha

      Innocent until proven guilty, sure. But out with no monitoring device? Without having to pay a cent of bail? At the very least, he should be under house arrest or should have been given a substantial bail price.

  23. Psst, Fish, you need to add an “r” to “Aiport”.

    But exquisite save with the Mel slapshot.

  24. Margarita

    Am sure the “dunkin” taste great. Ha-ha-haaa

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