Jenny McCarthy Will Be Very Hairy In Playboy

When Jenny McCarthy announced she’d be posing nude for Playboy again to celebrate her 40th birthday, it was just assumed it’d be a nice, tasteful spread that’s basically her head Photoshopped onto the same naked, neatly-trimmed body they use for every photo. Except now she’s thrown Playboy a curveball by announcing she grew a huge 70s bush just for the shoot, and the issue literally hits any minute now. Via the typically chaste People dipping it’s toe into uncharted pubic waters:

When asked recently if she plans to bare it all, McCarthy, 39, answered without hesitation.
“What’s everything?” she said with a laugh during an interview on Today. “I mean I grew out a bush so nobody sees anything.”

EDITOR: Mr. Hefner, we either have to cancel the issue or figure out how to paint a shitload of Brillo pads black and quickly tape them on at the printers before they go out on the trucks. We need a decision now.
HUGH: Bananas hurt my teeth.
EDITOR: You. With the codebook. What’s that mean?
INTERN: *leafs through binder* It means he wants soup, sir.
EDITOR: Goddammit.

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