Jenny McCarthy has public diarrhea

March 1st, 2006 // 74 Comments

jenny-maccarthy-diahhrea.jpgIn an interview with Arena magazine, Jenny McCarthy claims that she had diarrhea during a Playboy signing and let it all go in front of everybody there.

“I once had really bad diarrhoea at a Playboy autograph signing. I was squeezed into a tight red dress, dripping in sweat, and knew something was not right. But blonde model’s heroic attempts to ignore it were sadly in vain. I just kept having my picture taken with the fans. But then I was like: ‘Oh no, the demon is about to be unleashed.’ And it was unleashed for about 20 guys to witness. I knew at that point in my career all I was supposed to do was turn men on, but just ended up grossing them out.”

Sometimes I wonder if Jenny McCarthy could possibly get any sexier. And then a story like this appears about her taking a dump in front of 20 guys and I think to myself: No, this is about as sexy as humanly possible. Any sexier and my head would implode.



  1. sqongo

    How honest,i love her even more + i’m really into scat-action.

  2. tits_on_snack

    It all went out her dress and down her legs, or what? That’s hot.

  3. Kg

    Maybe Ricky martin would find some interest in this

  4. ESQ

    Jenny will admit this, but deny having sex with Jenna Jameson in a bathroom. This girl is fucked in the head for sure.

  5. inspector11

    oh, right. When SHE does it, it’s hot.

    But if I do it – standing on my coworker’s desk, yelling I’m gonna give birth to evil!” while wiping myself with the bible, it’s considered a “felony.”

    and here i thought this was america.

  6. Allie D.

    Hmmm.. her problems with junk retention have me wondering what kind of extracirricular activities she perfers to engage in.

  7. crazydelicious

    ESQ– i would deny that shit too. who wants to admit to having sex with a walking STD.

    U gotta love JM for her brutal honesty.

  8. Tha-Flash

    Now I have an image of that in my head I’ll never be able to look at her the same way again…

  9. Foxbase Alpha

    When laugh and you flirt/And you feel something squirt/DIARRHEA!/Fart, fart/DIARRHEA!/Fart, fart…

    When you’re signing your new book/And you feel something cook/DIARRHEA!/Fart, fart/DIARRHEA!/Fart, fart…

    When you’re Hef’s Bunny/And you feel something funny/DIARRHEA!/Fart, fart/DIARRHEA!/Fart, fart…

  10. ESQ

    In response to comment #7 – Jenna Jameson has been married for years to Jay Sterling. She only has sex with him on camera as well as chicks.

    She has made it successfully in mainstream and has been a major superstar in the adult industry.

    Perhaps before you speak out against someone, you need to get the facts right.

  11. Otto

    So let me get this straight, cause I’m a little fuzzy on the hierarchy of stars…A list is big budget movies. B list is low budget movies and TV. C list is porno. D list is gay porno. E list is blowing casting directors just trying to get into gay porno. And I guess that just leaves F list which is pooping yourself in public. Ok…I think I get it. Jenny McCarthy is without a doubt the hottest F list star. Hands down.

  12. bone_daddio

    if by “diarreha” she means letting loose a big fart and spewing a night’s worth of spew onto the floor..then yes, i guess that special evening I had with Jenny was worth it…. except for this little itch, burn and ooze that just won’t fade…

  13. vargas_grrl

    What? And you’re telling me a thousand camera flashes didn’t go off to forever document Jenny McCarthy shitting herself for the world to see!? Come on people. That’s real journalism.
    It’s like a live scat doll in action!

  14. SuperSpence

    I am SuperSpence.
    Jenny McCarthy is SuperSkank.

    You do not want to have sex with SuperSkank. She will crap on you.

    You do want to have sex with SuperSpence. He is a sensitive lover who will treat you and your younger, hotter sister with great tenderness.

  15. always answer b

    All of this rather reminds me of the great Tucker Max anal sex story.

  16. Allie D.

    SuperSpence, I don’t have a younger, hotter sister. But I do have an older brother.

  17. ProbablyTooOld

    Doesn’t Jenny McCarthy have some sort of colon disease, like Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis? For some reason I recall that she does and have no idea why or how I know this. If so, she may have had no choice but to crap herself and play it off as a joke.

  18. GirlyGirl

    Man, she is a skank. I know this skank that I let borrow my TV and now she won’t give it back… so, she’s a lot skankier than Jenny McCarthy. Although I do hate them both with a passion.

  19. GirlyGirl

    By the way, if someone is skankier than Jenny McCarthy, considering Jenny seems to make a habit of peeing/pooping herself in public, that’s pretty damn skanky.

  20. happy_bunny

    #13 VargasGirl – I’m with you. How is it possible that this is the first I’ve heard of this incident? Was there no one with a camera on-hand?

  21. SuperSpence

    ALLIE D. POSTED: SuperSpence, I don’t have a younger, hotter sister. But I do have an older brother.

    REPLY: Get back to me when you’ve got a younger, hotter sister. To save time, I suggest encouraging your parents to adopt a nice 17-year-old Russian girl. Just look under mail order brides and then explain the situation to her.

  22. Allie D.

    Will do, Spence, will do. lol

  23. The Devil

    I can’t believe that shit.

  24. Otto

    I hate to break it to you SuperSpence, but I’ve been to Russia and it was a blur of strange facial hair and steel teeth…and that was at a teen fashion show. Stick with Asians, but be sure and check the package before accepting delivery…if you know what I mean…and I think you do.

  25. gogoboots

    I heard about this somewhere else. I thought it was nasty. Why would you talk about having diarrhea in public, with a magazine? WEll, Jenny’s sorta famous like 10 years ago, so I guess we still do care about her irregular bowel movements.

  26. ESQ

    In response to #15 – I am the fat girl from the story “Tucker Max Fucks a Fat Girl,” “I hope They Serve Beer in Hell.”

  27. funnygator

    hey ESQ… when you say that Jenna Jameson ‘has made it succesfully in mainstream’… you do mean mainstream PORN, right? Just wanted to clarify – unless you count a Jeff Conaway horror movie currently filming that also stars Roddy Piper, written and directed by a dyslexic former mail room clerk writing and directing his first film (I wish I was making this up…) as, uh, mainstream? Then, sure – look for her Sunday at the Academy Awards, with all the other mainstream actresses…

  28. Grphdesi23

    Oops…she crapped her pants.

  29. I think at this point she is just making this stuff up to shock. I mean what, bathrooms were a new invention and it never occured to you to go “Can we have a 5 min. break”?

    2 years from now when she needs the publicity the story will change in that she and the guys all rolled in it and threw shit at each other then she blew her nose right on Winonna Rider.

  30. What’s sexier than diarrhea?? nothin I tell you, NOTHING!!!!!

  31. LOL – she “sharted” and announced it for all the world to hear! In this age of every female “star” trying to “out-hot” each other, I’ve got to admire such brazen honesty, even if it is about disgusting bodily functions.

    This is the best post on here today. It’s certainly a hell of a lot more interesting than Lindsay Lohan “accidentally” losing a tit from her clothing again.

  32. Geez you men have no standards at all if you still thinks she’s hot after she just announced to the whole world that she took a shit in her pants. If this were Brad Pitt or Paul Walker saying this I would be totally grossed out & never want to look at them again.

  33. playahater101

    That’s just gross. I don’t care HOW pretty she is, that is one of the grossest f$#@ing things I’ve ever heard. Just imagine being there. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  34. SMF121490

    Does this really surprise anyone? Its Jenny McCarthy for shit’s sake. Hahahahaha

  35. Tania

    Spindoc (#29): You said exactly what I was thinking. This all comes down to getting attention (like the girl on girl kissing) and here we all are talking about it, so I guess it works.

    Women that act like they don’t poop or fart really annoy me, but this is not any better!There’s a fine line between being brazen and just being gross and Jenny just shit all over that line.

  36. HelpingOutTheMorons

    Show me a pic or some footage of her eating that diarreah and I might be impressed.

  37. BoardBetty

    #5 – you ROCK!!!

  38. HollyJ

    LOL @ 5!

    BTW, I don’t think being married precludes you from having STDs. You could’ve had a pre-existing one, or you could pick one up by having your mound sucked by a diseased chick.

    Jenny reminds me of the fat retard in third grade that could stick his own tongue up his nose to lick his snot.

  39. HughJorganthethird

    I have never shit myself in public, but now feel as if I would like to try. I mean if it’s good enough for Jenny it’s good enough for me!

  40. SalParadise

    The Aristocrats!

  41. Grphdesi23

    I bet her farts smell like Broccoli.

    Take a whif of dat ass!

  42. LoneWolf

    She’s making this up. She’s so desperate to get her failed career going that at this point she’ll say anything.

    The only female more annoying than JM is your choice of any one of the Spice Girls. And at this point they’re all in show business to the same degree.

  43. sugarbuzz

    Jesus fucking christ!?!? She never stops. I think that might even top when she talked about how she(her vagina or whatever she’s got down there) corroded and ate thru like 12 pairs of panties when she was pregnant. What the heck can she pull to out-do this latest incident? Physically shit out of her mouth?

  44. SuperSpence

    OTTO POSTED: Stick with Asians, but be sure and check the package before accepting delivery…if you know what I mean…and I think you do.

    REPLY: Do I ever! That’s one mistake I’ll never make again.

  45. Pez_D_Spencer

    Blonde hair…

    Red dress…

    Brown spray paint…


    I guess it wasn’t so much a Cleveland Steamer as a Milwaukee Airbrush?

  46. Pez_D_Spencer

    Jenny stands broken hearted,
    took a pic then loudly sharted?

  47. jennyjenjen

    She is really pathetic. She has KIND OF made a career out of farting, picking her nose and now shitting in public. Send off to Japan, they are into that depravity… she makes me ill. She tries way to hard to be “down” with the guys.

  48. Pez_D_Spencer

    Dropping a deuce as a publicity stunt. You have to admit, it is pretty damn unique, Jackass and other MTV shows aside. Even Madonna hasn’t done anything that bizarre.

  49. hafaball

    I don’t mind hearing she took a crap infront of a bunch of guys…well actually I do. I do mind it a lot. What I think is weird though, she almost seems proud of it… O.o

  50. displayname

    #37 … “you rock”
    are you retarded? you crazed nit wit

    the post was funny – but you are demented

    please refrain from clicking on the “post your comment” button

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