Jenny McCarthy flips out in Dirty Love

January 26th, 2006 // 35 Comments

In case Tara Reid is reading, this is the proper way to react when you’ve been caught with your huge fake boobs hanging out in public. Instead of pointing fingers and yelling at the photographers for being mean, just put on an awesome show and walk off in a huff. The video clip of Jenny McCarthy fondling herself in Dirty Love is extremely NSFW but surprisingly funny, so now you have to make a choice between losing your job and being entertained for a solid 24 seconds.

Damn you temptation. Damn you to hell.

UPDATE: I posted this link yesterday but took it down because you guys were killing the other server. Well looks like the same problem is happening today. I’ll leave the link up, but you may have to try a couple of times to get the site to load.



  1. Jezabel

    When my fake boobs fall out, I just ignore it and keep going…

  2. hermanita

    hahaha that was too weird. It would’ve been better if Carmen Electra was the one doing it, but that was funnier I guess.

  3. lotus07

    Excellent, this actually makes me want to start going to the cinema again….now if Angelina Jolie would just follow her lead.

  4. This scene is so hilarious…this movie is really funny. I love Jenny McCarthy, she doesnt give a what, ya know? Hey, someone throws up on you in a bar,F-it, just rub it in. Ew…haha.

  5. QuiteFrog

    OH My Freaking God!! Now that’s the way you handle the paparazzi..Jenny is too damn funny I believe she would react just like that too.
    Now I’m probably busted since I made the mistake of watching while at work and I busted out laughing, now everyone is looking at me like I’m insane…thanks guys ROTFLMAO

  6. billabong021

    MWA HA HA HA HA!!!! That was BY FAR the funniest flip out I have ever seen!!!! Jenny McCarthy just got a new fan!

  7. Becca

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This clip has officially convinced me to rent the DVD. Actually, I’ve never even heard of this movie up until now. Thanks Superficial!

  8. LoneWolf

    I’m not a big JM fan. She acts like if you were having sex with her she’d be so busy farting and burping and making goofy faces that it’d be more satisfying to just rub one out. She’s too old to be acting like a frat girl.

    She’s trying really hard to make a comeback to where she was 10 years ago and she’s failing. Has she done anything other than bit parts (Scary Movie) failed sitcoms (the one on MTV and the other one on UPN) and shows that just suck (Party at the Palms is this year’s Taradise)? This movie isn’t going to help her either.

    That said, I’m all for breastuses popping out.

  9. aziajs

    This was funny. I love Carmen Electra as the ghetto girl. “Yo big ‘ol titties hangin’ out.” LOL!!! That’s the funniest shit I’ve seen all day.

  10. DannyJames

    that was so awesome. i think its lame how people dont like jenny mcarthy cuz they think she doesnt act sexy or whatever. i say fuck that, she has an awesome sense of humor and sticks out. Carmen Electra was funny too, i like em all!

  11. Tania

    That was really funny and she makes a good point too. I think it’s so dumb that people get their panties all in a wad over a hint of nipple BARELY popping out of a dress. So what! We all have nipples!!

    Kelly (post #5): My first thought was that Carmen looks like Carrot Top too!

  12. trophywife

    Jenny ROCKS! The only thing that would make this better is… Jenny and Carmen jumping up and down, rubbing their boobies, in a mud pit… on top of me… with my husband watching ;)

  13. I remember that Jenny got her implants out. It looks like she has gotten the new “saggy” style implants that are supposed to look more real. Too bad she feels compelled to have fakes. I guess after kids and several sets of implants, that’s what happens.

  14. escapevelocity

    lovin’ it! hmm… weird, as i was actually defending her in a post under an article about jennifer love hewitt the other day. looks like i was right: a walking tit job with “substance.” i love that she can make fun of herself – sometimes making a statement in the process, albeit unintentionally.

  15. SugaryCherry

    That reeked of SNL. Back when it was a fucking orgasm of hilarity.

    Damn, I haven’t seen something that funny in ages. And yes, we’re all alowed to have cheap, moral free and mindless laughs once in a while.

  16. jennjenn70

    Fucking awesome!!!

    That chick cracks me up….

  17. Sheva

    My buddy worked on one of the worst all time shows with her on MTV, “Singled Out.” His comment on her said it all in one word:


    I see nothing’s changed. Gawd, give me a girl who knows how to be a girl, pleez. This is about as feminine as a used tampon in the men’s room toilet.

  18. bafongu

    Trophywife…can I sell tickets to that!

    Jenny gives those bad boys a workout like I would if she would only give me a chance! What she needs is good material. She has the chops to pull it off.

  19. Ms. Dilligaff

    I watched this movie a few weeks ago–it’s actually really funny, although she’s outdone by Carmen Electra. Her boobs might have a few moments of great screentime, but Carmen steals the rest of the films. Still love Jenny, though.

  20. Queen LaQueefah

    I love that she’s hot and farts and shit. Why do girls have to be dainty all the time? She’s friggin’ awesome

  21. Xarah

    I like Jenny. She’s not all stuck up acting like Jennifer Aniston and the rest of them. Go Jenny!


    This is the best video clip ever!!!,,I just wish my face was between them. I LOVE you Jenny!!!!!!!!!

  23. I wasn’t able to get the clip from this site, but I was able to grab it from And since my hosting company is giving me 1TB bandwidth, here’s the clip on my site.

  24. benjamin01

    That’s hilarious in a Beavis & Butthead kind of way.

    Jenny would be just another bleached blonde with big implants if she didn’t fart and belch and mocking the whole “sexy” thing… she does that to stand out and it sorta works. she’s got people paying attention that would’ve just written her off with Tara Reid.
    Did anyone see the SNL where Pammy Anderson was in a skit where she was Jenny (Pammy’s revenge for Jenny’s comments abt her 2nd or 3rd reconciliation w/Tommy Lee)?… really f*cking funny. Even funnier is they both got their implants removed then put them back in… maybe they were separated at birth. rotflmao!!!

  25. Red Rooster

    I saw this movie at Sundance last year. Yeah, it was funny, but overall it sucked. The ending was way too predictable and cliche, and this was about the only real glimpse we got of boobies.

    But hey, I can at least say I was in the same room with both Carmen and Jenny at the same time (it was the premiere showing). But I don’t want to say that, because that’s just bragging.

  26. stevie511

    This is why we LOVE Jenny. Can’t wait to see the dvd. Even Carmen made me laugh, and that’s saying somethin.

  27. mmmm..what else can i say? mmmmm…..

  28. i lucky i haven’t seen this movie. it probably crap!

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