Jenny McCarthy Hawaii bikini pictures

August 24th, 2007 // 64 Comments

Wonder what Jenny McCarthy’s been up to? Of course not. But here she is anyway, vacationing in Hawaii with her boyfriend Jim Carrey. She looks pretty good for a 34-year-old, but that isn’t saying much since she’s, well, only 34. Plus she was Playboy’s 1994 Playmate of the Year. If you told me this was Rosie O’Donnell then yeah, wow, amazing. But this is like showing me a picture of myself and saying, “Dreamy.” I know. Duh.


  1. Me

    Yeah guys, she looks exactly like this in real life. What you see with celebrities is ALWAYS what you get.

    Right. And Michael Vick isn’t a dumb porch monkey.

  2. Gringer76

    Jenny is still hot after what, 13 years after her stint in Playboy? I’ve seen 20 year olds who don’t look nearly as good as her! Plus, after 2 kids, you definitely cannot tell that she’s a mom.

    Jim Carrey makes her laugh, as she once said in an interview, and sometimes women like that better than a pretty face, also I’m willing to bet Jim is really good in bed…funny guys that are good in bed. Wow, who woulda thunk it? (…example: remember a looooooong time ago when Julia Roberts married Lyle Lovett??? You can’t get any more homely looking than that man, but I heard it was because he was great in bed. Go figure!)

  3. Kam

    She looks hot, go Jenny, plus she has a great sense of humour!

  4. Madame.O

    Why is she the colour of a Simpson’s character?

  5. kelly

    I don’t know who she is but didn’t you post this already?

    I still don’t care, next.

  6. melis

    I think she looks AMAZING….but…where’s her kid???? Yeh, thought so- with the nanny. nice mother.

  7. Binky

    Thought she was ok in Pet Detective, was a bit over the top in The Mask.
    That Liar thing was sort of funny. She was ok in that… Does she still get work ?
    It’s actually who ?….

  8. 1MILF Hunter

    I’d still eat that bones and all.

  9. 3Foot Lizard

    She has legs like a starving giraffe. Too bad. She’s nice from the waist up.

  10. Svenny Bo Benny

    WOW! She used to be the same age as me….39!!! Those celebs are amazing, they can even shave years off of their age! I just checked out and her birth year has been changed from 1968 to 1972. Take a good look, she’s NOT 34, she’s pushing 40.

  11. badinbed

    What is tossing a guy’s salad??? What does this entail? I need some new ideas.

  12. Bryce

    Oh my…the things I would do to her spleen with my tongue…

  13. Wicked Wendy

    I thought she only had one son…..I must be lost…

  14. meee

    why is it always the chicks with no hip/waist definition that get boob jobs?

  15. one more time! with less drunk please

  16. silly boys

    She got: big implants. She didn’t get: fat, like Mandy Moore. That’s about it – otherwise she’s’ got the old lady thing going already, complete with the scarecrow-face.

  17. Laura


  18. yefiiw

    they all look like posh spice Joan rivers….what ?is she the porn star on here before?? who the hell is she ??who the hell cares? she had tummy tuck moved belly button and some implants who the fuck cares abut these broads???

  19. Frick

    Her body looks good, but I think she’s only had one kid, not two, like people keep saying. And I also heard that her son is autistic. Anyways, I think Jim Carrey & her make a cute couple, and I hope it lasts for them!

  20. I’d bonk her all night long, YEAH!

  21. Lola

    “I would love to shove into her…

    Jim Carey is a flaming faggot though”

    As if she’d want you to. tut tut.

  22. Lola

    “I am a gay man and I would put any part of my body anywhere she wanted it because she is so fucking wonderful!!!

    Please Jenny, use me however you want, I love you!!!”

    It’s called bisexual.

  23. Cronga

    < >

    Or you’re just so young, you haven’t developed the ability to read faces properly, yet.

  24. BritneySpears

    Repulsive. Peta has picketted her because she once made a family of warthogs choke to death on their own vomit.

    That bitch was skank at the top of her game. Mindless twit.

  25. gigi

    Still smoking hot & rocking a ‘pob’ as well — go Jenny!

  26. MiCheDa

    Jenny…you are flipping fabulass!!!!

  27. jbird

    I’m not lezzie or anything, but I don’t believe one HAS to be to appreciate that cameltoe in pic #1. YUM!

  28. sarah

    I dont like her short haircut…. she looked much better with longer hair.

  29. p0nk

    She’s a desperate aging unfunny cunt with whore implants and a retarded son. Yeah, really hot. Good test for whether there are any hetero guys on this board who get laid on a regular basis (answer: no).

  30. wedgeone

    I remember years ago Jim Carrey said he thought David Spade was a great comedian. So it’s not surprising that he screwed Spade’s head on Jenny’s body.

  31. lil britney hater

    The tan helps a heap of rubber-faced white trash…see even i would bone her

  32. starscanfrighten

    She’s got a hard face. But, she does take care of herself. I hope that any of the tasteless idiots on here who defend Tara Reid can see the difference.

  33. Cardinal Ximenez

    Nice axe wound. But seriously… MILF!

  34. Ana

    GD! She looks amazing. Sorry all you people who feel the need to talk trash about her out of sheer jealousy. She really looks great. Good for her.

  35. putatabulous

    I think the short haircut makes her face look harder. She just needs some light botox and a longer hairstyle. Amazing body!

  36. you know who

    If this nasty cunt was giving it up for free I would still take some but that’s just cause I like white chicks.

  37. She’s so funny and nice in real life, how she can stand being around that asshole Carrey is beyond me
    For Brangelina haters, come & play :-)

  38. jennyliar

    I went to high school with her. Bitch is 39, not 34. And she’s got one kid, dumbasses. Unbelievable how much celebrity ass you people kiss.

  39. whatever

    @93 So what. People put too much enphasis on chronological age. Biologically she probably does have the body of a 30 year old. It’s all in how you take care of yourself.

  40. ksjdhfk

    that IS jim carrey!

  41. starscanfrighten

    @93 jennyliar:

    We don’t give a fuck how old she really is, nor do we care if you went to high school with her. You ignorant twat.

  42. starscanfrighten

    @93 jennyliar:

    Just in case you’re really a guy, then you’re an ignorant cocksucker.

  43. testing

    first comment for this user

  44. where

    where the fuck are our updates?

  45. nicole

    when do we get updates?

  46. superstar

    This is getting boring! Why is this news special? Whoopee she’s on a beach with Jim Carrey. I don’t even know this girl!
    We needs updates! What happened to Paris Hilton. She’s turning into a good girl. =(

  47. starscanfrighten

    @101 superstar:

    You’re saying this is boring, and then you’re wonering about Paris Hilton. That bitch is boring on her worst day. Now you’re talking about her turning into a good girl. How more fucking boring could she possibly get??

  48. starscanfrighten


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