Jenny McCarthy pees herself on Howard Stern Show

September 22nd, 2005 // 65 Comments

I know Jenny McCarthy is proud of being disgusting, but I think maybe she should draw the line at peeing herself in public. Farting and burping are mildly acceptable, but once you urinate your own pants, somebody needs to just go ahead and put you down. Actually, up until now I didn’t even realize it was possible to pee yourself when you were being tickled too hard. I just thought it was an expression, like ‘No means no’ or ‘I’ll kill you, you stupid hobo.’


  1. Eukonidor

    Wow, that’s hillarious

  2. Eukonidor

    and disgusting

  3. borictor

    i’d let her pee on me

  4. dr_gonzo

    i’d rather pee on her

  5. fowler

    he was saying it wasn’t pee… i’d drink those pants.

  6. grateful

    Foul, nasty dirty woman!

  7. hautecouture18

    eww that pic is gross. I dont care how hot u are thats just gross. ugh yucky icky pookie!

  8. chemmy

    she didn’t pee on herself. if you look at the rest of the pics on, someone poured a drink on her.

  9. Tommy Cruise

    Strange place to pour a drink. What was it, a vagina colada?

  10. hautecouture18

    I saw the pic she DID pee on herself that is a mic, she was talking and “drink” being poured on her is her silver chain. It looks like he is pouring something on her from afar. But thats pee Baby!

  11. Dr.StevieWonder

    My question… why are the bottoms of her shoes red?

  12. Ms. Dilligaff

    Eek! No more links to Fergie, please. She frightens me.

    Way to stage your “comeback” Jenny. Bravo.

  13. MrPloppy

    OK maybe I need help, but that is by far the sexiest picture of Jenny I have ever seen.

  14. Geno

    I agree, it kind of does something for me…

  15. bone_daddio

    i’d lick that for a dollar.

  16. *le-le79*

    i’d lick it for free dollars!

  17. mutterhals

    I wonder if she will throw out those jeans or wear them again, cause i’d wear them again, pee is sterile right. Right!?!

  18. asherdeus

    Why was she famous again?

  19. Momo

    whatever…don’t act none of u has never “almost” peed yer pants when yer Aunt Ghretta with the long finger nails was tickling you as a kid!!

  20. PatrickBateman

    What was the set up? Was she being tickled? Shocked?

  21. Grey

    i dont care how gross that is.. shes hot!!

  22. adam

    I actually think its pretty funny!!!

    Hookah Forum

  23. eric

    Didn’t anyone hear the show? this is not pee…they were talking about having sex and she was excited and howard commented on it, and she said she was “a little damp down there” because she was aroused…Then she proved to him that she wasn’t wearing panties.

    that is quite possibly the hottest thing I have ever seen.

  24. Ms. Dilligaff

    “I’m aroused” sounds much hotter than “I just pissed on myself”–to most people anyway–so of COURSE she would say that. Sorry to ruin the fantasy. ;)

  25. Obsessa

    ewww, talking sex with Howard Stern (gross) and she got wet like that? Nasty.

  26. mac2048

    I don’t care if it’s pee, cum, or Aunt Jemima’s syrup, I want some!

  27. Darby

    how and why…did she let someone take a picture of her crotch??

  28. Horace H. Kempster

    Santa Claus has a list for people like her: naughty AND nice. And slutty and annoying, with terribly fake breasts and zero talent.

    Surprisingly, that list is HUGE.

  29. izzy

    um… i hope people don’t really get wet that much, at least not all at once. she totally peed herself. yum.

  30. Juliette

    She is nasty and will always be nasty. Reminds me of the class equivalent of Tara Reid.

  31. OdetoBrit

    I know the explaination!!! It is simple you see… She is incredibly loose after having a kid (I am not suggesting it happens to everyone, but she did blow up)and now that she is obviously on mental illness medications, her bladder control went kaput!!!!

  32. bigdaddy

    thats pussy juice boys and girls…if you have never been that wet, or never got someone that wet, that would explain your “hate” filled comments…jenjen gets my $9.00and 90 mins of my sunday at The Grove….

  33. samsina

    I would do her while is peeing !!

  34. d-list

    can ya pleeeeze put a different picture up!? that one is making my stomach turn everytime i come on here to see if there’s a new article…

  35. Lizardqueen

    In the immortal words of my midwife, “Kegel, Kegel, Kegel.”

  36. BastardotheGreat

    I am a porn director and I am looking for a has-been Hollywood c-lister who is into water sports. Does anyone know how I can contact Ms. McCarthy’s agent?

  37. Is it just me or is Jenny getting hotter as she gets older? She is one of the few true beauties that inhabit Celebrity Land. And she has a fucking sense of humor. She even laughs at herself and pissing herself on Stern’s show is icing on top of the sweet cake that she is. Okay, I admit it. I’d like to marry the woman. Anyone got her cell number so I can go ahead and ask her if she wants to get hitched with me?

  38. KidA

    Hahahahaha, vagina colada! VAGINA COLADA!?! Tommy Cruise gets a star.

  39. Dawn7

    Didn’t you hear? She’s prego again..her water broke.

  40. jon

    I don’t know about you, but i’d hit Tom Cruise.

  41. Proteon

    Fergie starts a trend.

  42. Xibalba

    Directly from Howards Website. Though i still doubt that she is wet from being horny, i’m betting she did pee herself then tried to play it off…


    When Howard asked Jenny if she wanted to hear the bad review

  43. Proteon

    Where the hell is the story about Fergie (the Black Eyed Peas “singer” who is going solo (bandmates surprised))pissing her pants at a club recently? I’ve gone through the archive and can’t find it. Don’t tell me it’s not there.

  44. grasshopper

    I dont care what that is its hot! All tied up and wet… I swear i’ve seen a story like this before!!!

  45. AngieBaby

    Posted by Dr.StevieWonder on September 22, 2005 03:15 PM

    Those are sandpaper-texture stick-on things that you put on the bottom of dress shoes to keep you from slipping. I don’t know why they happen to be red, though.

  46. mutterhals

    That happened to me once on a date…and we’re still together!!!

  47. Nikk The Templar

    I’m ashamed to be from the same city as her…and those hooker boots are ugly.

  48. Martin92

    This is what happens when you get old. You can’t control bladder! Jenny, remember the depends next time!

  49. Gophergutz

    It’s just plain-old butt sweat.

  50. Pat the Bongo

    It is the sweet nectar of the gods.

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