Who Keeps Bailing Jerry Sandusky Out Of Jail?

Answer: Why his wife, of course.

Via TMZ:

The records show Sandusky’s wife forked over a $50k personal check … in addition to Jerry using $200,000 in real estate holdings to post the bail. It’s not clear if/when Jerry was released from custody.

For those of you don’t know, Jerry Sandusky was arrested again yesterday on two more charges of raping young boys, possibly with whiskey and ass. But for a minute, let’s all be Joe Paterno and completely ignore the child rape to focus on, really, just one hell of a committed wife. I’m talking about a woman who’s willing to take “through sickness and in health” all the way to, “Yes, I’ll bail you out the very next day after you get arrested for raping kids for the 25th time.” Christ, she probably makes him coffee and breakfast when he comes out of the basement each morning with their grandkids.

DOROTHY: Rough morning, dear?
JERRY: Ah, boys’ll be boys. Say, is that scrapple?

Ah, good old-fashioned Americana.

Photo: Getty