Who Keeps Bailing Jerry Sandusky Out Of Jail?

December 8th, 2011 // 25 Comments
Jerry Sandusky Mug Shot
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Answer: Why his wife, of course.

Via TMZ:

The records show Sandusky’s wife forked over a $50k personal check … in addition to Jerry using $200,000 in real estate holdings to post the bail. It’s not clear if/when Jerry was released from custody.

For those of you don’t know, Jerry Sandusky was arrested again yesterday on two more charges of raping young boys, possibly with whiskey and ass. But for a minute, let’s all be Joe Paterno and completely ignore the child rape to focus on, really, just one hell of a committed wife. I’m talking about a woman who’s willing to take “through sickness and in health” all the way to, “Yes, I’ll bail you out the very next day after you get arrested for raping kids for the 25th time.” Christ, she probably makes him coffee and breakfast when he comes out of the basement each morning with their grandkids.

DOROTHY: Rough morning, dear?
JERRY: Ah, boys’ll be boys. Say, is that scrapple?

Ah, good old-fashioned Americana.

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  1. First! Vampires, that’s who!

  2. Cock Dr

    One victim describes getting raped in the Sandusky household basement, and screaming like a banshee.
    The wife was home at the time: she stayed upstairs.

    • Northeast Pennsylvania Association of Scrapple Producers

      maybe she thought the screaming was just her signal to start frying up the scrapple? ass raping young boys can work up a powerful hunger, and nothing satisfies that hunger like scrapple. This message brought to you by the national scrapple producers association. The national scrapple producers association does not endorse ass raping of children, but then, we ain’t tellin nobody either, wink, wink!

      • Cock Dr

        Scrapple is pork processing by products mixed with flour and formed into a loaf.
        Scrapple is so so gross. It’s like eating the assholes of a thousand pigs.

  3. Rob


  4. Venom

    They need to give this man a gun and a couple of bullets and lock him in a room until he does the right thing. He is just a monster and his wife is a piece of shit too.

    • I’m truly surprised he’s still alive. When his lawyer stops lying to him about his chances and he accepts he’s not going to get some sort of pro-NAMBLA OJ jury, he’ll be “discovered this morning by family members.”

    • Dan

      I’m surprised one of his victims hasn’t taken him out yet either… he has so many of them. Who would know who did it.

      Also, the jury would more than likely go really easy on the person who put this sick man down.

    • JC

      They must have this guy on complete lockdown when he is in jail (waiting for his wife to bail him out). Otherwise there’d be nothing left of him. It’s my understanding that child molesters tend to lead particularly fascinating social lives in prison.

  5. King Diamond

    Drug dealers or fraud don’t give you bail, but raping children, your allowed to walk freely on bail.

    I’ll use a quote thats true from a great Metal band called Nevermore. From their song “Inside Four Walls”

    “It is a known fact, that in the United States of America, typically, drug offenders do more time than child molesters, rapists, and murderers. Is this Justice? Is this the American way?

  6. stratacat

    Lindsay Lohan’s done more jail time at this point.

  7. Sizzle

    I’m a Juniata College grad, and I was REAL happy to hear they denied him a volunteer coaching position last May because he was being investigated by police for raping a kid at Central Mountain High in Lock Haven.

    Apparently, safety of children > football still holds true at some institutions. Probably helps that JC’s football record is 1-19 in the last two seasons…go eagles?

  8. Frank Burns

    Saw his really cool lawyer on CBS Early Show claiming that Sandusky is ‘really just a big kid’ – so he’s actually going to float the Michael Jackson defense on this one. I’d be happy that Sandusky is getting bankrupted on this one, if the guy getting his money wasn’t so sleazy himself.

  9. Maybe while he’s out, Trump can hire him for a season of The Apprentice. Worked for Blagojevich.

  10. Maybe it’s Paterno that’s bailing him out. I still think they should name the tarp on the field after Paterno since he covered so much shit up.

  11. Jerry Sandusky Mug Shot
    Commented on this photo:

    This guy is a low life scum bag. Give him the max that he deserves!

  12. Hans Geseundheit

    This guy should get a long prison sentence and he will be anally gang raped before he gets out , if he ever gets out vertically

  13. Sean

    John Wayne Gacy’s wife defended her husband too. Ditto for the wife of Dr. William Ayres, a former President of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry who was arrested in California for molesting hundreds of adolscent boys. His wife Solveig just sticks by him…

    Newsweek had a good story this week about how the characteristics of wives of pedophiles- low self esteem, no identity other than being married to their husbands, mentally unstable.

  14. The Royal Penis

    Everyone is missing the obvious, anal intrusion into Jerry’s life is something he’ll look forward to.

    Inwardly he wants to be sodomized and killed by someone in jail.

    He’ll never kill himself unfortunately, and when Big Bubba is giving him his last Donkey Punch he’ll be lovin every minute of his trip to hell.

  15. Sean

    Illuminating article in Newsweek this week about the wives of pedophiles:
    “The Wives of Sex Offenders: Was Dottie Sandusky Complicit?”

  16. Roughen

    Lol At people trying to make sense as of why she bailed out (or continuously) The old bag don’t want to be alone. You want to see her get back on the dating scene ?

  17. CranAppleSnapple

    It’s Punxsutawney Phil.

  18. forrest gump

    ……………his mother?

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