Madonna wants to adopt again

- Madonna wants to adopt another child despite her divorce from Guy Ritchie. With a full schedule of touring on her plate, sources say she’s going the old-fashioned route: Bear traps and lollipops. [Star]

- Jeremy Piven tried to say he had mono before switching to his sushi-induced mercury poisoning excuse for bailing on a Broadway play. Personally, I think he should’ve gone with cat AIDS, but hey, we can’t all be professionals. [TMZ]

- David Copperfield broke an assistant’s arm during a magic trick last night. “Many people assume that the death-defying illusions I do onstage are not dangerous,” he said before adding “Which is why I let the interns do all the crazy shit. Otherwise, no supper. SHAZAM!” [E! Online]

- The Duggar Family, stars of TLC’s 17 Kids and Counting and followers of the insane Quiverfull movement, welcomed an 18th child last night and are already talking about a 19th. Somewhere, Angelina Jolie is giving her uterus the pep talk of its life. It’s on, fuckers! [People]

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