Jeremy Piven really wants you to believe him

January 15th, 2009 // 28 Comments

Jeremy Piven stopped by Good Morning America to plead his case to Diane Sawyer today. Ari Gold claims to have had six times the levels of mercury found in a normal person which forced him to drop out of David Mamet’s Broadway play “Speed-the-Plow” causing producers and Mamet himself to question the legitimacy of Jeremy’s illness. Plus it didn’t help he was seen partying his ass off after every show. People reports:

“The only protein I got for 20 years was from fish,” says Piven, who adds that he ate sushi at least twice a day. “I kind of thought I was doing the right thing … As soon as I heard this, I stopped all fish whatsoever.”
Piven has admitted to being embarrassed by the situation, especially given the skeptical response he got from fans, late-night hosts and colleagues alike. Speed-the-Plow playwright David Mamet joked that Piven was leaving show business to “pursue a career as a thermometer.”
But Piven, who hasn’t eaten fish in five months, says he has no hard feelings: “[Mamet] is a brilliant playwright and that’s a funny line.”

While I don’t know if I believe Jeremy Piven’s “fishy” (You can’t teach that.) excuse, I do believe he’s a fucking lock for the lead role in Newsies 2: Reprint Like Whoa. Or an assclown of a dresser. It’s a toss-up.

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  1. Que

    Que venus!

  2. Oedipus and the Momma's Boys

    This is the same guy who was in PCU? Say it ain’t so Droz, say it ain’t so.

  3. Oedipus and the Momma's Boys

    This is the same guy who was in PCU? Say it ain’t so Droz, say it ain’t so.

  4. What in the bloody hooha???

    Mercury poisoning is very dangerous. Anyone who doesn’t know that is an idiot, I don’t get why this is an issue.

  5. bakinmycake

    When Jessica Simpson heard that Jeremy could not eat fish anymore she responded that he should try’s the chicken of the sea….

  6. lola richie

    80% of all fish consumed comes from CHINA!!!! You wonder why it is so high in mercury and a ton of antibiotic and chemicals to keep them alive? We have more area to fish in the US, but the Chinese fish in mainly grown in small hatcheries pumped up with chemicals to keep them alive.

    Thans to to WTO, and greed of corporations we will never be able to enjoy the perfect protein source.

    Do NOT buy fish if it says PRODUCT of CHINA on it.

  7. lola richie

    I forgot to add that 20% of supermarket fish is borderline decomposing by the time it is sold. And At least a fourth of imported fish isn’t actually what it says on the package.

    You know that “fishy” smell? That is rotten fish. I have lived overseas and there should be none of that smell at all or your fish is bad. Best avoid

  8. ph7


  9. Dr McNasty

    I’m giving Piven the ol’ fish-eye right now…

  10. justifiable

    Please, if that’s the case then every single person in Japan is phoning in sick today.

    Oh, #6, that’ll be big news to my cousin, who’s a fisherman out of Chatham, MA and my other cousin who’s a chef in NYC. 80% of TOYS in the US come from China, not 80% of the fish – unless you live in Hong Kong.

    • Camden Tommy

      How does whether I live in Hong Kong have anything to do with how much fish comes to the US from China?

  11. “…So, you’ll have to take everything I say with a grain of salt.”

    -Jeremy Piven

  12. Replace the word “fish” with cocaine in that article and I will believe him. (kidding, I love Piven.)

  13. mercury

    How many dumbfucks don’t know what mercury poisoning is and how dangerous it is??? Really ? Or is it that people think he’s faking/lying. Becaus eit is real and serious. Do some research. I expect this from celebrities who have no education, but anyone with a functioning brain should be aware. You really should only eat fish once or twice a week, not all fish is at issue the bigger the fish the bigger the risk. Tuna should definitely be limited, don’t go eating that every day for lunch.

  14. jimmy mcd

    Nice Newsies reference. He will have to work to develop a horrible Bronx accent. And learn to dance to musical numbers about the highs and lows of selling newspapers.

  15. kate

    Someone saw his profile with some photos on ****kisscougar. c om*** , where celebrities and singles hook up. He feels lonely, and wants to find a matural lady, doesn’t he?

    But as long $$$ & FAGGOTS are involved: D O N O T T R U S T ANYBODY IN AMERICA, folks!!

  17. hitler

    plain and simple…he’s a douchebag. look at him.

    p.s. I LOVE KIDS EVEN MORE IN 2009!!!

  18. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Jeremy Piven’s toxic penis and swallows the mercury from his thermometer

  19. spike

    “I ate sushi at least twice a day” the douche claims. I’m Asian and I wouldn’t be able to stomach that shit twice a day, blech! Maybe twice in one month.

  20. noice

    Damn that’s one hot sexy Jew right thurr mmmm

  21. lucy

    He is so capable, and I like him very much, I have seen him on Meetwealthy. com. I also met a lot of wealthy singles and celebs here. I am so lucky.

  22. darc

    those are those ugly iphone gloves

  23. reeksayre

    All I know is that it meant I didn’t have to see him when I went to see Speed The Plow, so it all works out.

  24. Piven is the man, nuff said.

  25. When Jessica Simpson heard that Jeremy does not eat more fish, said he would try to Starkist transported the sea.

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