Jenny McCarthy has public diarrhea

jenny-maccarthy-diahhrea.jpgIn an interview with Arena magazine, Jenny McCarthy claims that she had diarrhea during a Playboy signing and let it all go in front of everybody there.

“I once had really bad diarrhoea at a Playboy autograph signing. I was squeezed into a tight red dress, dripping in sweat, and knew something was not right. But blonde model’s heroic attempts to ignore it were sadly in vain. I just kept having my picture taken with the fans. But then I was like: ‘Oh no, the demon is about to be unleashed.’ And it was unleashed for about 20 guys to witness. I knew at that point in my career all I was supposed to do was turn men on, but just ended up grossing them out.”

Sometimes I wonder if Jenny McCarthy could possibly get any sexier. And then a story like this appears about her taking a dump in front of 20 guys and I think to myself: No, this is about as sexy as humanly possible. Any sexier and my head would implode.