Jeremy Piven’s next role? Guy getting sued

January 17th, 2009 // 30 Comments

Jeremy Piven is getting his ass sued by the producers of “Speed-the-Plow,” according to the AP:

They have filed a grievance with Actors’ Equity Association, the stage actors’ union, against Jeremy Piven for abruptly leaving the Broadway revival last month.
Piven quit the David Mamet comedy less than two months after it opened to favorable reviews at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre. The actor’s doctor said Piven was unable perform because of high levels of mercury in his system, possibly caused by eating large amounts of raw fish.

I guess they didn’t believe his performance for Diane Sawyer. Or they’re just doing it for the halibut. Ha cha cha cha! I’m drowning myself in the tub now.

Photo: WENN

  1. Spoonman

    First! And fuck Jeremy Piven!

  2. Spoonman

    First! And fuck Jeremy Piven!

  3. frist


  4. My favorite part was when he dated Melrose from America’s Next Top Model

  5. Balack Obama

    Who? Why do we care?

  6. me

    Anyone posting after me plows Jeremy Piven’s ass

  7. me

    I ride a dildo.

    And Piven is getting plowed by karma:

  8. Buddy Love

    #5: If you don’t at least know who Jeremy Piven is by now, you’re a fucking moron. Judging by your name making fun of our next (and soon to be best) president, I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

  9. Hillary Clinton

    #8 You, Jeremy Piven and Bacrock Obama should have a threesome since you are so in love with them. Obama can put one up your ass while Piven puts it in your mouth

  10. I don’t care. I love him anyways. He rocks as Ari Gold and that should be enough

  11. Brad Pitt

    Haha, that’s why I don’t eat fish.

  12. HankTheDwarf

    Jeremy Piven’s wig should get pancreatic cancer.

  13. GG1000

    God, he just buries himself deeper every time he opens his mouth. I recommend a 6-month trip to Bhutan and it’ll all blow over. Hey dumb@ss, shut UP already about it!

  14. amanda

    i remember him having alot less hair in PCU… good call hank!

  15. gfar

    Fuck you all, Piven rules.
    “…for the halibut.” — that line is GOLD, as is Piven!

  16. HankTheDwarf

    @14; Yeah he was pretty much slick bald when he guested on Seinfeld, so it’s especially embarrassing.

  17. Balack Obama

    F you #8 Buddy Love. Go watch your gay Eddie Murphy movies and wack off to the iniggaration. How the fuck does being black make him the best president? You stupid ass. like anyone else, he actually has to DO something to become great, not just be something. But that is why you voted for him. You thought government would make you better and not your own actions. Get in line for your check he promised you.

  18. Sheva

    Timez ta getz paid. Wez wantz ourz rerationziz.

    Spend baby spend. Spend trillions to prosperity.

    Heard Harry Reid has his shovel in Nevada ready for the ceremony to launch the Mafia Museum, brought to you by Uncle Sam.

    It’s a stimulus to the economy I tell ya. Nevada needs it. And so it goes.


  19. Conky

    Why did the comments in this story change from Piven and his coke habit to the Zero-bama?

    I like Piven as Ari Gold but I hear he can snort coke so fast it brings a tear to Lindsay Lohan’s eye and I mean that literally as she starts crying when all the “blow”(our new president’s pet term for cocaine) disappears.



    I don’t understand how Piven can be sick when lots of asians eat fish everyday. Maybe he just had some bad fish, but come on.

  21. @19

    Speaking of “blow”, I would like to “blow” every one of the posters on this thread. Twice. (If you’re female, please disregard. thx.)

    also, any spammers or that sexy ass george hu– you get a rusty trombone, todders-style. (as long as you check out this HI-lareeous vid of that dude at Wal-Mart that got trampled to death…)

  22. amanda

    it really is a terrible wig, he’d look better bald! the only actor i can think of that can pull of a wig is bert reynolds….

  23. todders is retarded

    …..i hate you todders

  24. I’m sure he prefers a DILDO IN HIS ASS instead, folks?

  25. debutante

    LEAVE JEREMY PIVEN ALONE !! He totally makes the show Entourage and deserves every award he gets. He probably ran himself down doing live shows every day plus his diet of fish only for five years can’t be the healthiest thing in the world !


    He’s a douchebag who yearns to star in gay porn. Enough of that superdouche already!

  27. kerry zaputz

    Anyone else notice he’s wearing a curly little hairpiece on top?

  28. justifiable

    #27 Um…yeah, 4 other posters who commented – and of course everyone else who bothered to read the thread.

  29. sapphire eyes

    40 years old and single. And a dick. His Jewish mamma must be so proud. But i love his character in Entourage, but I get the feeling that his acting isn’t too far from the real Piven cretin.

  30. I does not understand how it can be bad when there are many Asians eat fish every day. Maybe he just had bad fish, but come on.

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