Jenny McCarthy’s House Is Full Of Tween Boners

May 2nd, 2013 // 22 Comments
WATCH: Jenny McCarthy Talks Tween Boners and Vagina Bologna
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Posted by Photo Boy

Earlier today a Twitter feud erupted between Jenny McCarthy and Amanda Bynes that started and ended too quickly for me to care about more than the time Jenny talked about her son’s friends’ erections and compared her vagina to deli meat. HuffPost Celebrity:

His friends come over and are already ogling… There’s gonna be tween boners everywhere this summer.

Then she said the only difference between Playboy and Maxim is that Maxim isn’t “showing any bologna.” *calls deli* “Yes, hello I’d like an order for take out, please. I’m going to need 48 bologna and cheese hoagies, hold the bread, hold the cheese and you know what, let’s go ahead and make this a delivery, I’ve already got all these candles lit.”


  1. If Jenny had it her way, tween boners would be replaced with flaccid paralysis from polio infection.

  2. I think she would be more worried if he son was spanking it hard to pictures of her let alone his friends. Oh love the Marine era glasses. Those are the ones the Grunts were into battle with straps.
    But she is way more attractive/intelligent with those glasses on like the porn stars ,” Jizz On My Glasses. “

  3. cc

    I don’t think she thinks of her son often enough. Revealing in a book you gave a truckstop bj for $20 is probably something he’d rather not everyone know. Idiot.

  4. sobrietyisacrutch

    Um, isn’t her son like six?!!


  5. JC

    Glasses means she’s smart! Or that rubella has destroyed her eyesight….

  6. PunkA

    Autistic boys usually struggle with boners. By struggle, I mean once they get one, they rub up against walls and objects to enjoy it. As they are more socially awkward, it happens.

    I am sure Mommy Dearest enjoys it and thinks it is all about her, too.

    • PunkA

      I’m sure she flashes them her bologna as well when it is happening. Since 11 year olds love them some bologna.

  7. joe cano

    This women is completely delusional if she thinks shes giving rods to pre-teen boys.

  8. I’m fucking sick of her.

  9. Don’t flatter yourself, lady. Teenage boys get hardons if their jeans fit funny.

    Oh, and

  10. cherry2000

    so that would be tween peen

  11. anonymous

    Seriously, you know your are old as hell when you are proud 12 year olds are still attracted to you.

  12. trailer

    The better story is on Howard Stern

  13. under no illusions

    good bj face

  14. I get the horrendous feeling she’s trying to be “Cool Mom”. She probably has framed posters of her Playboy & Maxim shoots all over the house and laughs when her sons’ friends stare at them. Gross. There is just about nothing worse to a t(w)een than a “Cool Mom”. Stop it, Jenny. Think of your boy and just give custody to Jim Carrey.

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