Twitter Just Vaccinated Jenny McCarthy

“So my kid got measles last week.”
“… Dis how chicken look?”

On Thursday night, Jenny McCarthy(‘s social media manager who’s presumably fired by now) thought she’d have some innocent fun on Twitter by asking her followers what the most important trait they look for in a mate and to respond back using the #JennyAsks hashtag. What happened instead was a goddamn avalanche of awesome as her hashtag was hijacked by “haters” who want to see children not be wiped out by illnesses that have no business reemerging in the year 2014. And it’s still happening as we speak. So what started as your run-of-the-mill bullshit exercise to engage social media users has now epically snowballed into a viral story about how stupid Jenny McCarthy is. So here a couple of my favorite responses, or you can click here and watch the shit continue to pile on in real-time:

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