Jeremy London’s Family: ‘Dude. Quit It.’

June 23rd, 2010 // 37 Comments

Despite threats from his lawyer, Jeremy London’s family is refusing to stop publicly seeking help for the actor by making it abundantly clear his kidnapping story is the by-product of a severe drug addiction. People reports:

We love Jeremy, we only have his best interests at heart,” his twin brother Jason London, 37, also an actor, tells PEOPLE. “We feel he needs serious psychological help and drug treatment as soon as possible.”
“Jeremy’s behavior right now is indicative of whenever he’s back on drugs,” brother Jason says. “The fact that he’s lashing out against his own family and has shut us out is just one more sign of how sick he really is.”
“It’s absolutely false that we’re telling lies about Jeremy,” Jason says. “We would never do anything to hurt him. But Jeremy and Melissa’s story of the kidnapping just doesn’t add up. None of it makes any sense. Mainly, why didn’t Melissa call the police if Jeremy went missing with these strange men until 2 a.m.?”

I love how Jeremy’s family is making sure to constantly beat him over the head that absolutely nobody believes crackheads are forcing innocent people to Bogart their precious crack. Mostly because Jeremy’s probably strung out underneath an Afghan going “Oh, yeah, this is totally working” then thinking about starting a Twitter account to call everyone a liar. I hear that’s effective.

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  1. BadBrad

    That is Turly on UGLY Woman!

  2. Modwild

    I had no idea he was married to little Suzy Who from Whoville.

  3. Ron Burgandy's BallSack

    I bet she sucks like a hoover.

  4. dude

    I’d have to do drugs to if I had to sleep with that fugly bitch.

  5. eatme

    Damnz that chick is hot.

    PS. I am attracted to Big Teethed Wonk Boob 70′s porno stars

  6. Sheena

    That is one hard looking woman. I’d have to do some serious drugs too, to wake up next to *that*. woof

  7. para

    Nick at Night bringin back Mr Ed re-runs?

  8. oooaaahhh

    Looks like he stopped for a photo-op at Madam Toussaud’s Wax Museum

  9. Mike Nike

    Why can’t everyone just be happy with the free CRACK?

  10. she looks like a kmart blue-light special “Claudia Schiffer”

  11. Sam A

    this couple is a freakin piece of work…

  12. Katie

    That is a face that only a crackhead could love.

  13. Long Beach

    Her boobs are implants. The cheeks are impants. Her lips have collagen. Her forehead has Botox. Her teeth are capped. Her hair is dyed. The eye color is from contact lenses. It is not surprising that people are having difficulty believing anything this woman says is real.

    • Screaming Meanie

      She paid for those teef? I think she has a potenial lawsuit for her happy dentist and those tits are too tight.

    • Lenny

      Just pull out a fire hose and there’d be nothing but parts lying all over the ground. Nasty looking chick.

  14. Drew

    Whatever, I’d stick my dick in any of her fake orifices. Maybe they’re self lubricating?

  15. schnib

    ya, definitely have to be on crack to hit that

  16. groucho

    she looks like something from a chuckie movie.

  17. Nicole

    Jeremy London.. Jason London.. Who’s more popular? Which one was in what movie? I saw one of them in Fry’s.. now I don’t know who it was? Crack is Wack.. don’t smoke it Jeremy.!! Learn from Whitney and Bobby.. Maybe he was so high he thought someone took him? Maybe his dog tranformed into a kidnapper? .. “Officer.. this really hairy guy that drooled, took me somewhere. For some reason he wanted a leash put on him? I smelled poop and he was taking a pee on my leg? I was gone for awhile!! He took my by foot!! Officer you must find this individual. He spoke in a funny language? I think it was spanish?” hahahahahhaha

  18. dodie

    she looks like a price is right girl from the 70′s, except uglier. & she used to be an actress? now, you can tell this bitch is on crack, but at least he still looks decent. & they’re awfully old to lose custody of a kid. that shit’s for teenaged losers from Texas, not Hollywood losers..

  19. alexis

    kinda looks like kourtney kardashian in a blonde wig

  20. Woof

    If he’s on crack why is he so fat?

  21. captain america

    these people are americans?

  22. Dean

    Is his wife an albino black woman?

  23. FireCrotch

    Wow, I thought this was a pic of two lesbians.

  24. TapDatAss

    More like some cartoon character……like banging a human cross bred chipmunk!

  25. this couple is a freakin piece of work…

  26. Seeing what good fortune Hollywood has brought Jeremy makes me want to move there now. Really, I mean, free crack. Wal-mart can’t even beat that price.

  27. WHO is the wax figure he’s with?

  28. Del

    Oh wow. She’s kinda…ugly. No wonder they both do drugs.

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