Jenny McCarthy has public diarrhea

March 1st, 2006 // 74 Comments

jenny-maccarthy-diahhrea.jpgIn an interview with Arena magazine, Jenny McCarthy claims that she had diarrhea during a Playboy signing and let it all go in front of everybody there.

“I once had really bad diarrhoea at a Playboy autograph signing. I was squeezed into a tight red dress, dripping in sweat, and knew something was not right. But blonde model’s heroic attempts to ignore it were sadly in vain. I just kept having my picture taken with the fans. But then I was like: ‘Oh no, the demon is about to be unleashed.’ And it was unleashed for about 20 guys to witness. I knew at that point in my career all I was supposed to do was turn men on, but just ended up grossing them out.”

Sometimes I wonder if Jenny McCarthy could possibly get any sexier. And then a story like this appears about her taking a dump in front of 20 guys and I think to myself: No, this is about as sexy as humanly possible. Any sexier and my head would implode.



  1. lohans8ball

    Its really one thing to be kinda gross and “one of the guys” every once in a while. But to actually shit yourself in front of people and then admit it “jokingly” just plain crosses the line. There was a time early on in her “career” where she was cool as the mildly raunchy, funny girl but when youre a MOM and getting older the more raunch you cop to the more sad it is really. Incidents like that will soon register to the public as “ailments” instead of jokes. Whenever I see her I get kinda grossed out because of the term she used during her delivery “blowing her vagina out”.. eww That women just grosses me the hell out.

  2. Shagggy

    In response to comment #10…dumbass – Jenna Jameson has been married for years to Jay GRDINA….get YOUR facts straight

  3. BadassFred

    Even if I ever had crapped myself in public (and I haven’t) I sure as Hell wouldn’t admit it.

  4. Zapp Brannigan

    This woman seems incapable of having her photo taken with her loud mouth SHUT.

  5. Lool! She’s nuts!

    Lol @ #5!!

  6. amma

    Usually I like JM, she’s kind of a tomboy. But this is too much! Gross! But I *do* wonder if its even true–I can’t believe there would be n o pics/no news about it.
    And why would she talk about it? Okay, she’s a centerfold and a commediane…I get it. She doesn’t want to talk about world peace and kittens…but still!

  7. veggi

    ESQ- Quote: In response to comment #7 – Jenna Jameson has been married for years to Jay Sterling. She only has sex with him on camera as well as chicks.
    It must SUCK to “only have sex with him on camera”…. duh- anyway, she’s a dirty slut. Jenna that is. At least Jenny is a funny dirty slut!!!

  8. veggi

    Jenny M wrote “Dirty Love” and it’s funny shit! Jenna writing a movie? Something like “I’m a cumsuckin’ whore” Now, now people, she can’t even write?

  9. playahater101

    Um, #10 ESQ, you do realize that you are defending a woman who is a porn star. Regardless of who she’s married to now, fact remains that she had sex with a whole lotta guys and could, in fact, be a walking STD waiting for some penicillon. There are hundreds of tapes to prove that she did, in fact, have sex with hundreds of guys.

  10. BabyBayBayLeigh010

    I wonder if I should even say such a thing…

    but…2 different guys I know have definately crapped their pants when they were drunk. One of them did it more than once.

  11. Akapee

    Jenny McCarthy is a public diarrhea!!

  12. asha

    Now that’s hot shit!

  13. Topaz Vamp

    Good to see Jenny is still working on keeping her mystique intact.

  14. Grphdesi23

    I think she more or less had diarrhea of the mouth!

    Anything for the publicity, kids!

  15. HughJorganthethird

    I’d shit it

  16. sarakai

    She’s just opened up a whole new career path for herself- need I remind you of tubgirl?

  17. gossipgirl

    While reading this, I couldn’t help but think that if Brit keeps hitting the cheetohs, this could be considered a good day.

  18. WoodyWoodPecker

    Is she trying to turn lesbian or is she just trying to get the nastiest guys so they will shit on her and she can shit on them?!? I thought she was hot until it became too gross a while back. She probably has gotten banged so many times it is the only way to get the guys away cause she feels abused. I would double bag it anyway cause she has been screwed too many times, for goodness sake she was a playboy playmate, sho u know hef got some and he’s got everything known to man in his body. I’d wish this chick would just do porn and do some that defiles and hurts her so it would make up for the comments and nasty shit she’s pulled over the last few years.

  19. Selene024

    I would like want the pictures or the video of Jenny McCarthy taking a dump in front of 20 guys

  20. Will do, Spence, will do. lol

  21. Eelboy

    I… I wanna see her in a hot oil threesome with Brittney and Paris!

  22. Greenlee

    OMG……….You know what I hate about the guys who find this so gross?

    They hate it because it’s a GIRL doing it, but if it was a guy, they’d laugh like idiots with all the rest! BAH!! How stupid!
    How do you guys think we gals feel when you do that kind of stuff….and furthermore it is a HUMAN thing to shit and fart, not a GUY thing. Stop discriminating against the male species and making them look gross and unattractive. I’m glad that Jenny has stood up and put an end to that stupid myth about girls not farting. UGH!

  23. Jim

    When you’re smiling and waving, but your inside is boiling …Diarrhea Diarrhea
    when you’re pleasing all your fans, as you’re pooping in your pants…Diarrhea Diarrhea
    you’re getting very sweaty, as your pants got hot and messy …Diarrhea Diarrhea
    Your Fans thinks it funny , when you know it hot and runny…Diarrhea Diarrhea
    You’re trying hard not to go, but your butt just explode….Diarrhea Diarrhea
    It’s running down your legs and your fans said no way…Diarrhea Diarrhea

  24. Pat

    It happens to the best of us-from the president to the pope and and anywhere in between-ANYONE can shit their pants. Used to work in custodial at a large shopping mall-can attest to this fact very much. One time, a female executive type dressed like Sarah Palin came into the ladies room with it running down her nylons in huge rivers onto her spike-heeled shoes-STUNK!!! She was crying from embarrasment, and who could blame her-covered in shit from the waist down? Another time, a grey-haired 60-some year-old lady was running down the hall with it leaking out of the pants legs of her dress slacks, leaving huge brown pools. And then their was the guy in a very expensive-looking suit and tie who had it leaking all over his shiny wingtips-shit DOES happen!!!!

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