Jerry O’Connell Was Almost Cool Again

At the beginning of the month Jerry O’Connell decided to pop his head out of obscurity and show the world he’s secretly been honing his body to become one of the greatest photobombers of our generation. (Second only to Michael Douglas.) While I was quick to make a joke about his career, others were equally as quick to point out he goes home every night to bang Rebecca Romijn which, I’ll admit, is a valid point. Or at least was until I saw these photos. Here’s the two of them tandem biking yesterday and absolutely nothing about this says, “Let’s go home and bang every night,” as much as, “We’re picking out duvets.” As for what a duvet is, I have no fucking clue. I’m not French. (It’s that thing that sprays water up your ass, isn’t it? God, Hollywood is weird.)

Photos: Pacific Coast News