Jerry O’Connell Was Almost Cool Again

January 19th, 2011 // 20 Comments

At the beginning of the month Jerry O’Connell decided to pop his head out of obscurity and show the world he’s secretly been honing his body to become one of the greatest photobombers of our generation. (Second only to Michael Douglas.) While I was quick to make a joke about his career, others were equally as quick to point out he goes home every night to bang Rebecca Romijn which, I’ll admit, is a valid point. Or at least was until I saw these photos. Here’s the two of them tandem biking yesterday and absolutely nothing about this says, “Let’s go home and bang every night,” as much as, “We’re picking out duvets.” As for what a duvet is, I have no fucking clue. I’m not French. (It’s that thing that sprays water up your ass, isn’t it? God, Hollywood is weird.)

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Wow. Nothing says “geek” like a tandem bike…unless it’s wearing matching outfits on a tandem bike.

    I miss “Sliders”.

  2. And not one pic with a reach around. Would have been way cooler if he was on the back. Although we wouldn’t have got photo 6.

  3. theroughone

    I think its call liking the chick you’re with. But don’t quote me on that I have to check wikepedia first…

  4. theroughone

    Matching shirt is kind of extreme. Women should be kept at a distance. Look at what she’s tiurning him into…

  5. Johnny Cage

    This guy is personal hero of mine. If I were him I’d totally ride down a bumpy cobble stone road just to feel a sweaty Rebecca grind all over my back.

    Jerry owns.

  6. BT

    I would love to be her bike seat for an hour…

  7. Jerry O'Connell Rebecca Romijn
    Commented on this photo:

    I have never seen lycra quite that baggie before. Maybe at my 4-year old’s first swim meet.

  8. Ed

    Men only work to get money to attract women, so he’s only not working because he’s already accomplished this goal at the highest level.

  9. wim

    put stevie wonder in front…………………..AND PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. juaquin ingles

    This guy’s always just been the goofy fat kid from Stand By Me. Will Wheaton is even a step ahead of this schmo.

  11. superALEX

    my duvet is the bathroom sink.

  12. isabelle

    ok let me enlighten you monsieur fish,
    I’m french , and a “duvet” is a blanket made of feathers ( duck or goose) very warm.
    and a “bidet” madame bitch please is ( a kind of ) mini tub where you were supposed to wash your ass about 100 years ago, don’t pee or poop in it!

    the thing that sprays water up your ass must be that chinese new toilet thingy but not french!

  13. Sliders

    Sliders was one of the best shows ever before it went crap. This guy rocks.

  14. Crossing Jordan

    I have loved Jerry O’Connell and followed his career since he first landed the role of Detective Woody Hoyt on Crossing Jordan. This just so fits his personality. What is wrong with a guy who just likes going out and having fun with his wife? They’re riding a bike. How many Hollywood couples do you see out and about and actually enjoying each other’s company?? I think this is refreshing to see and more power to them!

  15. Elizabeth

    They’re wearing matching shirts to be funny. By the way, these photos were taken several years ago.

  16. Jerry O'Connell Rebecca Romijn
    Commented on this photo:

    Hate to say it, but Jerry has never even come close to “almost cool”. He’s a committed dork. This marriage looks to be doomed by tandem. Jerry is the one guy who can make John Stamos look like a stud.

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