Jenny McCarthy’s New Boyfriend is Kind of a Douche

Jenny McCarthy’s new boyfriend Jason Toohey (above) has apparently been bragging about their relationship all over his Facebook page. The two have already moved in together and he’s already changed his profile pic so he can totally look like a badass on FarmVille. “Aw, man, that dude’s banging Jenny McCarthy. Now I gotta give him the pink cow.” RadarOnline reports:

“Still wallowing in joy after partying with Jenny McCarthy this weekend…and I’m not kidding either!” Toohey’s pal posted on Facebook in late June, to which Toohey responded:
“We all had a blast! Thanks for bringing your A game everyone was making me look good. Hahahahah.”

In fairness, I’m pretty sure I’d post it all over Facebook, too, if I was nailing a former Playmate even if she’s looking increasingly questionable in the face department. Though I’d at least be classy about it and Photoshop someone else’s head on top of hers. Someone like, oh I dunno, The Little Mermaid. But strictly for privacy’s sake. I don’t know what kind of freak you people think I am. *turns on Beauty and the Beast* Yeah, that’s right. Tell Chip to get in the cupboard, Mrs. Potts…

Photos: Splash News